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  1. ~Taming & Trading Gallery~ #Weforthecommunity https://discord.gg/4YuSPWK BEAR GIVEAWAY: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/83991-taming-trading-gallery-community-event-25-bears-give-away-in-lawless-weforthecommunity/ Next community event will be Crabasketball or Crablympics Since the first day we have been pioneers in trading, especially with tames. We were often copied, but never reached. We were the first with a unique pricing system that was fair to the community and not just for the trader. This system is now established as standard, of which we are very proud. We were the first to offer payment with resources so that everyone can afford a tame. We were the first to offer the stats of the tame to each customer according to the customer's preferences, usage and playing style. We were the first to offer community events and discount promotions. We are merchants with a heart for the community and since the first day! Best wishes / Liebe Grüße / kærlig hilsen / best wensen Anne Beaglelove ~Trading & Taming Gallery~
  2. Puppies4ever

    How would you fix it?

    Nononononono! We need tames!
  3. Puppies4ever

    pve EU-PVE Schiffsschaukelbremser - Market Place

    Yeah. Its a really good deal. He is a nice and respectfull trader as well. We need more traders like him
  4. Puppies4ever

    I made a how to video

    THERE WAS MY BED Nice Vid my friend
  5. Bear give away!!! Check the link on first page!! NEW gen bears soon! 75+ crows (preorder list first!)
  6. Puppies4ever

    Any updates on the May mega?

  7. Puppies4ever


    For they are not rare. Whatever. I would never badmouth a company in public. Thats not gentle
  8. Puppies4ever


    Your colours are not rar as well and its not nice to badmouth other companys BG Anne Beaglelove ~Taming&Trading Gallery~
  9. This weekend release of the new bear gen Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to trade with you See you next time !!
  10. Feed the crab and hopefully the boat will sunk soon.
  11. Puppies4ever

    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    Must be a very famous movie scene. I dont know it.....shame!!!
  12. Puppies4ever

    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    Here i am! Take me!
  13. Puppies4ever

    Treasure Defender

    Bears and crabs are great for treasure maps. Some people use elephant or giraffe as well, but the knockback kicks defender out of the world.
  14. Bears UNDER Lev70 -50% discount!! Used tames and BP will be added soon! We are looking for new members!
  15. Puppies4ever

    New to the Game

    @Hulkynator Please ignore the quoted post. The start in Atlas is not easy. First steps can be frustrating, bit its worth it https://discord.gg/4YuSPWK On this discord server you will find over 200 very active Atlas players. Everyone would help you when you have questions or problems. We are supporting new players and want to show them that Atlas is a lovely game BG Anne Beaglelove ~Taming & Trading Gallery~ #weforthecommunity Its only 2-3 comps from 300? Only 10 players from 3k? There is nothing toxic.
  16. Puppies4ever

    When a company splits

    Its like Lotus said, he dont need admin to claim/unclaim tames. Everything what he wants, he can do it with a normal rank. When you dont trust him snymore just a tip: Dont allow him to demolish structures. I seen it on a another company........
  17. Puppies4ever

    Allow better land management for landlords

    We have the problem, that we cant demolish new settlers anymore. Dont know why, but its only "chinese" buildings we cant demolish
  18. Place your ship near to this boat and go up in the mast. Try to grab hook from there ^^
  19. Puppies4ever

    Chines Destroy the Game

    Because? Ping over 120 = chinese? Heeeeee? Please
  20. Puppies4ever

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    Killed by 5 pigs. Made my day
  21. Puppies4ever

    What's with all the Chinese spam posts

    Whatever they tried, it was not enough
  22. Puppies4ever

    Personal spawn points

    You can set company lev rank to the bed. Dont know how it exactly work then.