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  1. So primitive weapons like arrows, throwing knives, and bolt just about always stick into the target but cause no damage. The hit box for them is off. Building is a nightmare at best with ceilings falling out and pieces not snaping where you tell them to. If I'm standing still and click a different snap point the piece should not try going back every 1 sec. Please actually play your product and test everything wild... I mean grapeshit.
  2. Those questions were bull shit no one wants wipes, the primitvie weapons are fucked, when are you going to fix the game is a real question. No one cares about ps4 resets or island owning bullshit
  3. Both my map and my atlas are grayed out and if I try bed hopping i crash. Kinda making it for a rough experience.
  4. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    Kids these days...
  5. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    And look they still quiet while to community rages... Precious little birches hiding safely behind their monitor screens... You must need your personal space and feel the community needs another 2 month time out for being in a rouse. Eh, it's ok grapeshot we know you gonna keep lying to us and fucking us. Hell my asshole pretty raw from it.
  6. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    I take it you havent played na pve. You must have played ark thinking that. The na community is and always be the best community of any game i have ever played. Deleting it will cause them to divide destroying the community I've grown and love. P.s. thank you grapeshot for unblocking me you sorry ass clowns.
  7. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    Na pve apocalyptic party at 07 bring all your tames. And Fuck dem devs boi!!!!
  8. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    Captain Squiggles of the reaper crew gonna keep blowing shit up on pve till i go down with my ship. Fuck dem devs boi!
  9. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    People arent mad about the wipe folks are mad because they said fuck pve.
  10. Exactly screw you grapeshot pve is amazing. I went to my first pve tradeshow yesterday just to be told today my server is getting removed...
  11. Zuvell

    New World Map!

    So screw us na pve player? This is some bs...
  12. Yeah try talking to folks first lol
  13. Some of these ready to breed in timers are insane. A monkey takes a day and 19 hrs to breed again? Can we get a remap of this, a skill to reduce this, or a tame like an oviraptor that promotes reproductive behavior.
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