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  1. Thanks a lot! You are always welcome!
  2. Thank you very much my friend D9 is still in my heart! TRANQUIL ISLAND FOREVER!
  3. Puppies4ever

    pve EU PvE Bred Bears.

    AHHHH!!! Why you didnt tell me that?^^
  4. /BUMP Event for settlers: You will get an additional -20% discount, when you pay tames in thatch (excl. ELITE tames). Until Monday 23.59
  5. Thank you for the feedback! It was a pleasure to trade with you and hopefully we will see us in the future again!
  6. Puppies4ever

    rhino taming troubles

    You dont need to crouch amymore. You can feed them via sweetspot again.
  7. Puppies4ever

    rhino taming troubles

    You tame then in a pen? You try to feed them from the back?
  8. UPDATE! Added Easter Event!
  9. Become a settler of the Taming & Trading Company (Discord: https://discord.gg/ZVfrpPj), we are looking forward to you! Our settlers are very important to us. They help us to beautify the island and to enliven it. We are always happy about new settlers! Of course there are rules you should follow, but you also have a lot of advantages. ADVANTAGES apply to settlers who have been building their mainbase on our island for at least 2 weeks. RULES: - No structure spam! - Dont block resource spawns like silver etc. - NO price dumping or resale of discounted goods - Be nice and friendly ADVANTAGES : - FREE tame rent (max. 1 hour/day) (you have to pay a deposit of 250G). - FREE craft service (we will craft your sails, cannons and co., just bring the mats). - FREE native resource change (subject to availability). - FREE access to coords resources. - FREE ressources support for particularly beautiful or decorative buildings that beautify our island. - FREE access to taming pens - Seeds -15% discount - Tames (Lev 1-30) -15% discount - regular events (for example: increased discounts on seeds/tames, minigames and olympics, auctions, whale/ghost ship/powerstone hunts etc.) Interested?? Join our discord server -> https://discord.gg/ZVfrpPj Hope to see you soon! Anne Beaglelove, Taming & Trading Gallery
  10. UPDATE 19.04.19!! REOPENING!
  11. Puppies4ever

    Elephant taming

    Yes. We are still in busniess and we will release our discord soon There you will find every tame then
  12. Puppies4ever

    Die Eis-Piraten laden ein

    Hoffe da drin gibt es Kamine?
  13. Since we owned our island we had a boat in our harbor blocking a lot of space. We never saw the owner of the boat and it didnt move for nearly 1 week now. Actually he lost only 5 hitpoints on 1 plank. Any idea how to handle it? Pre wipe abandoned ships was a big problem and i was sure that they will change something. Maybe they did, dont know. Any tips?
  14. Puppies4ever


    They add a lot of quests. Most popular is sperm whale hunting i think. Extra +30% taming eff.
  15. Puppies4ever

    Elephant taming

    Not true. You can tame everything with Bear, expect Lion and Tiger. Lion because they will grab you off and Tiger because of the insane bleed dmg. You can tame Lion and Tiger with Giraffe. Thats it! Taming is not hard, its more difficult, but not hard.