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  1. Please turn down the waterfall sound. It's violently too loud.
  2. True, solo's wouldn't have an impact on the player economy. If the solo option will bring in a large influx of players, those players are either not playing now or playing in such a way it doesn't really effect the global player economy anyway (for live that is). The playerbase will have it's ups and down. There will be an influx of returning, and hopefully some new players with each major content patch. They have said there has been a shift in focus from only Large Hardcore companies surviving to a more rounded approach where smaller companies and solos can play as well. Not sure how they will achieve this with the current issues and mechanics. But, acknowledging there was a problem with the current system is a step in the right direction.
  3. Yes, that is a problem with any testing. How many tools do they give us to test the game in a way that gives data for balancing. If you want console commands opened up so you can spawn stuff in, reach max level in 20 hours, 20x harvesting, doubt that will happen on live servers. However, dedicated servers (or rent one) have those options. Jat has already explained their thought process. They have a team of devs and a team of GM's. As the game is more stable with more content and closer to launch, they will step down the dev team and increase the GM team.
  4. My Compass is showing socketed power stones, I have not yet collected any.
  5. Not exaggeration. Not sure you know what that term means either. There is a logical path from I'm mad I'm going to go clean my guns and gun violence. No such path between slap a baby and a sexual act.
  6. Same here, I'm at ~430 hours. I wouldn't not be against a wipe, give me something to do again. But, I'm sure there would be a large outcry if one was announced. They have worked at some balance issues (I'm not going to start down the rabbit hole if they are in the right direction or not). Tames, alphas (damage and spawn rate), weapon damage, armor effectiveness, storms (water spouts), SotD, Kracken, and others. They are working on new content as well. Lose players to griefing, lose players to bugs, lose players to lack of content, lose players to whatever else. They have to use their resources as effectively as possible and fix the glaring issues. Have they been 100% correct on their choices, no.
  7. I agree, but if they gave us free (or extremely easy) everything it would be extremely had to balance the game. A wipe would be a touchy subject, piss off the ones who have been here throughout and maintained their claims to satisfy new players. Escape from Tarkov handles that fairly well, they inform of a wipe (generally at a major update) and usually have events leading up the wipe (this has also bit them as well, some haven't been as smooth). This gives a chance for some of the casuals to run around with endgame gear they wouldn't normally have access too, and get the data on the widespread use of that gear. The claims need work as well, many different ideas floating around on how to fix/help the issue. Just hard to know the exact path without time.
  8. If you find the bug, report it. Don't use it to grief people.
  9. Sexual battery? I don't think you know what that term means.
  10. Yup, an analogy insinuating gun violence. Well played sir.
  11. Whoa, whoa, whoa rager. Calm down. Hey CIA you get that part about this constantly pissed off dude "cleaning the guns".
  12. Anecdotal. I had a similar run in with Customer Service. Just the other day, I went to the local thrift shop to browse the aisles. I found a lovely pair of gently used underwear for $0.99. When I took the underwear to the counter, the cashier told me "these are used and their may be some problems with these underwear". But hey, they are $0.99 so I took my chances. When I walked out of the thrift shop, I opened up the package and low and behold, someone had shit in these underwear. Now, since they told me there may be some problems, I figured I would take care of the situation myself. So, I went to the laundry mat that was next door and owned by the same company to wash the soiled underwear. I put them in the washer and when they came out they were clean as a brand new pair. I then proceeded to put them in the dryer. Now, it had been a long day. So I figured I would rest my eyes while the underwear were drying. When I woke up, much to my dismay, the dryer had been broken into and the underwear were gone. Luckily the laundry mat had a security camera system that was pointed at the exact dryer. So, upon reviewing the footage, you guessed it, a group of Chinese came in, broke into my dryer, and stole my underwear while I was asleep. Of course I was angry. So, I went back to the thrift store and yelled at the marketing manager and the customer service representatives telling them that their laundry mat next door let a bunch of Chinese in to steal my underwear and demanded they either give me my money back or give me a new pair of underwear since the Chinese stole them from the dryer in the laundry mat when I was sleeping. They told me they couldn't give me a new pair of underwear, but they would have their mechanics install locks on all the doors so it would be much more difficult for the anyone to steal underwear from any of the customers who use the laundry mat. So, guess what I did. I immediately grabbed the intercom system and proceeded to yell to all the customers about how I was mistreated and their customer service is complete shit. When they unplugged the intercom system I got even more angry. So, I slapped the baby the women behind me was holding and kicked a puppy on my way out the door. But, I returned to that laundry mat to wash my clothes 10 times since then, knowing maintenance has not installed the locks on the doors. And guess what, clothes keep getting stolen and I keep yelling over the intercom. I think it will fix itself soon.
  13. @Tiberius_theron is that you? Brand new account posting the exact same thing that has been posted for the last 2 day, in locked posts.
  14. There already is a solo mode. Make a dedicated server (or rent one), password protect it, and don't give anyone the password.
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