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  1. I see how a wipe for this claim change is *clearly* not necessary. Also, If you believe that, I have this bridge I'd like to sell you...
  2. For most things you get a bit of leeway for how close they need to be to successfully breed, but cows & bulls have a distance that is more suitable for a much smaller animal... please increase it a bit - at least to the same as for horses.
  3. Bird stands would be really nice. Perhaps also chicken coops which supply eggs/poop into it's inventory... and a lot more other similar ideas....
  4. No. Just no. Exp past a certain point is bad enough without this additional torture.
  5. I think at least part of the confusion comes from the term they used in the patch notes: "Basing". In this case what Basing means, is essentially "Character is able to stand firmly" - ie, not that floating around thing it used to do.
  6. Also, they sometimes will go up the ramp, but then get stuck on the very top, and unable to go over onto the flat parts...
  7. The number of time's i've not been able to place a floor piece because the ground slopes too much.... is too damned high. A little more tolerance would be great.
  8. Yes, please do something about the creepy ghost towns
  9. And don't forget how bad the implementation is - i mean really, if you take out the box but leave the rack, or even just want to pick up a box that got dropped in the water, you need to use an entire new rack item.... because reasons.
  10. Predictions: New Armor Skin: Skeleton skin - Makes you look like a walking skeleton. NPC towns now have NPC villagers, and no longer sound like creepy ghost towns. You can now target a resource box with the F key to dump all resources from your current mount into that resource box. New wall and ceiling Structures (2x2, 4x4) available, with all snap-points as if they were made from separate wall pieces. Corner and inverted corner stairs and ramps finally added to structure options. Monsterbaits: craft a lure that will attempt to attract certain types of creatures. (eg,"meat lure" might increase the chances of appropriate carnivores spawning nearby). Animal Meat & Fish Meat kibble now available to craft, stacks to 100 and has the same decay timer as cultivated crops. (seriously, this would make so much difference for breeding...) Ice now cools feeding troughs, keeping meat from spoiling so quickly, and raw meats now stack to 100. 'Dye Remover' dye added to remove paint from paintable surfaces... white dye now actually paints ships white. Can now craft Cheese from milk. (Grants strong Vitamin E)
  11. It'll be Shattrath, Unexpected City Of Bones all over again.
  12. The new cargo + cupboard saddle combo is really nice. Now i'd like to see a version where you put a cage on it, and it will hold a certain amount of small animals (chickens, rabbits, etc), those things are the hugest pain to move a bunch of. Hopefully it's something that can be added easily
  13. Ok, so, adding irrigation to the grill is great. Making it only hold 300 water is, well. Needless to say when you compare that 300 water to 400 from a *single jar*.... Please increase the 300 to at least 3000 - you've already set the precedent with the barrels and reservoirs for holding such an amount.
  14. Okay, so, Ice now takes care of half the meat problem, now if it'd just work in a feeding trough, it'd be 3/4 of the way there...
  15. Fairly often my game will just blink between high-res and low-res textures every half a second or so. Doesn't seem to make me crash or anything, just really hard to look at... Doesn't seem to matter what settings I use - normally just the High preset.
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