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  1. x5 harvesting on resources that dont respawn hahaha worst company ever in game history, never seen so many incompetent game devs together in 1 buisness. whatever u do on your next job application, DONT mention that u worked on Atlas cuz u will be kicked out the door instantly.
  2. @Conch Welcome, maybe a bit more background info on yourself ? U actually playing the game ? how long and if so PvP or PvE ?
  3. yes when u merged u merged everything u own into that new company. houses will remain in that new company but ships/tames etc u could unclaim and transfer over to your new company.
  4. of all the things said and u reply to your logins, u should look up on google what CM actually means cuz clearly you're unfit for this position. answering people on official discord when they ask you questions or criticize the joke of a Q&A u come up with by simple saying ( see picture) means clearly u not suited for the position u have. Get your head of the sand and Nami aswell and start doing your job.
  5. Question: When are u going to do some real Q&A with real questions from players. Awnser devs: w're good the way it is, we come up with our own Q&A's and give the answer ourself. but we make it look like the questions are coming from the community. another joke of a Q&A, maybe go back to the basics and start fixing your game instead of break the game even more with everything u try to add for fun. - Have Nitrado get their act together and provide stable servers. - fix the insane amount of bugs that u managed to get since the start of the season. - lit a fire under your support ticket team, instead of them closing it instantly. U tolerate Racism in the game, why ? u think it will make u look good as a company when u dont take a stand against racism? i can write 2 pages full with shit u need to fix and have done so but simple fact is , u don't give a shit about your own game and it shows in the state it is in atm. @Chismebeard @Nami said he valued and needed our help to make the game better yet he ignores everything that is been said to him, including clear cut reports about racism.
  6. this shows once more u have your priorities set so wrong its starting to look like a benny hill show., keep this up and u'll loose whatever player base u have left faster then the previous incompetent devteam. it also shows again that u have no clue about your own game because u don't play it yourself. - fix your garbage servers, your game lives or dies with solid foundations, one of those foundations is are stable servers that doesn't become unplayable the moment it crosses 50 players. y're pushing sea play yet u cant even do sea play properly because of your garbage servers. - fix the SOTD (no explanation needed) if u do see the tip at the bottom. - Clean up lawless, allowing people to build sky scrapping pyramids or walls that donald trump even can dream off is what makes it impossible for even xbox players to login on there own base is a joke. (PvE C7 f.e) -U decided to reduce the map to 11x11 and put NA and EU together for , (whoever came up with that one should be fired on the spot) at least put a limit on islands owned per company to 1 so more people have a chance on there own island and not forced to live on lawless wich is resulting in lawless being unplayable and a mess. having 1 island per company is more then enough. if they need resources or anything from other biomes they can sail for it, helps achieve your agenda for more seaplay aswell - fix your farmhouses/warehouses, even tho its ecstatically pleasing to look at they really don't do/add much other then being used as a griefing tool on pve. for island owners they only should be placable by themselves or allies., for lawless limit it to 2 per company. best is to get rid of both at all cuz they don't add anything to the game. - lit a fire up those behinds who are your so called support ticket team, reports being closed instantly with solved without even being looked at is a joke. remember, those reports are for u to make the game better! -stop adding new stuff and fix the tons of issues first. with every update u do u breaking the game even more. - tip: make a character and start playing the game so u get a feel about whats wrong with your own game.
  7. 1 day left on the chance of a free large mythical shipyard 242% in the crimson giveaway
  8. Crimson Giveaway for a large mythical shipyard 242% Participating is very easy, simply join the discord, events channel and hit the icon in the giveaway. https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P
  9. added max lvl 52 200% small shipyards to our shops aswell. package deal possible. Reservations for package deals can be made on our discord https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P
  10. Also selling max lvl 52 large shipyards, limited sales through our shops on b6 or by reservation on our discord.
  11. Mythical Shipyard 200% for max lvl 52 ships (galleon/brigs) added to our shipyards. Its now possible to order full package custom themed ships + sails or just the skeleton. visit our community discord for more info. https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P
  12. New crabs- bears- ele's- gira's and maps added to our shops at B6 Crimson Hangout island
  13. New season, new start, same company as in S3 The crimson shops are back up running and ready to serve the community once again with the same crimson service and approach as last season. From the map shops to the tames, from food orders to custom themed ships & sails, everything is back up and running. We also prepared a personal spawnpoint again for all the customer but this time not a raft but your very own personal sloop equipped with a bed, resourcebox, bookshelf and storage box. PM one of us to claim your own sloop. bare in mind u need to regular spawn on it so it doesn't decay. At the same time the shipyards are up and running to provide people again with custom themed ships & sails. After having build 164 ships for the community on eu-pve last season we looking forward to seeing u again for new creations. Feel free to have a look at our community discord in the link below at #completed-orders & #customer-feedbackto give u a idea of the work we do and whats possible and ofcourse u can always pm if u have specific wishes for your ships/sails. At the time of making this post we are not in possesion yet of a 200% max lvl shipyard and will post it on our discord once we have. For the time being its possible to order custom ships of 100% quality ships with reduced prices on Galleons, Brigatines and Schooners, pm on discord if u have interest in that. Maria's Kitchen is up and running aswell and ready to recieve food orders in quantity aswell as Razortaming food . check out the #cooking section. The coming days/weeks we will be filling the shops by the day and getting the bred tames in so keep an eye on those aswell We also start with the popular map shops again last night with Fine, Journey and Masterwork maps for people to buy. Rest us nothing more then to wish everyone a great season with alot fun and rum! Safe sailing pirates Discord: https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P
  14. Reminder for tonight 20:00 PM GMT the crimson's Xmas give away. Giving away 3 Galleons - 4 brigs and alot of bears! - dont miss out!
  15. Happy holidays fellow pirates! To Celebrate the holiday's we organised a Xmas Giveaway for everyone who like to participate, prizes vary from ships to tames. The idea is to give starters/beginners a chance to get some items for free normally takes a bit to get ingame but anyone that enters the giveaway can participate, also our shops are based on cheap prices for everything and everyone!. Who can take part -Anyone who plays on EU PVE How do i take part - Join our discord https://discord.gg/DWYBz2P - Go to Twitch and click follow to our drunken company pirate Drossa https://www.twitch.tv/drossa2k/ - Winners will be drawn by raffle from the entries during livestream that evening - max 1 ship per company -max 2 bears per company - Winners can pick up their prize at our tropical island in C9 within 1 week after the livestream - see discord for exact location
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