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  1. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    There's already a thread : "Single Player Bug Thread " in Bug Reports
  2. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Hey ,since when are you playing single player - after patch 211.21?
  3. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Many thanks @Vackillers ! I tried it. (Your post has overlapped with mine)My current game status is exactly as you described it: I spawned at my starting freeport(had a bed left) and now i've to find my way back to the old base and then i'll see how the rest works out. Edit : I reached my old base.Everything is ok, except for some smaller and already known bugs.
  4. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    Hey guys! Unfortunately no improvement through the last 2 patches - SP crashes furthermore for about 1week. The crashes are hard - without logs. I sent my "SavedAtlasLocal" folder to the Grapeshot Admin Jat and he replied : "So this looks like it should be resolved in our next patch to go out with Non-Dedi Mode.I'm able to load your savefile on my latest version of the game (not released to the public yet)." I assume after Patch 211.21 you could delete all previous save game "ocean" and "LastGridCoord" files( backup on another data media,for safety) and start over by creating a new pathfinder.That should work.
  5. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player is not playable anymore

    Very well, the more detailed reports the better.We already have a notable thread :"Single Player Bug Thread" After all we should keep in mind that the Single Player mode is just a beta-version,and it came out 2 weeks earlier than announced.
  6. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player is not playable anymore

    Many of us have this issue. The SP mode is not able to load in. Loading stops at about 75% on the Ocean load bar and then the game crashes , and we're thrown back to the Steam menu. It's not a pc system error - our unofficial servers run fine.
  7. Terra Incocnita

    [Complete bug fix v.211] - Single bug

    Many of us have the issue that single player is unplayable for almost five days. The SP mode loads up to nearly 75%(ocean map) and then the game crashes. I recommend you : "Single Player Bug Thread " for more information.
  8. Terra Incocnita

    The reality of ATLAS

    Yes indeed and unfortunately facts don't lie.
  9. Terra Incocnita

    Single player crashing at startup

    I have the same issue ,game load ocean map to nearly 75% and then crashes. Our dedicated servers run fine. Any fixes?
  10. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Have the same issue but my dedicated servers run fine. Please fix it.
  11. Wild Pirates Encampments seems to be a great idea, for our community who are playing on dedicated servers and single player.I already opened a small thread about implementing NPC Royal Naval Forces,so it's fine for me. But hopefully these encampments will not be on every island per grid, this would be too much and hinders the feeling of exploring natural islands. Or did i not understand that correctly ? (this isn't my native language)
  12. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Changing cluster zones results sometimes in dissapeared vehicles but the interior is still on the watersurface,and the ships are still shown on the map as alive, even though the game message says" your raft was sunk". Also shoulder mounted birds stay in the previous cluster. When often changing the same cluster borders it works fine. Ships of the damned sometimes appear and were self destroyed instantly.But not all of them,other squads can be normally defeated and looted. 2 Discovery points through landfall works fine but no way to get special discoveries via spyglass.In some cluster one have to exit and restart the game, to get the discovery zones. After all most essential gameplay mechanics works very nice for a beta. (my grammar is not perfect,i'm german)
  13. Terra Incocnita

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Thank you very much for adding single player , devs ! The patch flows in 6 hours ago here in europe and our community is just testing it. It's really great to have this amazing huge map finally,well done!Discovery system works,not like on our private servers after wipe. The gameplay is smooth and the performance is stabil and so far no game crashes. Not all settings work in the game: Day tme speed /cycle and bears can't farm fibers. Please keep up your precious work for this first class survival game and please listen to the multiplayers community critics. The map and landscape desingn is brilliant and beautiful,but maybe more realism instead of fantasy and more sea/ships/pirates simulation. Maybe royal naval forces of the 17th.century on land and sea-huge spanish galleons with tons of gold to raid.
  14. Well thank you very much for implementing a single player mode. It was very expensive for us to run private servers with 3x3/ 4x4 grid maps(to get nearly full game content) We here in germany (i assume europe wide)have a notable single player fan community for ARK/ATLAS. This will bring more players and money to this first class survival game. Dear Developers,please continue your precious work for this game , as you've done so far.
  15. Terra Incocnita

    No possibility to get Discovery Points

    Hello sailors and developers officers, on my 3x3map grid by gportal(9 expensive private servers)is no way to get discovery points.On my previous 4x4server(old content) it worked perfect.But now no discovery zones on islands and no chance to get points by killing whales(powerstones no tested yet). Even though on the discovery tab many are given but all remain locked. Or have i chosen the wrong setting by using the old claim flag system?(actually can't be) These points are so important and when players can't reach full end game content ,then i can give up the servers,it's not worth it anymore - But this is a first class survival game so far. Should this be fixed with the upcoming mega patch?(my grammar is not perfect,i'm german)