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  1. Hi, For a while now, I've noticed my C8, my home grid box, is acting weird. The water level goes too high/low. When I'm sailing, my boat looks more like a submarine than a boat. The water lever covers all of the boat except the sails. The floating chests, I forget what they're called, or floating above the water. And my character experiences a lot of lag. I feel like I'm programming my character, rather than controlling it. But when I leave C8, the game goes back to normal. Update. I left C8. I moved my ships and tames, and settled somewhere else. But now something weird is going on. I can only fill my waterskins from barrels, that are located in the same grid box, I created the barrel and the waterskin. So I can fill my waterskin from a water source like a pond or a lake. But if I try from a barrel that is filled, it won't work. I have to create the waterskin in that grid to work. Can anyone suggest a fix?
  2. Hi, 1. Can someone make a unicorn mod. I want to tame a unicorn (true white). 2. Is there a way to make a mod that clones or copies a tame. Or makes a template of a tame. Like let's say, I have a favorite tame. And copy the tame. Then give it to someone else. Then they have the same tame with the same name, look, and stats. Now, I've seen a mod that allows someone to put their tame in a flask/bottle. When you look at it, it shows a description of the tame. Shows the name, sex, color, etc. How about a mod, that lets you type in details like name, sex, color, etc, then press execute, and now you have a tame that matches the stats you put in. That way you've copied the tame without actually creating a file to is transferred to another player. Just dial-up a clone.
  3. Ok, I have a request. Is there a way to copy a tame or clone or copy? Lets say I have a favorite tame. But I want to start PVE from scratch or on another computer. But I want my old tame. Is there a way to ID, use that ID to recreate the tame. I don't mean the same type of animal. I mean literally, the same tame. Or I lost a tame or the tame died, is there a way to find the original code, and bring the tame back.Or lets say, I have a tame in front of me, and want to copy it. Is there a way to do so? Preferably with a cheat code or using the Admin Menu? I see commands like SpawnActorTame.
  4. Hi, I play single player. As the title says, I go thru the loading process. I eventually reach the player screen, where I see my character health, my item bar at the bottom of the screen, etc. The music plays, and just before I see my character and where she is, the game crashes. I've already opened a ticket and provided logs. But I don't get any real response, and I'm still not able to play. So while I wait for Atlas to do something, I'm trying to figure things out for myself. In the past, I've had two main issues that were eventually resolved. One was resolved because of help I found online. So I'm hoping I can find help again from advanced players. I have Atlas installed on another computer for troubleshooting purposes. When I move an older version of the Atlas save folder to the other computer, it works. But that version is a year or so older. I copy the current version of the saved folder from the main computer, and the game crashes in the same way. So my question is, how can I update all the progress I've made from one saved folder to another? Can I migrate specific files from the saved version that will give me back most of the progress I've made. For example, what I've built. The tames I have. Or is there a file in the older version of the saved folder, I can copy to the newer version, that will make the game not crash.
  5. Hi, Today, I was playing a few hours. Eventually, I land on an island, and I start to explore. The game crashes. I start it up again, i keep playing, it crashes again. I try again, I get a message about my game not saved and not synced in the cloud. I've never gotten a message like that before. It also says, I can play, but if I do, it may affect my game. So I press cancel. I wait a few minutes, and try again. I click play. It crashes again. I restart the PC, start the game, same result. I try to login on another computer that has an older version of the game. It updates, and I login, it loads. My character is on an older ship, where I left off months ago. I figured, at least my character still exists. I go back to my gaming PC, the game crashes again, just before I can see my character. Basically, I start the game, I reach the login screen, pick singleplayer/host. I click play single player. I wait for the game to load. I reach the game screen with my overlay. The music changes. It's about to show my character view. It says loading... Then kicks me off, and back to the Atlas globe. I get the text screen with script. And I'm completely out and back to the desktop. I have opened a ticket. Maybe that will cause results.
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