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  1. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Have the same problem too. It happened when i entered a new grid with a ship and died there.(ship was marked in the previous grid)I had lost a ship,tames one time. A possible,save solution is : when you enter a new grid make sure that your ship with bed is marked in the new grid on the map. - Exit to main menu and restart single player.(loading goes quicker) This is a bit annoying but i don't want to loose my stuff again.Single player is after all sometimes buggy , but the devs focus on XBox now so we'll have to wait and see.
  2. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Thanks,yes nearly everything runs fine so far,but i've only one question left : Do you also have issues with the Ships of the Damned ? : -sometimes spawn in double squads or half squads -sometimes they blow themsels up
  3. Terra Incocnita

    I give up...

    Maybe we can help you - please check out this thread : Single Player Crashing At Startup - page 1-2 You probably have to delete the "LastCoordGrid" file in your "SavedAtlasLocal" folder.This worked for nearly all of us,single players. If you do so ,you respawn at your starting freeport and then you have to find your way back to your old base but your previous discovered map is vanished though islandnames are still there. This isn't a devs solution.We found it out and you maybe have to deal with some smaller issues and bugs.But it's largely playable. If you're from my country - dann wünsche ich Dir viel Glück und lies bitte den thread durch.
  4. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    @EBABYL I've revised my previous Edit so that other players do not misunderstand this. Important Note for you Guys: I definitely had to delete the LastCoordGrid file when the game was crashing from startup. My solution is just in case if you've made the Export Pathfinder and then crash problems occur.
  5. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Thanks i've done this. Now my character stats and my map discoverys are from the previous session , but all of my ships/buildings/tames are gone.(but after several issues with SP from start it'll be better to refresh) The S.o.t.Damned sometimes blow up or they spawn in double squads(undefeatable). I've had game crashes yesterday about every 15min.No logs the game just freezes. I don't know exactly how the Export pathfinder-mechanic works,and this isn't my native language. So you mean at my current game status,after export pathfinder, i've the chance to discover the blackwood grid ? Edit : I found a solution for my current crashes : Leave the freeport to the new base in another grid. Place a bed there. Just die and respawn at the bed.(i don't have to delete the LastCoordGrid file in this case - But you have to do it if game crashing from start up)
  6. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    We all have different issues with the ships o.t.d. Please be patient.Many problems with single player(beta-version) have already been fixed gradually.The Devs have to work on four game modes now.Maybe you should post this on Single Player Bug Thread.
  7. Terra Incocnita

    Blackwood - A new twisted adventure and ATLAS Sale!

    Thanks, simply great and long awaited. Aside from the criticism it's probably impossible to please everyone. I assume that you'll get your suitable content. Okay the game has issues in the current EA phase, but dying isn't so easy. (this isn't my native language)
  8. Terra Incocnita

    What would you like developers to add in the game?

    All right,understood. I've revised my post and redefined.
  9. Terra Incocnita

    What would you like developers to add in the game?

    - Fictional NPC Royal Naval Forces (the real enemy of the pirate)- with the associated merchant marine at sea and on land.(with WPE we're advancing) - More types of ships and realistic front-triangle sails - which ensure that speed can be generated with little wind,from negative wind angels. -A sophisticated trading system for all game modes. -Prevent wild animals from destroying trees(especially elephants) Almost all of my other points have already been mentioned / except for this one : To find a way to reclaim the lost players and win new ones - though this is clear anyway.(of course,that's easy to say when you're not in charge) My and other suggestions do not necessarily have to be considered,as it has already have been done too quickly with some questionable. With all due respect,dear devs,you did a great job so far,but unfortunately one could almost get the impression that the game is just played by you too little. Just my little personal view. ( this isn't my native language)
  10. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Hey Guys! It's obvious that changing grids can cause serious problems and thus bugs are linked in the further gameplay. This has already been confirmed in other SP - bug threads by several users.Maybe we should open a fresh new thread to the issue , so that it can be seen more clearly by the devs. (but this isn't my native language)
  11. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    There's already a thread : "Single Player Bug Thread " in Bug Reports
  12. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Hey ,since when are you playing single player - after patch 211.21?
  13. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Many thanks @Vackillers ! I tried it. (Your post has overlapped with mine)My current game status is exactly as you described it: I spawned at my starting freeport(had a bed left) and now i've to find my way back to the old base and then i'll see how the rest works out. Edit : I reached my old base.Everything is ok, except for some smaller and already known bugs.
  14. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Hey guys! Unfortunately no improvement through the last 2 patches - SP crashes furthermore for about 1week. The crashes are hard - without logs. I sent my "SavedAtlasLocal" folder to the Grapeshot Admin Jat and he replied : "So this looks like it should be resolved in our next patch to go out with Non-Dedi Mode.I'm able to load your savefile on my latest version of the game (not released to the public yet)." I assume after Patch 211.21 you could delete all previous save game "ocean" and "LastGridCoord" files( backup on another data media,for safety) and start over by creating a new pathfinder.That should work.
  15. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player is not playable anymore

    Very well, the more detailed reports the better.We already have a notable thread :"Single Player Bug Thread" After all we should keep in mind that the Single Player mode is just a beta-version,and it came out 2 weeks earlier than announced.