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  1. Kirves

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    https://gyazo.com/103f0fe80a4a80b0a59c78d10ccff511 This bug has been around since the days before the first wipe. What is the point of having the option of an open deck if it won't allow you to place structures. Official Servers
  2. Kirves

    Kraken Bug

    Was doing the kraken got hit by a electric tentacle and poped me in the air off the boat. I was on the wheel captaining the boat. Is this intended or a bug. I've never been dismounted off the steering wheel before.
  3. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    SOLD thanks everyone have a good one.
  4. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    That's fair but it can't come out lower then 195. So like title says I'm selling 195% mythical shipyard crafts. If it procs higher then you get a better shipyard. For the price stated for the 195.
  5. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    You're right I'll craft the shipyard then sell it.
  6. Kirves

    Giraffe cannot go up stair

    Yup have the same problem. Giraffe's won't go up our full ramp or full stairs.
  7. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    Depends on your int. all random
  8. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    Large as it shows in the picture.
  9. Kirves

    pve WTS mythical shipyard 195%

    195% mythic shipyard. wts crafts. 20k or best offer. EU pve https://gyazo.com/2223c3eaa491d50042f284b9e8e47cfc Add Kirves#7197 discord or msg me here.
  10. Kirves

    Tame Stuck on red ship.

    https://gyazo.com/7b437f28a7f4c4abdfe00390a6965db8 Why is this a thing. Day 2 now and my crab is still stuck in this ship. I pulled my ship up to it thinking hey i'll just use the board my boat feature. Never shows up. Tried neutral, passive attack your target. Tried hitting it. It will not pop out of there.
  11. https://gyazo.com/5ab978fc297216b52b25a587869fa287 same
  12. Kirves

    Coral orangic paste dupe

    Was on EU PvE on D12 grid. My sub had 1400 Coral paste. When I dropped it, it had 7000. This happened twice in total. After the patch tonight.
  13. Kirves

    Unable to name Ship!!

    Can't rename my ship either. Option is there just doesn't prompt box. It's been deployed for 2weeks.
  14. Kirves

    Ship Attribute Level past 40

    My galleon hit 52 last night I put 15 points into accommodations and 37 points into weight. Every point was added onto the ship. So it seems their is a cap on accommodations is my guess. When that cap is only you would know if you payed attention.Sorry can't be more help.
  15. Kirves

    Carbine range

    https://gyazo.com/fee3b6e2d06855d3a9c003adb4dc55ff https://gyazo.com/74f206b78862429765294bcd97564ff7 https://gyazo.com/0ed28fa0d9f1ee4323053b1ae4d9c599 First two show what I was talking about then I tested again on the 3rd one and the carbine hit. So its just inconsistent. Seems to be working fine like you said. @JakeM Thank you for responding to bug posts. Makes me feel like my testing is going to some use. Even though I am enjoying the game.