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  1. George, why do you keep coming back? You keep participating on the forums with such hatred towards the game. Do you still play it or do you come here to simply spread negativity and boycott? I'm not trying to attack you, but trying to understand. I too am frustrated with this game but hopefully the new devs will be a change in the right direction. The fact that the game is so buggy yet we still play means that there is something good there. I don't think it's fair to just keep sh!tting on the game. I'm guilty of complaining too, but at some point you just have to move on and be a part of the solution not the problem.
  2. Thank you for this information Kast. I appreciate your constructive contribution to the forum. After playing this game on and off casually since the beginning I am pretty confused about how claiming works in this game at this point. One question if I may ask the community: on a PVE server, can someone simply destroy your claim tower, replace it with theirs, and take over everything you built? That seems rather unfair, especially while you're offline.
  3. Yeah, the NPC thing is an awful bug. I *sort of* understand the reasoning behind the portal concept but I don't like it mostly for immersion reasons. Magical portals shouldn't be a common occurrence for travel. They should be a rare, special part of the game. Atlas needs some proper leadership. They could have a killer game, but squander it away with piss-poor decisions and horrible QA. I wish they would sell this game to someone else to finish, or I wish someone else would come up with a open world survival pirate game. Sadly and ironically this game resembles a sinking ship. It's going to take a lot to turn it around and restore player's faith in its development.
  4. I get the need to add a gold requirement for shipyards even though it's not logically immersive. Before you could practically jump right to a brig or higher. Even though I don't enjoy the grind, I do appreciate the challenge of trying to get gold with crappy ships lol. It seems that they don't really test their patches before they release them. I don't know why. Either they don't really care because in early access they already have our money, or they're just sloppy. I wouldn't be surprised if Grapeshot/ Studio Wildcard puts their junior programmers or programmers they don't like on the Atlas project to see if they sink or swim. I think the other problem is they've adapted another game (Ark) into Atlas rather than creating one from scratch. The code is probably so haphazardly patched together that it is a dice roll as to whether or not the patch changes will break other aspects of the game.
  5. You should be able to respec once per level. If you have already done it this level then you should not be able click the button again. I'm not sure if this is your problem or not, I could be stating the obvious for some people.
  6. I think it's a bad idea for devs to create a medium (a game) for players to be a$$holes to other players. This is a lose lose situation. In order for one player to have fun, it's at the expense of another player. Ideally you want all your customers to have fun. This game has so much potential but the leadership behind it is taking it in directions that just don't make sense. It's hard to imagine where this game will be in a couple years but I feel it wont be in a much better state than it is now.
  7. I think adding the tarot card tree is the least of the worries of this game. I wish they would just stop adding new features and just fix the existing one. It's hard to imagine this game in any kind of acceptable state at this point, but I would welcome it.
  8. I didn't think you could attach a diving platform to a cog. I'm sure I tried while it was still in the dock.
  9. Wow, it makes you wonder if they test any of their patches before releasing them to the public. Seems very sloppy. Early Access = "Pay to Beta Test".
  10. In my experience, if you "lose" your ship, try travelling that cell it was last in. It might re-appear on the map at that point.
  11. I remember reading somewhere that the modular ships were created to reduce load times etc compared to the non-modular boats. It kinda makes sense because non-modular ships can contain a lot of parts in limitless configurations. I suspect quite a few problems are caused by this type of moving structure, not to mention, rows of them lined up on the shore of an island. Still, there's something so satisfying about making your own ships from scratch vs prebuilt, modular ones. Maybe there's a halfway point where you can customize a lot of the ship without using individual pieces. Say, on one type of ship you can choose from 6 different cabins/ bridges, different stations below, plus the modular rails. On one hand I love being able to fully customize ships, on another hand I want the game to not be less glitchy.
  12. It doesn't make sense that there are so many ghost ships. We must be on the most haunted ocean ever. I think it would be cool if they were swapped out for wild pirates and leave ghost ships for a more rare, more difficult encounter. Perhaps wild pirate camps should be included to slow the claim of islands as well.
