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  1. Gday all haven't played the game since about a month after the previous wipe due to the end game content being so limited. our small company of about 6 finished all quests before we could even got our 1st rejuvenation. i had played since day 1 and this last wipe kind of took away the endgame grind which for many was crafting sets and gear grinding. previously i had spent my end game time running maps and collecting gear to level up and make better quality items. since they removed INT from gear crafting sets are no longer an end game thing and since they considerably nerfed patterns are just not worth grinding out. so this leads me to the point of what is there to do in the way of endgame??? all the bosses are extremely easy with just basic ships and we managed to do hard yeti with 6 people and a little coordination like i said this took less than a month. there is absolutely no reason to repeat bosses since there is no reward (just like hard yeti boss has no reward) and we have had no real patches for about 3 months now and the last mega update was lacking in any additional content (we got a gun and a slightly reskinned boss with no reason to complete it) i was excited for the water mounts but that got dropped. There are literally dozens of threads of small changes that can be implemented to make the game more enjoyable (for a pirate game you have to admit that sailing is one of the most boring things in the game). give us something for tames to do that is more end game orientated (a boss or even an arena that spawns progressively harder enemies and rewards gold recipes or mythos upon completion) simply adding draft nets to the side of a boat would at least add some fun to sailing (collecting flotsam with nets that extend from the side of your boat and scales with boat size) the roadmap sounded good but we have seen nothing come from it (have we started phase 1 or is that already over) there is absolutely no news on upcoming patches why??? has this game been abandoned? what is going to happen to this once promising game? anyway what does everyone do at endgame after all quests are done?
  2. https://antihax.github.io/ This shows all rescources discovery points and animals found on every island in the game. Just mouse over the island and it will show you what you need. You can also disable/enable what it shows up top right.
  3. if your destination is 14 grids away technically it would be one grid away
  4. here is the visual for what your in for when attempting master cartographer
  5. Here you are my friend @Realist https://antihax.github.io/ Top right can choose to display the discovery point locations island tames and rescources and a couple of other things. This is not 100% correct and many zones are missing some discoveries but all rescources seem to be correct. Some islands are rotated on this map to as to what they are in game (correct island and placement just rotated) for these islands the discovery points can be found at the coords provided and the location of the black circle on map is not correct. Best to still take a spyglass for discoveries as this map does not display altitude.
  6. Ok i have completed the master cartographer this time around and have kept track of discoveries from what i have got. Firstly master cartographer is 1172 atlas discoveries. Atlas discoveries are 2 points each. Stones and essences are 40 discovery points. Blue whale is 28 sperm whale is 40 (used to be 50 for each whale, can't find patch note for this change) 1 max level increase is 40.5 discovery points. Kraken 1 and 2 give 150 discovery points each if you have the 9 stones/essences to summon them. It should be noted that some who do the kraken fights and don't have the stones/essences may sometimes not get the discovery points when they do complete it with them. Now if you want a visually see what your in for with the master cartographer i will post our beds (beds are decaying now and we don't sell bed hop service because people screwed that up last time we did) my max level is now 140 with all quests completed so it looks like you need 50% of atlas discoveries to hit max level. My current level is 120 and for max level of 150 is 34 million xp. Will post a pic when im at my computer but we did pretty much all discoveries other than polar and tundra. If you want my advice start in the 8s column since there are more islands and more discoveries, only tortugar islands can get tricky. Desert areas are super fast but less discoveries but almost every single one you can get to with a tame (i chose a giraffe to explore due to lions,weight, speed and stamina) i have also completed ice cave boss 2.0 and can tell you no reward is given not even discoveries.any questions feel free to pm me and i can try my best to answer.
  7. i don't know about pvp as i have played very little of it but in pve this change was not required. on pve server there was maybe 10 players with high end int sets and almost all of those players sold their services for a reaonable price (about 2k per bp) so small companies could easily get the crafted gear even if they didn't have a crafter in the company. that being said we did get hit by a rather large nerf to armors at the same time. pre wipe we could get 300%+ dmg weapon bp's that you could get a 60% craft on giving 400%+ total dmg without spending anything on upgrades. now you have weapons at around 230% with a 20% upgrade giving 256% weapon dmg. hp has been nerfed into the ground aswell making it harder for small companies to get the health required for end game content without having a huge number of people join them. so the question is why make the game harder and more time consuming for people to get the same gear we used to have then say it's to help smaller companies? another question could be how do we make crafting end game gear more accessible to smaller companies? now during the live stream i do recall them touching on the subject of a crafting skill, how could that work?? as it stand you would need the crafting skill to give you 3x the crafting bonus now available to be the same as it was. you could make a master crafting skill in which if someone has every skill in a single tree they could choose to master in that tree giving the 3x bonus to crafted items from that tree. this could work with almost all trees aswell including cooking could give 3x the food/drinks medical could give 3x the duration on medkits or extra med kits. piracy could give a slight bonus to treasure gold or rss scavenged from sunken ships. this is only a suggestion but it would be very easy for someone to get all skills in a skill line. could make mastering a skill 1 mastery per character and a respec in mastery a large coin cost to encourage companies to have people specced into different trees.
  8. Well found the ghost ship in the E13 spawn location invisible at 1600hrs. Went through to next grid where it became visible just as fog started. I shot it once and it despawned.
  9. you have 10 days on structures and 7 days on tames (don't know why there is a difference) ideally you would be in a company who can render your claims in if you go on holidays.
  10. you can group together and use discord app on the phone, many of our company us discord on their phone.
  11. So there is a wipe announcement for tge 28th and then it seems that all servers other than NA pvp will be down for 10 days. I suppose i will see you all next season. Can't say we didn't see this coming a mile off.
  12. Make gunports also be able to have oars to row the boat. 15 sec switch time to switch back to cannons.
  13. Rendering does seem quicker but the crashes are a huge problem..
  14. Hey guys i thought I'd give you some info on the ptr. They have moved powerstone islands and freeports, there is about 500 more discoveries. Pirate encampments are in the game but are suprisingly pirateless. You crash 4 out of 5 grid swaps which almost cost me a galleon. They have added tutorials with video and audio to them. Change of fonts for more legible reading. The whole graphical design of the game seems to have improved with added textures and better looking seas. Cats are at freeports and take milk or fish to tame, they can hunt rodents bugs (gives keratinoid) and fish. I haven't been able to get to a trench yet so im unsure about sea horses. All in all the look of the game is alot better and i enjoy the new look. I would have loved to see pirates at the encampments to test that all out. Cats are a good addition if your looking for keratins easily (haven't got the to be able to get fish yet) i cannot say if this is going to bring people back to the game or not but it does look better in alot of ways.
  15. Fortitude actually prevents the pull alot. I run 70 fort and 100 with equalibrium buff and can just walk away from the pull np.
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