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  1. seruum

    0.5 quality maps

    ohhh i mean every single one is 0.5 quality and gives 14 gold. I have played since launch i know they are bad but not every single one only worth 14 gold,
  2. seruum

    0.5 quality maps

    It seems all new islands are only getting 0.5 quality maps for an map that is in the same server. Who else is having this issue?
  3. How about just needing the first set of stones?? You can easily do the golden age ruins with just a few people. I have done a few solo with just naked runs crew and balistas on the ship.
  4. seruum

    How to find ghost ship?

    Starts in f14 goes 4 squares north then 4 east soth then west in a big square
  5. the first video is him attacking our neighbor but i thought i'd get it on video as proof of his griefing ways. i tend to agree this new claim system will be a great thing. the only thing i would like is more attention paid to get rid of people like this. we are an organised company that has amassed a good amount of claims at this point (over 100 now) which with the claim flag and the 30% tax people put on we seen as a necessity. this is far from viable to have every company do this however and it also does take some effort on our behalf to keep these claims. if toxic people got removed from this game when all they want to do is ruin the general gameplay for others then i would have no problem with the changes. these changes are pretty much ARK all over again so people just need to pillar and not foundation and rss will be fine and if the devs are on top of removing deliberate griefers there will not be a problem. cannot have one without the other however as this will cause a huge problem.
  6. seruum

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    cannot wait for this to happen with actual structures...... tickets been in a few weeks now as you can see plenty of proof and griefing is continuing no response. well i did get an automated response but nothing since.
  7. dated 15th of feb ticket issued and no response. this is todays effort. and this is why allowing people to build anywhere and not having a good support network is a recipe for disaster. as you can see from the video he has accused us of stealing their land and previous to the video in this thread he sank 5 of our brigs with sod. now they are blocking in our gallions with ships and as soon as this next patch hits tomorrow you can bet your bottom dollar he is going to either try to block in our base and we are going to have to blanket our very small island with pillars or he is going to lay foundations everywhere and block spawns. they are 2 people causing the whole island grief and nothing is done. i have videos photos voice recordings what more do you need for action to be taken against these people??? i know our neighbour had a ship moved out of his company into another when it glitched out after only hours of putting in a ticket. why does action against griefers take more than 2 weeks???? this needs to be fixed asap griefers are already bad without giving free range to build.
  8. unlock the discovery points for levels for the next few weeks so players can experience max level and can view the end game content before wipe!!!!
  9. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    quick update no reply from devs yet he logged on after the SotD grieding patch and proceeded to build a wall around our neighbor since someone had an open water claim that overlapped his entire base. he has since also started putting down foundations on anyone who was nice enough to have an open claim on our small island so effectively stopping spawns and people have to close buildable claims down.
  10. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    he is a solo player trying to repair the boat build some planks and a connon to shoot. we ended up getting cannon to shoot it. this same guy sank 5 of our brigs and destroyed a base of our the night before (brigs were gone he was working on base when we got on) or we would have had ships there.
  11. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    did i not admit to misreading the comment??? mistakes are also a basic human thing.
  12. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    Ohh sorry misread the patch notes there thought it said will no longer target my bad.
  13. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    so you failed to watch the video at all??? did you watch the video at all mate??? he is getting aggro and standing behind the ship it isn't targeting the ships it is targeting him and he is behind it......
  14. NA PVE lost 5 brigs to our neighbor we have never even talked to until after this griefing dragged SotD's over aggro them and stands behind our base and ships. openly admits it in chats and even vowes to do more and is leaving taunts on our flag message. what can we do??? i don't want to do the same and lower to his standard. we have tried talking to him asked him why he did it and he just says we have too many claims. Video proof here : do i need more proof???? or can something be done about this with what we have here???
  15. seruum

    ships of the Damned

    no this is not fixed we lost 5 brigs last night to our neighbour aggroing sod then standing behind our base and he openly admits it