  13. I know this is probably off topic, but what would you need 300 tames for?
  14. There's not a lot of community participation on these forums due to the poor state of this game. If you're coming on here expecting other players to instantly help you out when you ask, you're not only self-entitled but have unrealistic expectations.
  15. The lantern lights are definitely way too bright. I use the camera view (press K) and zoom out to get a better view. Personally I think Grapeshot absolutely needs to forget adding more content until they fix existing bugs that have been here for ages, plus the ones that have been added with each additional "patch". This game should not be in beta, but alpha and definitely not early access.
  16. If you have 4k hours into this game you should know by now that nothing happens on time with this game. I would never take time off work to play any game, particularly this one. No offence, but this is on you.
  17. I only had enough room for my bed, and my boat is glitched into the sand.
  18. I mean it’s only 10’ x 10’ but it’s all mine!
  19. What game mode are you playing? Official servers? I noticed on non-dedicated server that spawning on boat beds were flakey. Land beds seem fine. When I had admin access I flew to where my bed was and then the bed became available again. Unfortunately that’s all I can tell you from my experience. I might suggest building a small land base with a bed if you travel a great distance just in case.
  20. We've been trying Host Non-Dedicated because we don't like to play in overpopulated servers, and find killing wild pirate camps fun, but yeah, this is a buggy mess. Maybe your issue has to do with your tether value. This value determines how far players can be apart and apparently players cannot be in different grid zones otherwise the non-hosting players will teleport to the hosting player. I can't say we had the same problem you did, but we did have issues with our boats/ beds not being available when we die, but then they showed up after I admin travelled back to that grid cell. Also, my team mate can't drink water out of the ground for some reason. Plus when purchasing a boat from the starter zone, you couldn't climb the ladder to get on the boat because it was too shallow. We had to drop a storage chest on the bottom of the ocean floor and jump on to the ladder.
  21. That's the problem with their island conquest game model. Do they really expect people to take time off work to try to claim land? This is why I play solo play because I don't think every square foot of an island should be spoken for. Overpopulation on a map is inefficient. Stuffing a shore with endless objects is going to slow everything down and tax servers. I don't presume to speak for everyone, but I think they should focus more on making an immersive pirate MMO. Don't just cater to PVP conquest players that have no lives, but people who have to work job and are more casual gamers. That's a larger pool of people. Give them a chance so Atlas can attract new players. New players is the only way they're going to bring in more income with new game sales, not satiating the existing niche, hard-core community.
  22. This game crashing on occasion is somewhat commonplace for me. However, I noticed you're playing the solo game mode. I feel this game mode is more neglected (err... less priority) than the official server game mode and isn't as up to date with fixes etc. Try playing on the official servers and see if it crashes.
  23. Sadly they can't really move forward with content because they just can't get the basic mechanics of the game working right/ finalized. I think a lot of the non-creative problems have to do with reskinning Ark rather than starting from scratch - which they should have done IMO. They're making a creative mistake with respect to referencing real world elements such as the "Africa" biome etc. By not referencing real world elements, players don't know if you're sailing in a different time, a different world, and that ambiguity keeps things open to different fantasy elements they can still use. Goodness knows things are getting more "fantastic" all the time with portals etc. I think the world should look pretty normal at first, but as you delve further in the game you unlock it's fantasy elements which drags you into an immersive hole of wonder. Instead, ghost ships are vessels of regular thoroughfare and portals are commonplace. I assumed the game took place in a different world given the aberrant look of the animals and monsters in the game. I suppose it could be an "alternate timeline" of our existing world, but I digress. That being said, taming/ riding dolphins is still ridiculous in any scenario.
  24. Yeah, never take time off based on the schedule of this game. You will be surely mad/ disappointed. Delays are pretty typical for developers, but Grapehot is probably 10x worse. I remember one time, a pending server wipe was delayed, then the servers were down for almost a week. Expect the unexpected. They really need some better leadership.
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