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  1. XmaddumpsX

    Unclaiming pirate npc

    I unclaimed some pirates I picked up off ghost ships I sunk and when I tried to claim them back it gave me the option but didnt work. Wondering if its bugged. Was trying to help out a neighbor and give e them to him
  2. XmaddumpsX


    Yea but its pve not pvp is what your not realizing dude and yea its blocking my ships and I'm walled in so yea I cant play so STFU And if I post a bunch of racist stuff that's ok too I suppose....cause it's a "pirate game"
  3. XmaddumpsX


    So still waiting for grapeshot to do something about this as hat that has built onto of me blocking all my stuff.....guess the code of conduct doesn't matter why should anybody follow it if there not going to enforce it...good job guys
  4. XmaddumpsX


    Yea that's pretty crummy of them when its issues with ppl grieving others makes the community pretty salty with the devs to say the least. I dont know why ppl cant just play the game and leave ppl alone one the pve. Go play pvp if you want to be a troll
  5. XmaddumpsX


    So do the devs actually respond to the tickets. I have this tribe blocking our base and spamming foundations and walls....been a few days would really like something done about this. Need to fix how close another tribe can build next to your stucture