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  1. Uploaded more breedable bear and a few horse stats. Adding our first breeded bear with 210% melee damage More to come over the weekend - stay tunes Sterk - CLP
  2. Thx Thx Zottel. We are finally at the point to could offer some stats animals. They will be uploaded on our discord over the weekend. Coming first some horses & bears... 13p Oxygen Horse 12p Weight Horse 11p. Melee Bears 12p Melee Bears 13p Melee Bears and much more to come Best regards Sterk - CLP https://discord.gg/CrHegbg
  3. Hello again, We are back and restocking - reactivating our Trading discord over the next few days. As allways we will focus high level breeding lines , Stats- animals and much more. Located at the moment in I13 - CrazyLostIsland - Further outposts will come over time. Stay tuned for our openings offers Best regards Sterk - CLP
  4. Update on our Summer Sale & breeding status As we finally hit the next few steps in our breeding lines, which are : Bears lvl 101 , 237% melee , with 1400 stam, 1212 HP &´╗┐ 1436Weight Tigers lvl 80, 222 % melee . with 352 stam 691 HP & 362 Weight´╗┐ Elephants lvl 85, 217 % melee, with 759 stam 1332 HP & 3180 Weight Rhinos lvl 65, 200 % melee with 399 stam, 952HP & 1785 Weight We need to prepare for the next deliveries out of our breeding factories, which will arrive over the next few days on our discord. This means we need to clear out our current stock. All animals below our new top tier will be sold for 1500g / each ( spayed / neutered , unlevelled ).This offer ends with the summersale 15.08.19 Excluded of this offer are the breedable offers Check out our discord to get a small overview what we have to offer or feel free to give me a whisper As it is not possible to put all our stock on the discord, please use our reservation channel to get your hand on lvl 90+ bears, lvl 60-70 Elephants , up to lvl 76 TIgers and much more or visit one of our tradecenters in K10, K4 or F3. Best regards Sterk CLP
  5. Big Summer sale starts tonight until 15.08 . Get 50 % on all spayed / neutered animals Get 25 % on all breedable animals Get your up to 210 % melee farmer now, dont waste any gold Further adding breedable Rhinos, Giraffes and Elephants over night, so stay tuned. Best regards Sterk - CLP
  6. Added a lot of new breedable Elephants, Rhinos and a few Tigers Visit our discord to see what else we can offer Best regards Sterk CLP
  7. Thanks for another good selling day. Next we will offer another sweetie. This time we will sell another 5 Mythical Large Shipyards. Visit our discord https://discord.gg/rKefuTK to get your hand on this little baby Best regards Sterk -CLP
  8. Whoop Whoop adding next Lvl 70 Tigers with 210 % Melee Damage Further adding more breedable animals over the evening as our 2nd postings all found a new home. Best regards Sterk - CLP
  9. Big thanks to all the buyers from today. As little thank you we will next give 25 % discount on all spayed / neutered animals. Added new Rhinos & Elephants with 200% + melee Visit our discord https://discord.gg/rKefuTK or feel free to whisper Sterk - CLP
  10. Added new breedable animals as most of our first postings found a new home. thx to all the buyers. Best regards Sterk - CLP
  11. Adding next on our discord some nice little bears without stripes - colour grey - lvl 69 to 83 available Best regards Sterk - CLP
  12. added more breedable TIgers Best regards Sterk - Clp
  13. thank you Anne for your nice words Sterk - CLP
  14. Added more breedable animals as opening week offers. Special prices on lvl 90 + Bears in the first week of our Discord. More to come this weekend. So keep an open eye what will be posted next Best regards Sterk - CLP
  15. Ahoy fellow Captains, gladly we can announce the opening of our new quality animal tradecenter located in K10 CrazyLostIsland. We are selling breeded animals and atm are we focusing on Bears, Tigers, Elephants, Rhinos & Giraffes All our breeded animals will be sold neutered / spayed, but we will sell a fine selection of stats animals - breedable animals from time to time. Over 200 bears , 50 Tigers, 40 Elephants, 40 Rhinos & 20 Giraffes in different tiers in stock. Lower tiers will allways be sold a bit cheaper then the max tier we can offer. All animals will be unleveled and will have points to set. We can offer up to following high melee animals : 237% melee bears, with 1400 stam, 1212 HP & 1436Weight ( lvl 96) 222 % melee tigers. with 352 stam 691 HP & 343 Weight ( lvl 78 + ) 217 % Elephants, with 759 stam 1209 HP & 2976 Weight ( lvl 81+) 200 % Rhinos with 399 stam, 708 HP & 1699 Weight ( Lvl 63 +) 200 % Giraffes ( lvl 40 +) If you think this could be something for you , please visit our discord https://discord.gg/rKefuTK and have a look around. More animals will be added over the next days there. Feel free to contact me on Discord ( Sterk#6636) to ask what we got in stock, before you are going on the long journey to K10 Cya soon and happy sailing Sterk -CLP Location K10