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  1. Yea, just because you think there are enough tames A TON of people including myself would like to see more tames.
  2. Bro im realy trying to stay with this game,But with content updates getting farther and farther apart and no flying creatures its soo hard to keep playing.DEVS IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE ADD MORE TAMES TO THE GAME WE NEED MORE CONTENT!!
  3. Why does ARK get all the good stuff?? Why do the other games by the company SNAIL just get left to die? Dark and Light that they don't even update anymore,Pixark that is a literal joke in the community and also witch they don't update anymore.Fear the night is a broken cash grab that no one even knows about that is a 1 dollar bin game that is also not being updated anymore.ATLAS does not get ANY holiday events and it takes sometimes up to 3 months to get any content,it has been out almost a year.Now they are gonna worry about the Xbox now and even less content will be released,CAN YOU DEVS PLEASE THROW US ATLAS PLAYERS A BONE FOR ONCE AND GIVE US SOME SPECIAL EVENTS,SOME NEW CREATURES,IS ARK ALL YOU GUYS CARE ABOUT??
  4. The devs do not care about this game enough to update with wiki thats why its dead.
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