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  1. Slash78

    this is getting sad

    https://steamcharts.com/app/834910 A little over half the people are on the official servers. Still, Atlas can't even crack the top 100 steam games.
  2. Slash78

    Devs broken?

    Not everyone agrees with what the "real problems" are.
  3. Slash78

    Mega update??

    Can't say I had the same experience. Last time I played on a regular basis (right before Atlas launched) it was much, much better than it had been since I first played in November 2015. To me it seemed most of the improvement happened since full release. Static as in static. It doesn't change.
  4. Slash78

    where`s the hat?

    And you still don't get how development works...
  5. Slash78

    where`s the hat?

    Yeah...except that's not how development works. The guys that make the hats aren't exactly going to be doing bug fixes, etc.
  6. Slash78

    where`s the hat?

    Would that make the Ransomwear?
  7. Slash78

    The Ocean is too Big

    There will never be enough islands. And if you're going from 4 to 14 isn't that like 5 servers?
  8. Slash78

    Hey DEV's where you at?

    Thing is they don't even need to be a huge company to destroy you. A handful of trolls with too much time on their hands can get a cannon bear and several dozen grenades and blow holes in your base in no time. Even easier for them to sink all your ships.
  9. IDK, I looked at Ark's official forums and apparently adding Titans in the Extinction DLC was an ever worse move than Wyverns in Scorched Earth. Something about only being able to build safely in caves. Sounds like a mess.
  10. They have some good artists and obviously have talent on the technical side. The problem is in game design and the execution of that design.
  11. Maybe not all XP. And if someone runs down my Sloop when they are in a Brig, they definitely shouldn't get all the XP. Say 50% XP for same ship size or larger, 25% for one size smaller and 0% for ships too sizes smaller.
  12. Slash78

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    Yes, Colonies has failed. It is an abject failure. The island claim system was a good idea COMPLETELY RUINED by bad implementation. Also, you can't blame solo players and small groups or casuals for not buying into "Colonies". 60+ hours since coming back and I haven't once landed on a claimed island. Why not? When I sail close and see gate walls and towers packed full of cannons, I GTFO. Also a lot of the island near me all seem to have their raid timers set for when I'm online. Not going to sail up to an island then. Nor can I ask the owners if I can build on them because at most their are 5 people on the server and none are answering in global chat. Nor have I once seen an inviting message left by island owners. So yeah, claimed island are a no-go zone as far as I'm concerned. And I never seen any ships. Not at claimed islands. I see the very occasional ramshackle sloop or raft. Only seen three other ships, two schooners and a galleon and they were parked at lawless island. (Though I'm sure none of them lasted for long). In a game where ships are a necessity, there should be a few of them around. This makes me believe there is no such thing as ship safety. And I'm not going to complain about game performance. I have over 3,600 hours in Ark since November 2015. This game runs smooth as silk compared to what I was getting in Ark much of that time.
  13. Slash78

    Now that Colonies had failed, now what?

    Do companies need to go? No. Do they need to completely do away with any kind of land claim system? Maybe on a PvE server, but otherwise no. So, what should they do? -Increase the functionality of Free Ports -Additional company owned ports and towns (ie, "settlements") -modify the current claim system -Factions -Reputation System -More Content (duh!) -So, how to improve Free Ports? One, change the Commodities Vendor to a Commodities Market. Add Storage. A Dry Dock for ship storage (just the ship and structures on it, not what's in the inventories). A Stable for tame storage (again, with empty inventory and w/o saddles). A Bank (gold and gear storage, including saddles). What doesn't get stored? Maps, crew, commodities. Also add a market currency, "Silver Pieces" (SP). 1 Gold = 10 SP. -Settlements. Scattered across the map would be abandoned ports, towns, ruined forts, etc. If you claim the island and put some resources into them, they become "settlements". They would have all the function of a Free Port, though only for your Faction (or those friendly or neutral). Additionally they would have several plots of land in them that would function like platforms that can be built on (with build limits, etc). Though only one plot per company per settlement. The owning company would also get a plot and some platforms scattered around the settlement to build on. -Claim system. You would have two kinds of claims. An Island claim that would function similar to the current island claim, but WITHOUT upkeep. The second, each company would get a claim one claim flag similar to the original claim flags to claim where their "main base" is. -Factions. There would be another of factions you could join. (I prefer a large number of factions, 9-15). To stay in a faction you CANNOT kill another faction members tames, sink their ships, raid their bases. A factions ranking would be based on the island they own (islands rated on size, resources, if they have active settlements and number of main base flags they have). To join you would have to buy in, the more members a faction has, the more expensive it would be (not necessarily with gold, but with resources, etc). Each faction would get a Capital Island (which would be an island with multiple settlements already established on it). Only factions can declare war. Though wars can only be declare on Rivals (another faction of similar strength) or factions that have been hostile (repeated attacks on faction assets). Wars wouldn't just be between factions and their allies, but Letters of Marque would be offered to companies from friendly or neutral factions. Wars will be fought until 1) the war goal is conceded. 2) Both factions decide to end it (w/o war goals being met). Each faction would have a limited number of allies and rivals. -Reputation System. Not just to determine friendliness or hostility to another company or faction, but if you regularly sink anchor ships, break into bases, kill tames, etc, you'll eventually get enough negative points you can no longer be part of a faction or build on faction controlled land. Eventually become an Outlaw and anyone can attack you without fear of gaining negative points. (War between factions would be an exemption. Likewise if you've obtained a Letter of Marque against a given faction). -More ships, wider variety of animals, NPC ships, both factional and pirate, etc. I'm sure stuff like this won't be added to the game...because it doesn't seem to be the kind of game the devs want. Edit: And add more islands. I thought they were gonna do this? If they did...well, ADD MOAR!!!111
  14. You can't expect WildGrapeCardShot to understand their player base. They ASSUME that "the only way to really play Ark is on the official servers". This is despite the fact only about 15-18% of Ark's player base is on the official servers at any given time and about 3/4 of those official server peak around 10 players. In other words, the majority of Ark official servers probably have only one tribe that players on them on a consistent basis. They are incapable of analysis. They go with the game play the big boss wants and if he wants a shitty trollfest, the game ends up being a shitty trollfest.
  15. I'm sure they Atlas Devs will do everything they can think of in an attempt to bring back Mega Companies. And the player base will continue to shrink. They'll also try to think of more gold sinks and claim they are "working on the economy".