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  1. It doesnt work. Maybe its possible to start a thread before Q&A starts and everyone will post questions. The questions with highest reputations will be answered in stream.
  2. Next few weeks/months a lot of "hyped" games will be released. Last Oasis (Survival MMO), WOW classic and (maybe) Ashes of Creation. Especially Ashes of Creation will hit ATLAS hard. So its more then important to give us a little hope for more content
  3. Thats the reputation system, that how it works. Post important, excited, helpfull and other stuff and gain reputation.....
  4. Sadly I log in once maybe twice a week to fill trough, step on ships, log off. I guess I'm one of those that are clinging on to hope things will improve so log on to keep my belongings This. I forgot the name of this player tracker website, but there you will see how much player are in every grid. You can click on the grid and you can see who is online incl. session time. I did it the last days and weeks from time to time and there is a high amount of accounts with 10-15 min session time. Im pretty sure, that a huge amount of this 3k player did the same like you. Log in, reset stuff, log out. Thats the truth.
  5. Thats what i said. Lot of them will comeback when content will be added. But tbh, unofficials has the same problem, but they listen to us and add different events. Works fine
  6. There is no way to manipulate. I like the idea. Its nearly the same like AoC did it, but i think a stream is too much work. Newsletter weekly/monthly That would be great. But tbh, actually we dont need this representiv stuff. All we need is a plan for the future. Like i said different times before: Cats & Seahorses is not enough to bring back veteran players. Im in contact with a lot of old players and companies and there is actually no content to bring them back. New player recommendation is unofficial or singleplayer. As long as we get new player im fine. They can grow up in a friendly and social community and they will like the game..........until all content is finished
  7. When i remember right, then this was one of the first "bugs" who was ever reported in ATLAS history ^^
  8. Singleplayer and unofficial servers have a very good reputation + healthy communyties. I think thats a good start for new players.
  9. I wouldnt call it dead. There are still 3K people outside. Sure, a few will just logg in to reset decay timer, but you have companies with a lot of people online every evening.
  10. I think you dont care about a wipe. Only players with lot of hours and work in this game will care.
  11. Just go through the reputation leaderboard and ask them for server/activity.
  12. Did a few wrecks and i had never any problems. Do you have a screenshot??
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