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  1. Puppies4ever

    pve EU-PvE Taming & Trading Gallery [D9 - Tranquil Island]

    We have currently over 80 tames available Rhinos incoming this weekend! Thanks for your support
  2. Puppies4ever

    game-over Increasing amount of unhappy customers.

    For what you need a reply? Read the patch notes, they fixed a lot of stuff!
  3. Puppies4ever

    Where they really messed up

    And all this things will be changed with V19.
  4. Aha. Left the game for 2 weeks. Company members left as well. Now he comes back and something is broken and now whine whine..... ZzZzZz
  5. Puppies4ever

    Any wipe plan on new land claim system?

    Captains Log 21. Revamp claim system. Limitation will come. Question is what will be the limit? Actually we would need 10 claims per person to hold our claims. Im fine when its less then 10. I think 3 per person is enough?
  6. Puppies4ever

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    Tames would be really nice
  7. Funny fact: People here in ATLAS forum are crying that this game was planned as an ARK dlc. People in ARK forum are crying about the same thing, because Pirat DLC for Dinosaur Survival?! It was the right decision to release ATLAS EA.
  8. Puppies4ever

    Galleon Useless?

    Nahh playing since release, but hunting sotd was not my part. Sailing around with galleon to trade with tames. Actually sotd i just ram out of my way.
  9. Puppies4ever

    Galleon Useless?

    Makes sense. Thanks for explain
  10. Puppies4ever

    Galleon Useless?

    Whats the advantage from the cannons in the back? For me cannons in the front makes more sense, you sail to your target, shoot, maybe he will turn then and in this time you can reload and shoot again. I saw so many boats with cannons in the back, i think i missed something ^^
  11. Puppies4ever

    pve EU-PvE Taming & Trading Gallery [D9 - Tranquil Island]

    UPDATE 22.02. - Increased price for Elephant (from 50g to 60g per Lev and 1000 to 1200 per Lev) - Decreased price for delivery (from 200g per square to 100g per square)
  12. Puppies4ever

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    I see 2 orders actually I will check where i can place my sale list.
  13. Puppies4ever

    pve EU-PvE Taming & Trading Gallery [D9 - Tranquil Island]

    UPDATE 21.02.19 -Added ELITE () Symbol. This Symbol means, lev 40+ tames in this category are available.
  14. Puppies4ever

    Galleon Useless?

    Used Galleon for mass carry or mass tame transport as well. For fighting sotd we have schooner.
  15. Puppies4ever

    Taming isnt broken!

    First post, he is asking what he is doing wrong. Somebody explained him how to tame. DONE!!!! Second post, another "why is exploit not allowed?"...... Third post, someone is blame range of tames when taming??^^ And?? Where is your "Taming is broken" proofs?? :) Nice from 22.12.18.......rly......again? :D Explain what this picture means? Actually nothing. I can proof that taming is not broken. I tame a lot, like the rest of the community. But there is still one person who thinks taming is broken :( GZ! Im working for the yacht industry for many years :) Sailing everything from dinghy up to 70 feets sailing boats. NAILED! Honestly, what are you trying to do here? You said taming is broken and the community showed you that you were wrong. When you realize that nobody listens to you and takes you seriously, you suddenly come up with other accusations and mistakes in the game. When nobody takes that seriously, you attack people personally and insult them. That just shows how helpless you are. It shows that you have long since given up against the community, but are still too blind to see it. You want to be an adult? Then don't behave like an angry little child who doesn't get his lollipop. YOU are the one who can NOT do it, everyone else can. Accept that. Accept that YOU can't. I go as someone who can name and you stay as someone who cannot. Dismantled! Now I am done here :)