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  1. what animals can you put cargo saddles on and what resource do u need to tame those animals?
  2. wheres the au servers aswell? WE NEED MORE SERVERS
  3. When will the tarot skill tree come out. I want to make my island a casino
  4. The main problem I can see with this idea Is that the clans in the black zone would expand faster than the red and blue zone making it almost impossible for any outside clan to take land from people in the black zone. Obviously it would keep good players away from beginners but beginners would never have a chance at getting land from the advanced players. I feel there should be no zones. They should keep lawless zones but make them give more resources and make lawless zones a no pvp zone. This will allow for beginners to get the resources to claim and island for their own and also not let the advanced players kill beginners repeatedly. The idea of making wars happen with set times was a great idea but what if you cannot show up because of school or something? I don't feel the idea of setting times, you should be able to attack when ever. To compensate for when your attacked offline, they should add npcs that can shoot cannons and attack the opposition. It should act like how the crew system works but on your base. Having a territory war is a cool idea as well but there is a carbine in the game. It one shots you. If u die you should be able to respawn. The amount of spare armour or guns you have should determine how long you can stay in the fight, also, what if you make a raft or sloop and hide it somewhere, and how do fix ships running away? What if I spam make rafts and then spread them out. The way a winner should determined should be by the amount of kills each player in the company gets combined. This will encourage people to fight with each other instead of hide. But territory wars would be really fun and cool. Good idea! Having set areas to put your flags does not allow for much creativity. Its better to let players choose where they want there flags cause it adds for creativity and a sense of you can what ever you want. Having them be set places would be pointless and annoying. I rather be able to chose to put my flag in an area that claims the most land and is the most practical spot when I am attacked. Lastly, making the player have to pay a fee to keep land running would just be annoying. You already have to grind a lot to get enough stuff to build a base and get good guns. I play on x3 server and knowing that when an AU server comes out all the stuff I have done will take x3 the amount of time I've already spent is saddening. Making it so the player has to grind more to keep land is just annoying and not fun gameplay. It takes enough stuff to make a defendable base with cannons and walls or a ship. To be honest, the best and only way I can see to fix the claiming problem is to add more islands. Add more claimable land without changing the map size. Boost the amount of islands from 800 to 2000. There is lots of empty space on the map in which an island can be.
  5. ANSWER THE QUESTION> THE OTHERS SERVERs are packed an ive given up trying to play the game. I keep dying to advanced players so I cannot get a good ship to go start claiming an island. PLEASE I NEED SERVEr TO COME OUT NOW SO I CAN GET AN ISLAND FOR MY MYSLEF AND FRIENDS
  6. JUST GET RID OF VITAMINS. What I do now I just die and respawn at a bed. It is much simpler than getting the right food
  7. whats in 7.0 patch, where can I find this information?
  8. 1)Bounty system, the more a player kills, the more bounty it gets 2)A story mode, or quest line to follow to get some lore 3)dynamite and explosives 4)A kraken(have not seen one) 5)A boss that spawns randomly around the world, and lets all the players in the server know about it. Basically an event that brings companies together to start fighting with each other that happens every now and again
  9. Does anyone remember factions from Minecraft? I played it for a while. You would go around raiding bases, getting loot expand more, and it would be like you were playing a whole new game. I was feeling Minecraft factions had done it perfectly. I feel ATLAS should implement some of the games mechanics to make itself better. Here is what they should do to fix the claiming land mechanics: 1)Instead of giving any player infinite claims right off the bat you should make the player earn it's claims. Make flags be a resource that you must craft or buy from a vender. This would prevent the single players from claiming a whole piece of land, and allow for massive groups to expand. Although you should also add a limit to how many flags a player can craft or buy so a single company does not take the whole server. 2)Instead of contesting for land, you should have the player again earn that land, so the better player gets the land. I was thinking of making it so the player must destroy the opposition's flag. Then, the opposition would have to guard the flag with walls and such to make sure players will not destroy it. The developers then add bombs or spells that can break the walls so the players can get to the flag. Like you can recruit crew mates, you should be able to recruit npcs to man cannons while you are afk, in case of any intruders while you are gone. Although this mechanic may not work in PvE mode it will certainly work in PvP mode. 3)Make lawless land a gathering ground for resources, let them spill more resources out than other islands around the map. Make the resources spawn quickly as well so the islands are not barren of trees. Although, freeports should be the only area in which u cannot be attacked in PvP mode. This will let players be more attracted to lawless land, and let beginners get to higher level more quickly, so they can start battling for their own island. Just these improvements can allow for players to be able to claim land in an fair way and not let it be unfair or annoying
  10. I've spent 10 hours looking for an island. There are none. I tried taking a claim from different people three times, died cause ive been at sea for 10 hours and have no loot. Really, the only way to claim any land is to go into a lawless region and grind for a long time, But wouldn't you rather have your island to grind on? The problem the game is facing is the fact that there is simply to many players to house all the islands. There are 800 island, and 40,000 players. That is 50 players per island. Those 800 islands include free ports, lawless zones, and small islands. So there is simply not enough room for everyone. All those 40,000 players want there own island to live on with their company or by themselves. But that is simply not possible because of the shear amount of people. So the only two solutions are to: 1)Expand the map 2)Decrease the server size of players Although the map is already big enough so I don't think it needs to expand. I would rather if ATLAS took option 2. I think that they should split the server in half. So there are two servers of 20,000 people in each. Which would still be 25 people per island but it would still be an improvement. They could go further and make it 10,000 players per server which would allow 12 people per island. That may be to far though because most server capacities are at half. Really ATLAS needs to fix claiming. Its annoying for people like me who have sailed everywhere and found nothing. 10 hours wasted because there is just to many people and no ability to expand without claiming an island. Most people want to have there own island and expand to make a huge base because that is what is fun about survival based games. If they don't fix this most new players will just quit after 4 hours and never play again. Just because of the shear fact that they couldn't play properly or in a fun way.
