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  1. We are a small group of friends willing to sell resources, tames of our own. We also run an auctioneer section where we sell other companies BPS, tames, resources, ship parts and equipment. So what are you waiting for get on over and say hello and meet our fantastic community weve built. https://discord.gg/uXnHyAz
  2. Funkymunkey

    Custom ship sails arent showing up

    Well one of my members has just upgraded his xbox from xbox s to the xbox x and he can now see all the paintings I drew freehand on the sails yet the other members cant, must be something to do with the enhanced graphics setting the x gets to the s
  3. Funkymunkey

    Custom ship sails arent showing up

    Anyone else not able to see custom paints on ship sails of other company members on official? Painted a sail and went to show another member and he just saw the white canvas, he tried painting on another boat and I couldn't see his painting either. Is there a setting I'm missing or is it bugged atm? TiA