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  1. mega sale all tames must go 1500g for all tames lvl 37+ unleveled and 500g for leveled or under 37 includes crabs harvesters shoulder pets and more Dirty Hoe Seeds and Co D10 https://discord.gg/dNRNgJx
  2. seruum

    Torpedo nerfs

    So how much damage do these things do?? What is the range???
  3. seruum

    Remove speed penalty from cargo containers

    ^^ this 1x Size appropriate weight sail negates 1 cargo box debuff easy done
  4. seruum

    Remove speed penalty from cargo containers

    If you have a gallion its not that bad with 3 or less you can still outrun sotd and that's all i need ona transport gallion. If anything they should half the penalty so you can use all the racks and still outrun sotd.
  5. seruum

    Thank you for the PvE Exploit Removal!

    Now you can store everything on your docked galleons
  6. seruum

    Kraken 2.0

    I will be on g8 west island but it doesn't matter which island aslong as your in h8 at 18:30 gmt+1 and in discord for chat.
  7. seruum

    Kraken 2.0

    18:30 gmt+1 not long now
  8. seruum

    Kraken 2.0

    We have so far got about 30 ships wanting to go. We are already near h8 ready to go.
  9. seruum


    Just want to say that these guys are a great crew. Went with them for kraken about a month ago. Very respectful and they sell excellent tames too. So if you need powerstones i would recommend this crew.
  10. seruum

    Respec tames after mega patch

    Bears were nerfed??
  11. seruum

    Gated content

    https://discord.gg/dNRNgJx not my discord but these blokes are running every powerstone this weekend. I did kraken fight with these guys they are a great company and sell alot of good stuff aswell. 250% melee bears and such. If you want the powerstones on EU PVE hit up this server. They also do kraken fight pretty much every weekend.
  12. seruum

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    Thanks for all your work mate, great post.
  13. seruum

    Gated content

    Tbh either works but i think balista works best. Base Cannons with no ship damage added it takes about 250 to kill hydra. For drake islands just take your stones from h6 or c6 to them you have a 2 hour timer and it's alot easier than killing the drake that will burn your ship to a cinder.
  14. seruum

    Gated content

    Me and the wife did a 2 person team for every powerstone. Just have 1 with high hp and fort lure and have one on the ship ready to shoot it when it gets close. We are currently setting up a kraken 2.0 fight this weekend gmt+1 at 18:30 bring a brig or gallion with side or front facing cannons EU PVE. Respec hp and wear good armor for fight.
  15. The red spots are when it goes invisible and visible again, good luck all i personally hated waiting for this bloody thing to spawn