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  1. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    Right i don't see any reason for them not to now that the rules are set and everything? Only makes sense for a pirate game. 22 Real life hours after a sea battle is ridiculous. Should be like this. Pirate roams water for unworthy ships. Pirates board ship, Fight breaks out. Winner Takes all the loot, AND THE BOAT. ( no enemy's can be in range and or beds need to be destroyed.) Boom just like a real pirate. But this is how it actually goes. Pirates spots unworthy ship, Fight breaks out, Winner takes all AFTER sitting on the boat for 22 hours straight and no other players come in range or it restarts completely. Pirate gets angry And fires cannons into the side of the unworthy boat out of spite. Pirate moves on. So in both of these situations. The losing player still loses Their ship!?!?! DEVS PLEASE READ THIS. It does not make sense the way yall have it set up. All the mechnics are in play already, Simply need to adjust the timers. Take no longer then 20 min worth of work long as its not spaghetti code.
  2. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    Stealing ships needs to be a big part of the game! How do we get the devs to even read this?
  3. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    Would be nice for them to hear us out, certainly many others share the same opinions about being able to sink ships but not steal them. This is a pirate game!
  4. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    Yep makes no sense why it's not like that. 5 minute capture is fine too. Give them a chance to respawn or something but no way should it be 22 hours. I'll just sink your ship and be on my marry way. What's the difference to the defender? Nothing their ship is gone let it be stolen!
  5. foulblade

    Devs please read this.

    So devs you guys have fixed the offline raiding and stealing ships while offline, great job! But we still are missing the pirate aspect of the game...., why does it still take so long to steal someone's ship when I can sink it in less then a minitue???? I understand we don't want people stealing ships while people are afk. Makes perfect sense. Why don't you just make it so anchored ships can't be stolen? Or take the normal amount of time while anchored. But ships that have players aboard?! We should be able to steal them within just a few minutes! Make it so with a few rules! 1# Unanchored ships can not be captured if they have a bed in the ship . 2# ships can not be captured if they have any hostile players on board. 3# the player can not take damage while stealing the ship. With just these simple rules we could have so much pirate action an make the game a little bit more lively. I mean it takes only a few minutes to sink a players ship on the sea so why shouldn't we be able to steal the ship in the same amount of time. Will lead to more fun pvp instead of just trying to sink the ship more boarding and close range combat will happen. Something close to these lines would make the game headed in the right direction. Kinda hard to be a pirate game when it takes 22 hours to steal a boat that can have that canceled by having a hostile just walk into the area.... No reason not to do this. The attacked player is losing their ship both ways. Maybe one day they will steal their ship back. Or put a bounty on that specific ship??? Possibilities are endless.
  6. I can not connect to atlas using my mobile hot spot. I can play any other games off of it but not atlas. It just says it times out. I even play ark just fine off of mobile hot spot. I have a 3mb download speed as well. Any one have anyhthing on this?
  7. foulblade

    Nets on the side of boats for flotsam

    Sync issues makes it VERY hard at high speeds
  8. Adding some type of attachment you can build to the side of boats like the diving suit but a fish net to pull in flotsams and or fish.
  9. foulblade

    Stealing boats

    Make stealing boats that are not anchored much faster please! No reason you shouldn't be able to take a boat in say 10 min if you kill all the crew and beds! You can sink and destroy the ship in even less time! I understand when offline you don't want all stuff stolen but when you are battling at sea kill all the crew break down the doors and destroy the beds. Should be like a 5 10 min claim. Also should add ship in a bottle so we can log off with ships ( ship must have nothing in chest to prevent exploit)
  10. foulblade

    To many dangerous fish to dive down

    Praise lord clang
  11. foulblade

    Ship in a bottle

    No just have a delay in bringing them out say 180 seconds. Must be on land and cant take damage or be moving. Reason to do this is to clean up a lot of lag and to stop offline raiding with oil jars. One bottle per player would be destroying the point of the bottles in the first place.
  12. foulblade

    Ship in a bottle

    To clear up a lot of lag and A lot of offline raiding you guys should add a ship in a bottle to the tarot tree. Making your ships a item. Also keeping them safe while you are offline unless they break into your house/base. This would also keep the active ship low increasing server performance and add a really cool aspect to trading.
  13. foulblade

    Large Cannon

    Mounting the large cannon will kick you off of it every few seconds you have to keep pressing e in order to stay on it. Just randomly every few seconds it will kick you off, Not just me all players.
  14. foulblade

    Taxes For your own tribe please

    Different rates for different positions would be cool too!
  15. Can we add a option to charge our own company players the flat tax rate as well.