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  1. Yes, great point testing on the public test realm is the same as a 2-5k wipe day launch... come on man.
  2. I think the intentions, and this is an opinion. They may just be doing it this way, to iron out any issues that they may have with the upcoming server/update. This makes complete sense to me. They need to test and set up things on a mega sized server and make sure its running properly. I think being behind a little is better than having the launch like we did on the pc. Also, This will de-load the soon to be flooding freeports. There isn't really a great option of doing this wipe if you asked me this is the best way to do it.
  3. keat

    12 day holiday....

    You are begging for mercy, and bragging about vacation at the same time. I don't dig this.
  4. keat


    Ya, The ultimate counter just don't drive lol.
  5. keat


    I cannot tell you how many times I've lost a farming boat to a mermaid. Before anyone says get good, I use grapple all the time when a mermaid sings. Thats not the problem, the problem is that theres literally 0 point for it to be in the game at all. Being that the most common way you fight Ghost ships is to use rear cannons. I usually open / close my handling sails to accelerate/decelerate. This is the 3rd time while i've closed sails and instantly get mermaided'. Now this wouldn't be too bad if you could counter it with something. But using a grapple keeps you on the boat and near your wheel but if you try to grab the wheel, you access the inventory of said wheel. Like what!? I'm all for the devs of this game but when they relaunch this game to xbox and they're getting pulled of boats and losing ships for 00000 reward. Its the dumbest event in the game by far. Let me give an example, You are grinding boss mobs in some other MMO and they hit pretty hard. Midway while you're fighting these high level mobs a unicorn poops on the ground and you have to walk over and pick up the poop before you can continue fighting the mobs, BUT! By the time you get to the poop from the magical unicorn, The mobs have done enough damage to Delete the gear that took you 30 minutes to farm, and 10 hours to upgrade. What a great mechanic to add to the game. And if you can pickup the poop fast enough and dont lose your gear because you're a meta slave with 400% resistance on your armor you will get 28 salt from your home island... Come on. This event just dumb think about it. I could make 15 other posts about Tornados and how annoying / boring / taxing they can be but I wont.
  6. keat

    Where is 2x?

    Theres been weeks where the 2x gather has been left on and weeks where we have no 2x. It's kind of a buzz kill on weekends when its left to regular gather rates, The game is grindy as it is the least we could do while we're waiting for the mega update is not spend all day farming to go do some fun stuff. It's also been a while since there was a 2x breeding, That made the game super fun for a while where it wasn't that terrible to breed certain animals. Idk just bored and not motivated to farm when its regular rates. All I'm saying.
  7. keat

    Connection issues company-wide

    We're back in, they must be aware of it by now.
  8. keat

    Connection issues company-wide

    Not sure, all I know is the regions people are saying. NA is where we play so our grid is offline with connection timeouts.
  9. keat

    Connection issues company-wide

    Must be the entire cluster than, I'm not sure if their servers are in house, if i had to guess they're probably not. So give it a little while and they'll fix it.
  10. keat

    Connection issues company-wide

    they'll fix it, they're usually pretty quick about stuff like this.
  11. Similar problem we had about a month ago, the servers not allowing our company to connect to the game. Jat did fix it the last time when he came into the region manually. Not sure if this is the entire cluster or just our grid. The region is K4
  12. keat

    Stuck on load screen

    Nice you fixed it, Thank you!
  13. keat

    Stuck on load screen

    Trying now
  14. keat

    Stuck on load screen

    NA PvP - Grid K4
  15. keat

    Stuck on load screen

    yes we all have, We're connecting to server loading in but it seems like we're not connected to the actual server. It doesnt even show us ping or server info at all.