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  1. dont quote my words if you're only interested to hate on a game that is categorized as early acces. thank you verry much
  2. When you want to get back from PTR to official just do these small steps and you should be able to get back in official servers just fine. when you wanne join officials again after playing PTR 1: go to beta and turn it to none 2: restart steam 3: start game and click join new server 4: filter server back to official 5: choose a place to spawn and gg you can now continue to enjoy atlas
  3. they do care. that is why bug report is there for a reason. they also stated mutliple times as long as its in early acces they wil not bring back your chars or give your lost stuff back. as its expected to lose it due bugs or glitches. when the game is officialy released they will look into it and help you out but for now you are playing an EA ''game'' so it wont happen.
  4. 30+ players in the last 24/h on ark and u call it dead. u must be one good bussines man :'D (sarcasm ofc) edit: 30k+*
  5. they already said they would. you can see it in the patch notes for future updates.
  6. @Jatheish about '' Lawless Regions: Spawns, Resources, Temps. and Weather '' i understand the idea behind it being 'helping areas' but honestly there are so many people with claimed land wether they're online or not that cant be stolen/claimed so for those of us with no land and being stranded on lawless how are we supposed to '' set sail into the wide ATLAS! ''? the flag system currently is a good concept IMO but just doesnt work in game for everyone playing. i'm hoping to see a whole new system like buy land or anything other then its current form.
  7. nothing can be added to this. our neighbours lost a brigantine because a crocodile was eating its up and we didnt notice to protect them because they where offline. not only is this discouraging for them when they log in but for everyone dealing with this. honestly..do you see crocodiles eat the navy in real life? i dont. the structure aggro and biting trough buildings are 2 simple things but effect the game on a big scale. i'd love to see this changed so we can have a break and log off safely without having to go to bed and worrying about losing your stuff when you get back and losing intrest in the game because you cant enjoy it anymore after all these events. i'm not giving up on this game and neither should the devs. show those trolls you're worth it.
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