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  1. I don't speak your language adequately well to participate here , but i can understand it clearly , so i would like to be brief : Well i'm sorry guys , but in my opinion there are some posts here (not all !) wich has discredited other users/devs (ass,etc.) and also pure speculation without clear factual analysis or most likely without inside knowledge of the grapeshot company. I also get annoyed by some implementations of this brilliant game idea.This E A is a roller coaster, ok , but it should be fair. Maybe the trolls have reached their destination and my post is useless.
  2. Yeah mate ,that's a pity , they wrote it in the patch notes and apologize.
  3. Thanks Devs ! I checked it about 22.00 h continental european time. The reported Bugs don't occur anymore on my single player savegame(same grid) without patch ? Edit : Oh sorry patch 410.4 fixed it. I don't get any download information from Steam.
  4. When i'm in the inventory and try to press the skill button, the game crashes hard to desktop (currently single player). And yes mates,arrows is missing of course too for this E.A. disaster , except for spear launcher ammo.
  5. Yep man, i can confirm it.I tested it very close to your position in L 7 and M 6. To avoid take on two Army o.t.D. groups i remove one map from the hotbar bevor fight. And do you also have this huge amount of gold and blueprints!? I figured out that it's exactly 4 times more blueprints and gold. I play with my prior savegame files bevor zhe latest major update/wipe and have several issues with the redesigned isles. All of my resource outpost bases were deleted and sometimes seperate structures were missing when i came back from other grids.Ufortunately my speed schooner sunk because one plank was missing.But since four days game runs fine.
  6. - Your NPC is probably on wandering.Stay in front of him,hold E until the option wheel occurs and then click "Disable Wandering". - But the crew only repairs the planks and gunports.If your ship resourcebox is filled with enough fibers,thatch,wood,hide and metal then choose the repair hammer to your hotbar and you can repair the sails,deck and other structures by yourself without having resources in your inventory. Just stand in front of the structure with repairhammer selected and the game shows you the repair text.
  7. Thanks.This all is a bit confusing, because i currently have 15 NPC (i'm level49).When i was at the freeport i had 2NPC on the sails and 4 were at the base in another grid. You're right ,i could buy 10, after this i leveled them all up and i could buy one more. Went back to base and then,of the 4NPC left at base, there were only 3 left. One dissapeared/was removed!? So i have a total count 15 NPC at level 49.If you're lev1 and can only get 10 - But if you want to man just a schooner ,fully capable of sea fight,you need at least 12 - 10 on the cannons and 2on the sails.
  8. Edit : Great Thanks, i level them all but i forgot to check the recruiter after this.
  9. I'm playing currently Single Player.I already have 16 NPC and i want to by just one more, but i can't purchase anymore at the recruiter.I have the gold, but the purchase bar is dark and double click does not work too.I went to the next freeport on that grid , and again no success. Does anybody can help?
  10. Hey ManmetdeBaard, i'm on the Atlas high seas since february and everytime when a mega patch/update came in, the key bindings were set to default.Yeah,it's a bit annoying. But i always kept my graphic settings.
  11. Thanks devs ! - the waveworks/new islands/isle improvements/biome map layout are excellent graphic works! The new text is much clearer. (first steps of your announced roadmap in the right direction) After Major Update/Wipe, i'm playing with my prior savegame files without WPE : -No more game crashes when exit to main menu. - Treasure Maps are working but i get the loot x 4. This seems nice, but it's way too much and i drop the excess gold.But with the many nice blueprints the choice isn't so easy what you could drop and no more challenge to hunt for treasures(cheat feeling). -Discovery Points : As usual,for more than half a year on private servers and single player, it's not possible to gain special discoverys on islands. You only get the 2 disc.points(that's nice) by landfall and killing blue whale(30points)etc.This should be fixed urgently,because it's a core game mechanic and so important for level up.(approximately 36points per level) It would be more incentive to spend more time on this beautiful redesigned islands for exploring, instead of rushing through and leave. -Power Stones : The power stones/golden age ruins servers/grids are no longer marked on the world map.
  12. Unfortunately i can't help you with this issue,but i assume this bug is linked with the mod.Single Player still could have serious bugs,though many have already been fixed. The devs worked on Xbox release the last months and Single Player is not their priority.Now the wipe is coming with the new Wild Pirates Encampments for single player so i guess we've to delete our save game files in the "SavedAtlasLocal"Folder anyway.-They announced more informations for today? I used mods on my dedicated server,it worked fine, but i don't use them in this current unstable game mode.
  13. I still enjoying this first class survival game ,even after i had to start again five times on dedicated servers and single player. I also postet some criticism, but my only intention was to help somehow advance this game. Atlas has such a deep atmospere to dive into. The graphic of the nature environment and the sea is fantastic ,especially on a high end pc and monitor. Ships,building,sailing,sea/landfights,exploring,crafting,skilling even keep vitamin equi. is so much fun.There's always something new to discover,just yesterday i found a nice tundra isle with the largest silver spot i've seen so far. And yes it's real hard for me to convince the youtube and player community here in germany to play more atlas.I'm the last one from 17 on our 2nd private server so i gave it up and play single now.Most of them playing ARK again, but some seem to come back. Much has already been discussed about improvements, etc. and i can only wish good luck to all those involved.
  14. I forgot to quote , my answer is above...
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