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  1. That's pathetic. Not everyone has the time nor luxury to play the way you do. BoTh EmPlOyEd 5 DaYs; other players value their time on doing other activities, not sit down and treat Atlas as a second job which the developers are trying to do. Good for you your method works between your friend and yourself.
  2. This game is dying and will be nearly dead when Ark2 is released. Don't get your hopes up of developers improving this game; just expect more x2/x4 events as said developers continue to ignore the state of the game as they work on Ark2.
  3. I'm on PC and the lag in my grids have finally died down. Still choppy when getting close to an island or if like a company spawns in. But vastly improved since a week ago.
  4. Bro idk where you can get 5k gold from a warehouse lmao that system isn't working it is still botched depending on your grid
  5. People buy this game to have the option to play on official. Stop giving these crap wildcard/grapeshort devs wiggle room in their inability to make a functioning game.
  6. We don't give a shit about x69 rates, fix the fucking lag. Useless as dev team
  7. PapiC

    Servers down

    What a joke; still incredible lag for PC players and devs can't even respond to that issue, just mentioning XBOX users only. A bigger joke that you have to go on Twitter to find out, not on their official forums.
  8. I feel ya. Seems like the lag is almost becoming unplayable in PvE and the developers decided to go on winter break instead of addressing the issue. They got their money aka 'f--- you got mine' attitude. I love this game but with the same breath hope the company goes bankrupt.
  9. Just a heads up D7 grid is currently unplayable. Lag spikes constantly happening making it impossible to do anything without fear of dying from a rattlesnake or crashing a ship into the Damned. Please look into this.
  10. Just looking at the forums is a big tell that this game is dying. An active playerbase, in my experience, continually posts in the forums daily alongside in other mediums such as Reddit. The fact that this games community isn't as active compared to others is just...disappointing. You seriously can't keep using the excuse of "this game is in alpha" as a reason to explain the horrible state of the game and the problems that plague it. We are expected, as consumers, to deal with an "unfinished" game while Grapeshot Games/Instinct Games took the money and went back to their other game, a money transfer. For such easy fixes as limiting the amount of warehouses and farmhouses can be implemented any time they want, yet nothing. Getting dropped by Battleye because "query" when running a near top of the line PC is unacceptable. Do the devs play this game? It is all about island hopping to level up and there is nothing unique about each grid. Absolutely nothing, the only change is the shape of the island and weather. Tames still take a stupid amount of time to tame even when you're specialized in the tree, tames still "fall out" of your ship, leveling up your AI crewmates are rather pointless, ridiculous gold cost for a schooner which limits small companies/solo players, holy fuck the amount of issues in this game is alarming. Goddamn lions can snipe you off your mount almost a quarter away across on an island while your tame runs over, but by that time you're already dead. Claiming system is just dumb as hell I should not have to dive in further. I played both PvP and PvE and I can honestly say this game is NOT going to last much long nor be on par with ARK. This game just seemed like it was hastily put together while devs springboard ideas from this game into ARK2/see the limitations of the current engine in use. I love this game and still play, but just not with the same sense of awe and eagerness. It's more of a "well, there's some time in my day and I'm bored of playing xyz, I guess some Atlas will do." Atlas is an appetizer that was heated up in a microwave, served cold.
  11. I prefer the moment you sail away from a certain radius away from an island that should open you up to PvP
  12. I disagree. I'm a "short character" and ladders or manning guns are not an issue. Even looking over walls as long as you're in 3rd pov.
  13. I agree that there needs to be a limit of farmhouses for companies; it prevents land grabbing at an obscene rate and makes the market economy more balanced. Solo players will also need a cap as well. I will go to the extent that you are only allowed 1 farmhouse per grid, not island.
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