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  1. J.Dawson

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    So i was driving my boat off from the coast after treasure hunting and suddenly i started flying around and losing panels. Well not mad about losing the ship, since it looks cool landmark for our allies
  2. J.Dawson

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    I need EU PVP fountain location please!
  3. J.Dawson

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    @Jatheish Can we get a fix please? I have been on edge losing my ship so many times now. Crashed into our harbour few times aswell.
  4. J.Dawson

    Non-Stop Crashing Now.

    With this new update im crashing nonstop for no reason
  5. Basically if i spawn on brigatine and move around i crash and cant login till someone kills me
  6. J.Dawson

    Freeport broken

    Nice freeport on EU PVP
  7. J.Dawson

    ship sinking rate?

    Thats good. Also beawere of players with prying eyes skill They like to steal stuff on freeports
  8. J.Dawson

    Ships of the Damned and whales

    If you see you are getting close to the whales or ai ships then turn to the wind and flee
  9. J.Dawson

    Nazis in Atlas! Action against is needed!

    This is normal toxicity level ingame. If you dont like what they say or promote then just stay away from them or destroy them easy as that.
  10. J.Dawson

    Kick after installing battleye

    Battleye is causing errors and bugs on every game it is added to btw so it aint much of a surprise.
  11. Only problem with fire arrows is that it does lot of damage when you shoot them on the ground and mob is standing on them but you wont get XP from it (sometimes atleast).
  12. J.Dawson

    What gives good exp now?

    Yeah treasure maps for sure
  13. J.Dawson

    5hr 30m to Claim Land now? Really?

    Wait till you see how long it takes claiming a gallion... 17hrs ( easier to sink and salvage ) Landwise trolls claimed one of our allies land and after we went to help they just demolished everything... Reclaim needs to be fixed
  14. J.Dawson

    Gliders Need To Be Nerfed

    Well they do lose speed after certain amond of distance flown and then just fall down> PVP wise it realy easy to hit them and they aint much of a problem in my eyes.