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  1. Well fuck all of you and fuck this shit game
  2. Completly ruined the best starter boat cog now only has 1k weight making the game even more unplayable for new players
  3. Im looking to buy a server as I have done with Ark on ps4 for years. I want to see how this plays out or I definetly wont buy a server as many new players like cogs, if cogs are useless that means less players and no point me even thinking about it
  4. Today I logged on to see that all our cogs have had their weight reduced by 8k leaving only 1k left, completely ruining the best starter ship as a new player to this game and a 8k player of Ark it really annoys me that someone would make a game worser for players who are just starting. You need to gain players not lose them so change it back. If someone suggested it needed lowering please politely tell them to shut up as they have no clue how players would feel about it. Please make cogs 9k weight again 1k is not even good enough for a starter ship a bit of metal and it will sink
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