  11. I have never played Ark or seen game play of it. I heard about this game from a YouTube channel called Falcore Gaming which does many videos about Sea of Thieves. One of his videos addressed ATLAS and if it would over take Sea of Thieves and potentially make the game inactive. Interested in this new and promising game I decided to follow it and its development. I liked Sea of Thieves because of the many recent updates and what they offered. I enjoyed meeting new people and bonding with them or defeating them. I played it often but not to often. Although, I felt like the game was empty and repetitive. ATLAS portrayed itself as a game that would offer what I felt was needed to make Sea of Thieves much more playable. The game offered a huge world full of people and places, and many things to do inside of it. Now lets address my major issue with the game itself: The lack of hints and knowledge on how to play the game. I had finally joined the NA PVP server Krakens Maw, and found myself on a new island known as Diamond Cay. I was reading the hints above, but unfortunately I was not able to read all of it. The hints went by way to quick so I pretty much started the game not knowing how to play at all. This is my major problem, the fact that it is so hard to learn the game and figure out its mechanics. I feel they should make the hints viewable later on to fix this or to let them disappear once u perform certain actions. Not knowing some game mechanics became a major issue later on. After I had finally made a Stone Pick which took an hour due to lag and the inability to know that wood was rare from trees, I had finally gone to bed. I woke up on my island and saw that I was dead, I died to player. I was confused because I did not know that when you disconnected your player was still in the world sleeping. I decide to deal with it and I spawned in the middle of the ocean. I swam to the island that was closest and began to start over. Luckily there was no more lag, but the whole island was drained of resources, there were no more trees or rocks. I ended up killing myself and spawned in a whole new region, to find myself in the middle of the ocean next to the island I had just been on. I feel the developers should add a way for trees to regrow faster, and rocks to also regenerate much quicker. So you will not find yourself on barren islands like I did. The developers are probably working on the spawning glitch so it is unnecessary to talk about it any more. At this point I decided to go onto the PvE server. Which proved to be a lot less annoying than the last. I spawned on an island and was able to fetch the resources to make a pic. I started to gather more resources and leveled up even more, but eventually I asked myself- What is my Goal? Unfortunately the island I spawned on had no village so I concluded that my best bet was to sail away on a raft and find a village. I got information from the community on how to make a raft and began to get ready. I realised how repetitive it was to achieve this goal, and how long it took to get one. In total it took 4 hours of mostly running around and grinding to gather the resources needed to get a raft up and running. My friend, who spawned at a village, said he needed 10x less of the materials that I required because he simply spawned at a village. The developers should make it that you require the same amount of materials to build a raft whether you spawn in a village or in the wilderness. They could achieve this by not making you build a dock or by having a universal dock at every island. In this period I also died a lot. Mostly because of factors I did not know of. I had no idea about the vitamin system, which proved to be the thing that killed me the most. I ate to many berries, or did not eat any fish meat, or was unable to find mints and just ended up dying. Things I did not know were required to survive. And the problem was that when I died, I would spawn on a whole new island in that region. On my first death I stayed on the new island, but eventually died to low vitamin D which I had no idea about how to obtain it at the time. At this point I just kept killing myself until I respawned back on the second island. I had to keep doing this every time I died, about 5 times, and would waste me 15 mins of my time. What I feel is that the developers should instead make you spawn on your starting island to avoid what I was doing. This would mean that in early game, when you are dying the most, you will be able to spawn next to where you died, compared to late game when you will be dying less and dying will be less consequential due to ownership of a house, storing resources. I do not know of any way to set spawn points, so this paragraph may be pointless if there is a way to set your spawn point. After gathering all the resources to make a dock and raft, I gathered some food and water so I would not die at sea, but my resources ran out fast. I hugely unpredicted how long I would be sailing for and died at sea, where my stuff was irretrievable. I died of loss of water. I was unable to figure out how to fill a water keeper and no one in the community would answer my question so I just went off sailing. I died because of lack of info again, and in the process lost all my stuff. Of course it was my fault for having no water but I did not know how to store it, so I did not have enough. Now I have switched back to PvP and I am starting a new character. To summarise this, what I feel the developers should improve on are these points: 1)Give more hints and info on how to play the game and let the player access the hints at any time. 2)Add a way for tress and rock to generate quickly but unnoticeably 3)Let the game be fair at the start, whether you spawn in a village or in the wilderness. 4)Let the player respawn on their starting island or in a spawn point-of course the developers are already aware of spawning and server glitches Although I lost all my stuff, and I am having a tough time getting off my starting island I feel the game will be much more enjoyable later on when I am killing monsters and finding treasure.
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