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  1. Slash78

    Bankrupt game

    This has all happened before and it will all happen again.
  2. Slash78

    Freeport needs reworked

    Was that confirmed or were they merely "thinking about it"?
  3. Slash78

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    I'd prefer they make something closer to the system in Sid Meier's Pirates! You have factions and reputation with each faction. Letters of Marque. Piss one off too much and you can't enter their ports, trade with them and they send pirate hunters after you. Though I do like the idea of sovereignty, forcing an actual PvP battle for control of an island rather than the "raid windows" they have now. Don't like the idea of security levels. For one, if you're an asshole in the game, there should be no safe places for you.
  4. Slash78

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    You understand that. I understand that. The Devs don't see it that way. Look at the guy they hired to "fix" the game (and just left). Guild Wars 2 (along with EvE) is often sited by advocates of large scale PvP. They hired a guy who worked for years on Guild Wars 2. They still want large scale free-for-all PvP. And not with groups of players coming together, but between large companies/(guilds/clans/tribes). They want this despite the fact that not only is it playerbase breaking, it's also server breaking. Devs don't always see things the way players do. A fine example would be World of Tanks a few years ago. Wargaming had promoted most of the people who made WoT a success into other roles and turned development over to "Storm" (that was his forum handle). He was a big proponent of clans and thought most players should join them. Even though only 3 to 5% (depending on the server) of the player base belonged to one. The way he was going to do it was a lot of clan-only features, incentives, etc. He also wanted new game modes, new (and highly exploitable) "customization" for tanks. It was all supposed to start in 10.0 "Rubicon". There was an outcry from community. "Storm" ignored it. Then a lot of the streamers, Youtubers (ie, their "content creators") revolted, saying what a horrible idea most of this stuff was. Days before it's release the 10.0 patch was cancelled. Wargaming gave a lot of the old Dev team leadership their jobs back. And a game mode that did make it into the game was permanently disabled within 6 months. All because a new lead developer though 1) he know better than those who made the game a success, 2) was obsessed with the idea of large clans and that most players should belong to them and 3) because he was uninterested in either listening to the player base or even understanding what your own internal metrics are telling you. Edit: roles, not rolls.
  5. Slash78

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    No, they aren't all the same group. There are large PvP companies that don't cheat, though they often do power game. And it's not just big companies that troll. I've seen small groups do it. And you're also wrong about the devs not wanting large groups. The game was (mistakenly) made to cater to them. They think those large groups 1) bring people to the game and 2) keep them playing. The fact is they do bring a few people in, they chase far more people away and as you've pointed out, they generally leave for whatever game is the New Hotness. Even those that stay awhile, they leave as soon as a different large group pounds on them. And the devs also forgot that in an open world PvP game this is only one way of "winning". That's make people stop logging in so you have the server to yourself. Ark official servers are terrible for that very reason. And Atlas took that up to 11.
  6. Slash78

    Game is dying, please save my favorit game.

    Yeah, but the devs WANT the big groups. Even when they redesigned the claim system it was so small and medium groups would have to ask large groups mother-my-i to "settle" on their land. Three things that have hurt this game, 1) the Big PvP companies, 2) Power-gamers, 3) Trolls/Griefers/Cheaters. (And I was amazed by the damage a group of two could do on the official US PvP server, who had nothing better to do than spend several hours sinking ships and looting bases while people were off line).
  7. Slash78

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    Not talking about buffs, I'm talking about them giving more than one vitamin, or being "filling" when that's in the description.
  8. Slash78

    Why are cheaters not getting banned?

    Of course there is also the issue of HOW they are able to cheat. Both the pistol and carbine have very long ranges, laser like accuracy and no bullet travel time. You know, just like muzzle loaded matchlocks, flintlocks, snaplock, snaphance, etc, weapons had! Except they didn't.
  9. Slash78

    Do the silos not work for single player

    If you need fish, go up to the town on the starter island. They all seem to be there. Or catfish and tuna anyway.
  10. Slash78

    Freeport needs reworked

    Or...they have somewhere animals can be stored. In Ark you can store them in Obelisks (or you could). And as for resource storage...they should have somewhere to store resources at freeports too. As well as somewhere to buy/sell them. A commodity exchange/market instead of a commodity vendor.
  11. Slash78

    is this game officaly dead now?

    Except the devs won't come back until Genesis is FINISHED. That won't be until December at the earliest. What's out now is just "Part 1" of 2. Why? He left Grapeshot because they took all of his developers away to work on Ark. Don't get me wrong, I have no interest in buying it, but I'm not going to boycott it because a frustrated dev left the company.
  12. You haven't heard from them because they are all working for Wildcard on Ark: Genesis. They can't shut up about it on twitter. Why do I see their constant tweeting about Ark you might ask? Because they are SUPPOSED to be the community team for Atlas and I've been following them on Twitter for news about Atlas. Hint: There hasn't been any. For months.
  13. Slash78

    Rethink the Road Map

    It's been 7 months since the roadmap livestream (August 28th) and they don't even seem to be half way through "Phase 1". Nor have they announced anything for Phase 2 or 3. And no new content, features or gameplay loops are planned until "Phase 4". Yet DAILY the "community team" for Atlas is talking about Ark: Genesis and have been for over a month. But I'm not here to talk about that. No. I bought Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004 version) when it was on sale about two weeks ago and it holds up. Also been playing a little Ark (exploring Valguero, NOT buying Genesis until they start taking their other, seemingly abandoned game serious). Even watched one and a half Pirates of the Caribbean movies. 1) Gameplay should revolve around ports/towns. This seems like a no brainer. It's such a no brainer they showed a bustling port in their original trailer for the game. 2) I get though want to get people out to sea faster and want people to be able to spend more time doing it. But there simply aren't the gameplay loops to A) Get people out to sea quicker, nor B) to keep them their. They need those gameplay loops. It doesn't matter how much you take away from the current game or if not take away, marginalize it to force people to spend more time at sea, because "they spend too much time on land, taming animals, etc". Without those gameplay loops, there's no point. And I hope the devs aren't dumb enough to think or hope by forcing more people out to sea, that those people will somehow be that "content" for others. 3) Pirates need something to pirate other than other Pirates. 4) While the greatest asset the game has is it's large, open world sandbox, that game world needs a lot of improvements. Between hastily made islands, generic, repetitive, monolithic biomes that stretch on from zone to zone, seeing the same handful of animals over and over again, a lack of points of interest that are actually OF INTEREST! It largely kills the fun of exploring. 5) PvP is a mess and offline raiding will always be a shitshow. Also, the goal of a pirate was to capture a ship, not sink it. Yet it's a lot easier to sink-n-loot that it is to capture. And even then most of that is done not at sea, but at anchor. This chases off far more players than it attracts. Then again, simply allowing offline raiding and at-anchor sink-n-loot are gameplay loops that require ZERO EFFORT on the part of the devs to allow and it would take far too much thought and effort to actually DEVELOP alternative gameplay loops.
  14. Slash78

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    I haven't tried to cook any recipes in nearly a year. Do they actually work now? They were broken (or so people thought) for so long nor does (did) anyone seemed to know what each one was supposed to do or if they worked at all.
  15. Slash78

    Coronavirus and Atlas

    If Atlas development is delayed by a year...would anyone notice?