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  1. Puppies4ever

    Question about PVE claim system

    You need to stay near your flag. When you walk too far away claiming will be interrupted.
  2. Puppies4ever

    ATLAS hates us, or not?

    When they would love us -> NO x2 shit every weekend. At least they canceld x2 gold. Whatever, i think everyone has more then enough gold.
  3. Nice idea, but i think it will never be ingame.....
  4. Puppies4ever

    Thread Posting Limit?

    They "banned" rgh655455 and vhg755865? But they had important information about highschools and medicine
  5. Puppies4ever

    How Atlas died.... :(

    Like 1.000 times before: You never played ATLAS. You have 0 hours, because you are waiting for console release. Dont judge a game what you never played.........!!!!
  6. Puppies4ever

    Battleeye makes game unplayable, help?

    I had this problem before. I used a programn where you can modificate your mouse arrow in game (different colours etc). After deactivating this tool everything was fine. Maybe you have a similar tool?
  7. Puppies4ever

    Normally I'd say 10 Sotd were too much..

    SOTD are not dangerous. They was nerfed in the past multiple times. Now you can sail through them without any problems (ignore stuck bug). In GAR you find harder ships, but still not dangerous. They should add some alpha ships (colour purple) with 200+, slightly better bps in a higher amount.
  8. Puppies4ever

    What happened to the player Market?

    A lot of shops around. D10, E11, M4 etc etc
  9. Puppies4ever

    Safe havens and companies.

    Thats why its deactivated, because a lot of people want to abuse it. I know a lot of companys who get scared and left islands and went to lawless. And we should wait for 2 weeks to react? I think you dont know all the facts why they deactivate this raze.....
  10. Puppies4ever

    Safe havens and companies.

    True. But its s shame that only a few companys post here.......
  11. Puppies4ever

    pve Price Check

    Sorry Take 2K int away on both values.
  12. Puppies4ever

    Saving ships?

    Structure like refit or repair yard, which looks like a modificated shipyard. When your boat comes near you can put it in the yard. Like Dinghyhangars and Submarine. There could be a option as well, that you "feed" the yard with ressources to upgrade your planks etc.
  13. Puppies4ever

    pve Price Check

    525 Int is useless 3K-3.5K Int is 60% cap and then you can craft large shipyards for 10K-20K. Nobody will buy a non max level shipyard.
  14. People already confirmed that you can reclaim with changed company name to raze.
  15. Puppies4ever

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    Gold is meh. You can get it easy from trading + maps. And yes, sailing is boring, but you have time to organize tame sheets, discord work, videos etc. I think a good option is to improve the npc "use wheel" option. Like a "good" auto pilot.
  16. Puppies4ever

    Ship name change

    Too bad that rename on boats doesnt work. I will never understand why this option + sail fix are not possible.
  17. Puppies4ever

    Safe havens and companies.

    M4, I5 and H15 from Silk Road are safe.
  18. Puppies4ever

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    Im pretty sure they will have 1 PvE and 1 PvP server in the future. When you merge NA and EU, then you need to wipe.
  19. Puppies4ever

    So what did you accomplish over 4x?

    x4 as a special event is okay. I dont like it, that we have every weekend some x2 stuff, but at least they dont boost gold all the time......
  20. Puppies4ever

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    Wipe comes. See next week. A lot of razezezezezezeze and a lot of MIMIMIMIMIMI!!!
  21. Puppies4ever

    Anymore Confused???

    For me you have only 2 options now: Claim your own island or LAWLESS!
  22. Puppies4ever

    pve Buddys Traiding

    Great trader and the best icon for sure
  23. Highly recommended!!!! Very trustful and kind traders with fair prices. BG Anne Beaglelove