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  1. Yeah, but the two guys that formed both Wild Card and Grape Shot aren't gonna fire themselves, so it precludes any chance of a competent dev team being hired.
  2. When I was playing earlier in the year GrapeShot changed it where mounts couldn't be placed (via the command wheel) or follow you onto a Sloop. That apparently has been changed back. Does anyone remember the patch they both change it too that and back from that?
  3. The reason they can't is very simple. They take up too much server RAM. Basically the guys at Wild Card/Grape Shot did what they always do. They came up with a "wouldn't it be cool if..." idea, rapidly prototyped it and didn't bother to look at all the long term game design implications. Look at the Modular ships. They have minimal customization to avoid the same problem. I think they are mostly made from Majestic Kraken parts because 1) they have to minimize the impact on server RAM and 2) they simply don't have a dev team with the resources to add more modular ship parts.
  4. Reading their comments about PvP...they do understand that people can't literally play this game 24/7, right? Hell, I have no life and even I would have a hard time being online while an island's timer says it can be attacked. My guess is no, they don't.
  5. No, per Conch...
  6. Not just you. The only question is if this is a bug or a feature. Some are saying this is a change by Grapeshot to force people to use all the collecting buildings. However there have been no announcements and it's not in the patch notes. Then again, if it's a purposeful change then I could see them not announcing it because it's such a shitty change.
  7. No, importing platform saddles from Ark was a minimum effort move. It's a "look, we are doing something" without them really having to do something move.
  8. Love all of this. Much better than what I would do. When building a boat I would make a bunch of chairs, like 20 or 30 of them. I would place them on the deck, then start building. Once I hit the build limit I knew how close I was to the cap. Then pick up chairs as I placed other structures.
  9. And judging by the low player count (and how low it's been for a long time) they are succeeding on either account.
  10. While I'm always up for more tames, not too happy about the prefab buildings. Automating what players should be doing and providing passive incomes is the opposite of what they should be doing. The really need to add more ways to earn active income. Where it be hauling cargo, hunting NPCs, replacing the Vendors in freeports with markets and have those markets spawn missions for commodities they are low on. Also think they need to both make Freeports more central to game play and even add non-freeport Ports.
  11. @George CatcherSounds a lot like the Uncharted Waters series.
  12. And maybe make ships harder to sink? Instead of being able to blow the planks easily off other ships, have diminishing return on cannon balls hitting the hull planks. If it's faster to take out the masts with chain shot, rake the deck with grapeshot, then board than it is to simply sink the boat, then you would see more boarding action. Another option might be adding "morale" to the NPC crewmen. (To go with the harder to sink hulls). The crews wouldn't always be willing to fight to the death and might stop working. Now to counter that you could have buffs to morale that include captain skills, options to pay crews higher, certain food items (and drink) and maybe even fancy clothing/armor for them to wear. Because a crew that's paid the minimum and lives off berries probably won't wanna go down with the ship.
  13. I'm surprised that after taming there isn't a pop-up saying "Ok, that will be 1k gold as well".
  14. So...because of their broken passive income system, they have to come up with additional gold sinks? Passive systems that literally NOONE asked for and that take gameplay loops out of player hands. I get the tax bank. Because for there to be income someone has to be doing something in game. But other than that...why?
  15. An old complaint for many of you, but I decided to check out the state of the game. Made a character, started up single player, jumped in. Built a small shipyard. Now a this point I often skip a sloop and go straight for a schooner. Look at the resource requirements. Wood, Fiber, Metal...5,000 gold??!?! Now I had heard about this, but this is truly my first time experience. Standing next to my shipyard still in cloth clothing, don't even have walls around my bed/campfire/smith/storage box and I'm think where the hell I'm gonna get 5k gold. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Did big companies have too much gold so they need another gold sink? Did you think "you know, it just isn't hard enough to make boats in a game we want players to focus on ships and the sea." I remember the devs blabbing on about want to get players "out to sea and into the action as quickly as possible". That was a lie, wasn't it? Or maybe the game devs want the game to fail because if it does it's a massive tax right off?
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