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  1. I'll go buy 85level crows. My game name samdasoo.
  2. Offical PVE C7and D7 is server tame limit. It cannot be tamed and reproduced from a few days ago.
  3. PVE lawless areas should restrict buildings. So many builbing on the beach that ships cannot be anchored. Time is wasted trying to find a berth. Too many, too many buildings. You can't go to the beach by animal. To many big doors and walls, I was so uncomfortable with the traffic and I was so angry. In addition to taxes, too many buildings should be restricted from being built alone.
  4. I wnat to buy 210 base damage a bears that can be breed. i'm sailing a7.
  5. I wnat to buy 185 base damage a bears that can be breed. Where is your location? I'll start sailing right away
  6. I think there should be a distinction between merchant ships and warships. If we limit the number of cannons on a ship, we may be able to sail on more diverse ships.
  7. It is surprisingly easy to solve. Company-owned animals or NPC may not be allowed to eat feed in freeport.
  8. Make the game you want to play.
  9. I'm not an ally of any big company, but a small company.An innocent bystander gets hurt in a fight.
  10. Seriously destroy the balance of the game.
  11. I don't think developers are interested in atlas anymore.
  12. Small company are hard to survive. I agree with you.
  13. Think going to wipe it out before it's officially released.
  14. Even if you want to participate in the PTR, you don't want to do it because you have to install it again. I deleted it now. It's being reinstalled.I won't go back to PTR again.
  15. Raise the value of gold coins and reflect the trade economic system: you can place a merchant NPC on each island you occupy and buy and sell the main resources that are only produced on that island. Quotes fluctuate during the buying and selling process. must issue a check with a fee.
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