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  1. Clearly the sloop is clear of the ground, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716273749 but the game thinks it's grounded I can freely move the boat left or right about 40 degrees. But it will not reverse out of the small gully that I sailed into.
  2. Firstly I think they need to bring back the kind of rates you got at release, especially at sea. Sailing around doing nothing, stopping every region or two to suicide yourself because your vits have dropped so low, that you die and your hunger is so high, that you can't eat anything without "overeating" is just a stupid way to play the game. Alot of people just do this anyway, I've met very few people who are even using cooking etc. Or who eat.. many don't even know that grog etc reduce damage in fights.. or that food can be used to replace various vits. at once. But the problem is with a lack of hunger drops. Especially as you progress in levels and start using tamed animals to harvest, you aren't doing the physical work and are basically just getting fat.. and lazy hehe. Yeh me irl. Also getting vit balance doesnt seem to be working as well as it should. My vits, when harvesting etc if I do them manually, are always equal yet I'm never balanced.. it's weird. That said I'm mostly at sea and they never balance at all then, which for a game which tries to put you to sea is pretty silly.
  3. I don't bother with drowning myself, assisted suicide or such anymore. Just step into a fire. Done, respawn, carry on. I do like to "roleplay" the eating of food and will sometimes break a couple of axes to force my hunger up so I can actually balance my diet.. If you are a new player, the system works pretty much as intended. You go out, you harvest, you exhaust yourself, you eat. But when you're an advanced player, using tames, using galleons, taming animals, sinking ships in pve for example. You don't exhaust yourself. You overeat and if overeating doesn't get you then undereating will. There is no survivial game aspect to it. It's a boring, tired system that on paper sounds great, but in game.. is basially ignored by the majority, who just bypass even using food. Yes you can balance your diet with some effort. You can sprint around on ships, take turns taming with a friend and sprint around, bashing stones for no reason other than to exhaust yourself.. but why bother? Is that what you think a survival game is? Being mindlessly driven to grind for totally pointless reasons?
  4. Martyn

    npc repairs

    Quick question on this, are npc crewmen supposed to repair cannons? They repair the hull and decks. Don't seem to repair any structure I've added and don't repair the sails. Tho they might repair the masts.
  5. Martyn

    Painting the Keel (click point?)

    A note on this, how can you turn the sails around in painting? I can't seem to get the mast to turn at all and find painting sails esp on weight and handling sails impossible. Other than to paint the sails a single colour from the slots at the side.
  6. This is precisely why it needs to be fixed, you have no choice but to use this to exploit the system. Vit drops rapidly compared to the hunger level, except when you're chopping trees or fighting, healing etc. IF you're sailing or using tames alot you have no choice but to exploit it and it's a silly way to have to deal with it.
  7. Martyn

    what has this latest patch done

    still stuff spawning near our base, not as much tho, and i've just landed on shore next to a guys base and a cobra turned up a few minutes later so still some danger aspect, just not inside our houses, which surely is a plus.
  8. I mean I can type a word out, more or less. Without looking at the keyboard.. but trying to press a bunch of keys whizzing across the screen in the right order.. you're taking the piss. It should just be, you load the instrument of choice with the song, press and button and it plays the bloody tune. This consolised bs in pc games has to go. Not to mention its right hander only, can't even change the keys to my numpad. I was really looking forward to the music stuff, now I realise it's just a waste of points.
  9. Nah.. it's crap and I won't use it. Simple as that. Not worth "my" effort. As for dexterity.. you try being dextous when ur 50+.
  10. I find it hilarious when someone posts about how crap a game is, because they own a potatoe of a computer that can't run it. And I remember when playing in a Beta.. was free.
  11. The sound a snake makes when moving, at night, when I'm trying to reorganise my inventary!
  12. Don't know if this has been fixed in last hours, but yesterday I misplaced a large handling sail on my schooner, and when I went to pick it up immiediately, only option I was given was "demolish". Unllike all the other components that I've used and building structures, machines etc which can be picked up within 30 seconds or so. This doesn't happen with Large Handling Sails.
  13. Martyn

    Elephant Taming

    Yeh it seems to be an issue with how they fall when bola'd, I've noticed the same problem with bears and bulls, if they're facing kinda downhill from you or angled in just the wrong way, you have to rebola them and just keep trying. Getting them above you sounds like a really intelligent plan, never occured to me to make a trap like that. I wonder if trap door ceilings at crouching level or standing level would work. These bigger animals remind me of taming an oddly landed quetz in ark. You know the ones that land in the trees and you have to build a platform upto.. Doing it out in the open with a bear is certainly a viable method, esp with lower level critters. Doesn't stop the half a mile walk if they get a hit on you tho. Which reminds me.. *put a bed next to my trap.
  14. Martyn

    Crash - No Report

    Just sailing along.. ctd. No apparent reason. 100.41
  15. Started happening in Tundra areas. Haven't had this issue prior to entering B3. When i collect resources then return to ship, I can't climb the rope ladders on the side of the ship, I have to relog every time, to climb the ladder, after relogging it works fine, until I go to gather again.
  16. Martyn

    Some noob questions

    Are bps still bugged? Or am I doing something daft and it isn't crafting for a reason, have all resources, gathered locally in lawless zone. Have skill required. Won't craft. Also.. erm.. um.. forgotten my other question..../s....nope cant remember what i wanted to ask.
  17. Martyn

    Some noob questions

    straw can be dug up in very small amounts not seen bamboo or silk. Jute plants I've seen, but they only drop hemp. I need 3 for jm large shipyard, got the stone, wood and thatch, but can't get any other fibers. hmm.
  18. Martyn

    Some noob questions

    There is a small bug with these bps tho, Fiber doesn't seem to translate correctly. I have fiber from about 7-8 different plants, but it is all listed as hemp, so any bp that requires 2,3,4 variations cannot be made. The Wood, Thatch, Metals etc.. they all translate to their own versions. But I can't seem to find any other fiber, except hemp and default. Oh Question: Shredded sails are forever ruined and can't be repaired? So I assume you need to replace the masts etc Q: Are shredded sails, on repaired masts less functional, ie do you loose speed?
  19. Martyn

    Some noob questions

    gotcha then it highlights as green.. when you have 2 different. Got it thanks for help.
  20. Martyn

    Some noob questions

    o ok.. thanks. so i need like wood from tropics and wood from temperate?
  21. Martyn

    water reservoirs and barrels

    Not sure if atlas has a Dew count for a slight increase every day, like Ark does. Otherwise it'd have to rain or something.
  22. Teleported Bear using pinwheel. It appeared to land on side of ship and drop, then vanished. It died a moment later on other side of island. In very deep water. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1712124254
  23. They're ruining this game, esp on pve. Running around killing part tames etc Trying to steal stuff, running up and swearing, making racist and homophobic remarks and so on. Tribe name is Cattery 123 and CC DC are just spamming chat with random gibberish griefing etc.
  24. I will make sure I get this next time. Never occured to me to look for the company id. As for their steam names.. they're all 123.. this is to block people tracking them, but I'm surprised GM's can't track them ingame via database commands. There should also be logs generated, showing exactly who is where, what they said, what interactions they did etc. Which is essentially a papertrail of their actions. But I'll keep an eye for them. There's 4-5 of them in their company, all griefers. I'll talk to the others and get them to hunt them as well. And make tickets etc. But thanks for responce @ gm and @Dollie After, I couldn't find the link last night.
  25. Ticket# 11733 All GMs should be psychic.