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  1. Kirves

    Ship Attribute Level past 40

    My galleon hit 52 last night I put 15 points into accommodations and 37 points into weight. Every point was added onto the ship. So it seems their is a cap on accommodations is my guess. When that cap is only you would know if you payed attention.Sorry can't be more help.
  2. Kirves

    Carbine range

    https://gyazo.com/fee3b6e2d06855d3a9c003adb4dc55ff https://gyazo.com/74f206b78862429765294bcd97564ff7 https://gyazo.com/0ed28fa0d9f1ee4323053b1ae4d9c599 First two show what I was talking about then I tested again on the 3rd one and the carbine hit. So its just inconsistent. Seems to be working fine like you said. @JakeM Thank you for responding to bug posts. Makes me feel like my testing is going to some use. Even though I am enjoying the game.
  3. Kirves

    Carbine range

    Another thing I noticed probably should make another post about is crits. On lion if you shoot them in the head you do 2x or even more damage to them. If you shoot a tiger or elephant in the head you don't do any extra damage. Maybe the weak spots are different or maybe you can't crit them.
  4. Kirves

    Carbine range

    On larger creatures doesn't seem to be an issue. Just tested on an elephant both guns hit at very long ranges where I can't even see the damage.
  5. Kirves

    Carbine range

    So on the powerstone island yesterday when I shot dino's or any big creature I could hit them from as far as I could see with the carbine. So I'm not sure if its a hit box issue or maybe server lag issue. Where I have the crosshairs on a tiger for ex. and I miss with the carbine but hit it with the pistol. I'll see if I can get two gifs of an example. To be honest their could be nothing wrong just some weird cases where the pistol "seems" to have better range then the carbine.
  6. Kirves

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    Alright thank you. Just wanted to make sure you guys knew their was an issue and you do :D.
  7. Kirves

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    @JakeM any idea on this issue?
  8. Kirves

    Carbine range

    yup i'll see what I can do
  9. Kirves


    I've seen a post from @Dollie that they have seen our (PVE) concerns and are talking with the team for some solutions. There is nothing official stating that they're doing anything different with PVE from what is on their captains log. So as of right now only time will tell if anything different is coming.
  10. Lets be honest, everything is getting wiped because its the easiest way possible. Not saying its the right thing to do but the easiest.
  11. Kirves

    Carbine range

    Carbine range is very short or seems very short. On normal sized creatures a pistol will hit at further distances then a carbine. Which it should be the exact opposite.
  12. Done hundreds of maps as well. Have never gotten a hatchet bp.
  13. Kirves

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    Still can't build on the front of the galleon any ideas?
  14. Kirves


    Yah I wish I would've saw this event before and would've loved to contribute and been a part of the auction.
  15. Kirves

    Placing Structures On Galleon

    https://gyazo.com/5e90d71b2edeb9b50d11d81d051e7f4e As the screenshot shows I can't place a wood wall on my galleon because it needs a foundation support. Any suggestions or is this a bug? Made plenty of boats before an have not had this issue.