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  1. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    quick update no reply from devs yet he logged on after the SotD grieding patch and proceeded to build a wall around our neighbor since someone had an open water claim that overlapped his entire base. he has since also started putting down foundations on anyone who was nice enough to have an open claim on our small island so effectively stopping spawns and people have to close buildable claims down.
  2. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    he is a solo player trying to repair the boat build some planks and a connon to shoot. we ended up getting cannon to shoot it. this same guy sank 5 of our brigs and destroyed a base of our the night before (brigs were gone he was working on base when we got on) or we would have had ships there.
  3. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    did i not admit to misreading the comment??? mistakes are also a basic human thing.
  4. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    Ohh sorry misread the patch notes there thought it said will no longer target my bad.
  5. seruum

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    so you failed to watch the video at all??? did you watch the video at all mate??? he is getting aggro and standing behind the ship it isn't targeting the ships it is targeting him and he is behind it......
  6. NA PVE lost 5 brigs to our neighbor we have never even talked to until after this griefing dragged SotD's over aggro them and stands behind our base and ships. openly admits it in chats and even vowes to do more and is leaving taunts on our flag message. what can we do??? i don't want to do the same and lower to his standard. we have tried talking to him asked him why he did it and he just says we have too many claims. Video proof here : do i need more proof???? or can something be done about this with what we have here???
  7. seruum

    ships of the Damned

    no this is not fixed we lost 5 brigs last night to our neighbour aggroing sod then standing behind our base and he openly admits it
  8. seruum

    pve Looking for traders

    B7 and b8 are our main basee so we have an excellent suply of sea salt, iodine salt, cobalt, iron, fronds bark reeds and rushes thatch, strong and lightwood, jute and hemp fibres
  9. seruum

    pve Looking for traders

    We have a small company of 12 with about 5 daily players. We currently hold 78 land claims in every biome except the desert areas (working on it but 21 day timers are meh) We are looking at getting some good trade partners also we could set up a network for say 80% trades with the delivering company gettine the 20% delivery fee. We are a friendly group of aussies and americans. seruum#3086 add me on discord or leave a reply here i would love to get talk. Steam acc steamcommunity.com/id/77700880099
  10. We have a small company that would love to trade rss and possibly bps and tames.
  11. seruum

    Captain's Log 20: Lunar New Year! 🐷

    man you don't die yet and you get an awesome buff so where's the beef???? a 10% loss isn't game changing and the FoY is pretty easy to do nekkid runs to. I would just like to see a glow on the stone islands on the map to denote the FoY instead of having to search forums or the atlas discord.
  12. seruum

    Unable to query server info for invite

    well i have 3 accounts and i can log into 2 of them just fine so that to me says this is not a steam issue or and issue with my pc/isp
  13. seruum

    Kicked from EU PvE Server

    this is still an issue it is happening to both me and my missus right now
  14. seruum

    battleeye kicked client not responding

    does a battleye kick mean the game thinks im cheating???? idk what this could be??? someone please help now logging in and cannot access anything still not even my inventory i want to put what i have on my body away and goto my normal base see if that helps
  15. just now got the latest patch and have since logged on and not been able to ride anything or access any inventory even my own. i restarted steam client got back in could access and ride moments later kicked by battleye for the same reason "battleye kicked, client not responding" so my lvl 64 bear got eaten by the yeti i was mid fight with and i was dead when i got back. i then couldn't access any beds to spawn at and had to spawn at home server die to be able to use our beds. so my first trip to the arctic and im afraid to go on land or sea due to this issue. what can i do?????