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  1. This isn't a new concept. On WoW if you wanted the violet spellwing...you had to defeat Argus on heroic difficulty. If you want end game items...you do the end game. As it's been stated, it's not difficult to find a group. You don't even have to ally. Go hang out and when you see a group talking in global...ask if you can join. Be prepared to contribute...risk, reward, all that.
  2. Rainy

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    ^^ same. If I demolish something on one side of the building something else will disappear on the other side of the building.
  3. Dstrats we have one of the island to the east of them. You are welcome to setup on our island for now...but we will be leaving for the NA PVE server soon. I'm not sure what's up with that island. It was a different company up until yesterday. Seems like the same group talking in global though so I'm not sure if they changed names or merged or what happened.
  4. I don't know about "nobody" wants it. Yes, my company has a claim. We discussed it before the patch came out. I wanted to find a nice island owner and be a tenant. It's the truth. I didn't want the hassle of upkeep or keeping up with foundation spam or everything else that goes with it. We could pick any area we wanted...temperate, tropics wherever our hearts desired. As a company we decided we did want to have a claim and we'd work as a team to handle the responsibility. I posted earlier we have settlers we have never spoken too. We checked to make sure they weren't building over any important spawns or being jerks and we've let them do their thing. They both have plenty of room to expand and we have zero issues with it. We still have room for more people. I think people need to give it a chance and try to have an open mind.
  5. Rainy

    NA PVE Disgrace

    I think the system itself is fine with some points adjustments on either island costs or how many a player is worth in a company. My company is currently 6 people and we have what I feel is a nice island. In some cases I've seen people complaining because a solo player wasn't able to get a 35 point island or 2 people wanting a 53 point island. I'm sorry...but I don't feel they should be able too. The whole problem with the last system was exactly that...people taking way more then was needed...simple human greed. This system solves that...and if you want to own an island...you gotta work for it. But I do agree there needs to be more small-middle islands. We have 2 settlers on our island...I don't think we've spoken to either of them because they are usually on when we aren't on. We don't have an issue with anything they've done and we're glad to have them. We have room for more without anyone crowding each other also.
  6. Rainy

    I was told there would be a hat?

    JatYesterday at 3:15 PM The hat is on it's way folks, our art guys are still makin some tweaks!
  7. Rainy

    give us craftable flags

    There was one in PTR...can't remember what it was under at the moment.
  8. Rainy

    Landlords and GMs

    You're really good at that math stuff...can you give me where those figures came from? Or point me to the post where you already have them? I'm trying to explain all of this to people in my company and the way it was posted it seems like a good system. If you have info that contradicts that I'd like to see it. Just trying to get all the facts straight
  9. Rainy

    Landlords and GMs

    Mine was in general...everyone seems very up in arms about the landlord deleting their stuff (reasonable thoughts), or not doing anything about someone pillaring them etc. But...why are we so concerned with landlords when we all have the option to be a landlord? I think some people might be stuck in the "I don't have a claim now so I'm not getting a claim and I'll be forced to live on someone else's land" mentality. But if there is a limit...and they have made the determination majority will be able to own their own island...then the bad landlord is...you.
  10. Rainy

    Landlords and GMs

    So is this how you all plan to treat your tenants? Remember even a single player company can own their own island. That being said...why are you all worried about the landlords? And if you are saying you don't plan on owning your own island...then you have the option of which landlord you want to be around. Sorry...the things that go thru my mind...
  11. I get that. But your not addressing why the solo player would have more then enough room to build 4 ships if they felt like it...but a 10 person company wouldn’t if each person wanted 4 ships. We all paid the same amount, give or take a few dollars, we should all be given the same amount of claims. The math has been done on other posts....there’s plenty of land to make that happen.
  12. I understand what you are saying and you're not wrong. But then why would a solo person need the same amount of space as 7 people? Maybe break it down a little further? A company of 1-5 get 3 flags...6-10 get 6 flags...etc
  13. So if I'm a solo player company I get 6 flags? But if me and 9 of my friends want to play together we get...6 flags? I'm not sure I understand how that would work out as fair since there's more of us we need more space for say a ship each, bear each. When a single person company would not. I think it the only fair way is to put a claim limit per paid account. Yes the big companies would get more...but if you have 100 people...you kinda need more.