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  1. https://gyazo.com/beabec99599ab4509d1f6fa33d58090d The game is unplayable. Hardly any people in the grid and high ping.
  2. Same on B11. H shows silver node but after you mine it, it's tin. Pure raidolite rocks give small amounts of stone and raidolite.
  3. Also on that island the Flint doesn't get put in the flag. So not only pure Flint nodes give low amounts of Flint. It also doesn't register on the island flag.
  4. Network: PVE The Whale's Solitude Grid: B11 Description of issue: flint nodes dropping just as much stone as flint. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: https://gyazo.com/ea2be7be2614e461c0462d9562f66bd5 Repro steps if available/applicable: Just mine a flint node hardy get any and you get stone as well. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report) cheat TP B11 314434 -294495 621
  5. Don't forget about the hydra pistols to.
  6. https://gyazo.com/103f0fe80a4a80b0a59c78d10ccff511 This bug has been around since the days before the first wipe. What is the point of having the option of an open deck if it won't allow you to place structures. Official Servers
  7. Kirves

    Kraken Bug

    Was doing the kraken got hit by a electric tentacle and poped me in the air off the boat. I was on the wheel captaining the boat. Is this intended or a bug. I've never been dismounted off the steering wheel before.
  8. SOLD thanks everyone have a good one.
  9. That's fair but it can't come out lower then 195. So like title says I'm selling 195% mythical shipyard crafts. If it procs higher then you get a better shipyard. For the price stated for the 195.
  10. You're right I'll craft the shipyard then sell it.
  11. Yup have the same problem. Giraffe's won't go up our full ramp or full stairs.
  12. Depends on your int. all random
  13. Large as it shows in the picture.
  14. 195% mythic shipyard. wts crafts. 20k or best offer. EU pve https://gyazo.com/2223c3eaa491d50042f284b9e8e47cfc Add Kirves#7197 discord or msg me here.
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