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  1. 1st, I know how to use google 2nd idk where to post this than here. Anyway, cant join the server my friends are on, its based in US, im in east EU. Its not finding it and if i try to connect through steam its just keeps endlessly attempting to join it. Any ideas how i can fix that?
  2. Yall stupid fucks, changing the ship building system? That was the selling point of the game. As costumizable as you possibly can make without breaking the limits of whats possible. Fix bugs first before adding new content to the game that is already broken. (nvm just remembered yall developing is just adding more bugs to the game)
  3. + rep, known this guy for a long time nice youtube vids
  4. Please no god damn area claming, it was and is a horrible idea. Island claiming is perfect for anyone, for 1 man tryna solo or big company. If you are going to implement that, then atleast give private server owners option to choose between each system. What kind of a sick idea is to add money to ship crafting? where is the logic in that and just imagening how tiresome it is already to get gold in 15x server i cant imagine official players. If you added premade ships at different qualities at the freeport then you could sell them, but gold is literally unneccesary crafting component in that. Like where the fuck does the gold go to? You slave yo ass off gathering resources and then you pay the sea gods 5k tax to get a schooner? Since dev team is clearly bad at changing features with their own ideas, let the playerbase vote on a idea or porpose one.
  5. 1. Why is the XP reward removed from bosses since its a perfect prize. 2. Will farms automatically equip the fuel if the fuel is mined? (it should) 3. Wheres the logic in if u wanna build schooner + and u have to use gold for it? Also bring the ramming ship sooner and make the rowing thingy something u can put to schooner+ ships
  6. Gotta love the fact that they produce a game that its filled with bugs and broken game mechanics then see sales going down and decide to go back to the old stuff NOIC.
  7. Hayo, i remember early 2019 there was this BIG livestream where devs talked about all the content that was surely gonna be added, now a year later there still isnt any new ships types which can be built, there was lot more ofcourse like submarine which was added. So i wanna know what happened.
  8. Network: Any server official and nonofficial Grid: doesnt matter Description of issue: So sometimes i crash, after crash i reboot game and log in, while logging in it kicks me back to main menu then starts flickering "Connection Timed out" message. Flickering like i have 2-3 seconds to press "ok" and then exit game. Then when i restart game AGAIN it does the same thing until my body is killed by my crew members. I have tried deleting "Lastserverconnectstringcache" txt file but that did not help. This has been happening to me from early 2019, i just cant belive it hasnt been fixed even now. Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Cant Repro steps if available/applicable: Cant, happens randomly, latest when crossing the server CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): doesnt matter
  9. So i was driving my boat off from the coast after treasure hunting and suddenly i started flying around and losing panels. Well not mad about losing the ship, since it looks cool landmark for our allies
  10. @Jatheish Can we get a fix please? I have been on edge losing my ship so many times now. Crashed into our harbour few times aswell.
  11. With this new update im crashing nonstop for no reason
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