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  1. seruum

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Make it so you can sail backwards at the same speed you can sail forwards. Yes i know it ridiculous but can you imaging reverse 180s and pivot turning or just sailing bavkwards in general.
  2. seruum

    How I Feel About SOTD, Are They Worth It?

    I liked it when there was only one type of ship don't get me wrong the ships themselves are great but the loot is horrible. You used to be guaranteed good look with a 50+ ship pre wipe but now it has to be a lvl 50+ galleon or it's not worth turning around. Only ways i can think to fix this is either have the fleet only drop 1 loot box that is for the whole fleet (i know poor choice because you have to find and kill them all and if they split up this is very hard) or you could have ships above 50 drop mythicals and legendaries like they used to but just in different quantities. Lvl 50+ schooner 1 bp brigs 2 and galleons 4. This is what i would recommend, as it stands schooners have no purpose other than to make you waste time to kill them so a new ship can spawn and inconvenience people.
  3. seruum

    How Much Fortitude Is Enough?

    All depends on what you do in the game. Fortitude is an all-arounder stat. I have atleast 60 for and 90 witg equalibrium. Fort lets you run longer dive longer take less damage use food/drink less vitamins go down slower. If you are taming crabs running endgame content or just wanting to not search for food as much the more you have the better.
  4. seruum

    Buyable Events

    This is so crazy it's fucking brilliant.
  5. seruum

    Are Ships Actually Faster?

    I thought handling was 25% less and weight was 40% less speed than speed sails.
  6. seruum

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Mix up the sail blueprint bonuses so a speed sail can have increased sail effective angle or acceleration or weight movement. This should be very easy to accomplish since those are already coded bonuses.
  7. seruum

    crossplay xbox

    you guys do know even without crossplay we will still get more players on pc right??? if people like the game on xbox and they or their friends have a pc and they recommend the game then we will get more players. the real question is when this is released to Xbox will it be in a state that people will actually recommend other people play it??
  8. seruum

    Island names not showing on atlas map

    Nope just the way it is now. You also used to get a text where you made discoveries which was freaking awesome to help your copirates make the same discoveries and they removed that too. Since people can rename the islands the only ways to find the real island names is to pull up to them or use wiki and other websites.
  9. seruum

    Quests and discovery points

    I often farm hydras solo with a brig and a few swivel guns with canister shot and a carbine to pull. D12 has an island with no fire elementals no leatherwings no lions and the 4 hydra spawn spots are super close to the beach one of which you can pull from the mast of you boat and not even step onto land.
  10. seruum

    Quests and discovery points

    The game is what you make of it. Im ok with starting over, i did it with every ark dlc. I have always been a progressive player, if i don't set goals and have something to work towards i know i will soon get bored of the game. Yes exploring can be boring but you can also find some pretty cool things. I found an island with literally thousands of metal and coal nodes 2 squares from me. This is something you cannot see on the wiki, you can see what's there but not how much. Exploring just for discoveries can get really boring without setting side missions so set up a few little hubs you can farm at. Say hi to some people and network a little. This game is all about knowledge you can complete all endgame with primitive gear with the right strategies and right people.
  11. seruum

    Quests and discovery points

    well might as well keep it going got no more content to get through unless i want to start breeding, don't have enough time for that.
  12. seruum

    Quests and discovery points

    They should add 20 discovery bonus if you manage to get all discoveries in one server to make it worth while. im currently going for 1 level per day in discoveries and it is a hard grind i can tell you. Max level 110 now so only like 1400 more discoveries i guess. According to the chart above.
  13. seruum

    Quests and discovery points

    Well seems kraken 1.0 and 2.0 both give 5 max levels if you have completed the stones needed. Idk if you still need stones but did kraken 2.0 this weekend and managed to get +5 to max level. Sunken treasure adds no discoveries. Whales i think are 40 each so with discoveries per lvl at 23.5 you will get 1-2. Can't recall what powerstones give but i know i atleast got 1 level each and im pretty sure squid also gives 40 discoveries. Anyone care to add anything lol.
  14. seruum

    Mega update??

    Ohh im aware of REALIST and he does have some valid points depending on what topic he is speaking on. He is some that one skeptical person every forum needs tbh if you want a pros and cons list on a topic im sure REALIST will be happy to point out any cons. More islands are not neaded, we already have too many for the player base. Would be happy with different biome type islands but they didn't go into much detail. Skins are not of interest to me i would much prefer something with a function in actual gameplay. We need some real things to bring back/keep players anf get new players. Things to excite the population. More islands has been done in past 2 updates, people haven't been to all the islands they already have.
  15. seruum

    Are weight crates a scam??

    Since a weight sail is 60% the speed of a speed sail and max cargo holds also slows you by 40% how about we make 1 weight sail negate 1 cargo hold. This will give slightly more movement speed with max cargo holds due to free weight addition to the ship and finally give weight sails a purpose while giving a decent cargo hauler ship build.