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  1. iohn

    Feedback on Patch V207.997

    exactly, lets go riot
  2. all the players/companies who got their shit already crafted and done gonna have huge advantage to everybody else, so basically those are usualy the bigger companies, who are wiping the rest of the population, so that is yet another nail done to this game coffin, bravo, hire somebody who thinks before releasing some changes "so called balancing"
  3. Vote for reversing this patch!
  4. Nice focus on correct things in the game, nerfing people hard work!! But let the constant crashing, 30 fps on 1,5 k eur worth pc, self deleting chars, bug abuses, tremendous workload good job! pat yourself on the back, you have done it
  5. Like any rationally thinking person would introduce changing like this only after some kind of official release, wipe or something! you just lost probably another 25% of players.
  6. - Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%: Health Melee Damage Stamina Fortitude Intelligence Are u kidding us? Do you even know how hard is to make anything better in this game???? now you make it even more less rewarding, so basicaly u spent weeks, houndreds of hours for something, than you change it so siginificantly that all the work is basically useless, not even mentioning that in crafting bonus u can still get no matter on what intellect do you have 0%, wake up, this game will die so hard your player base who is playing it right now is and will be only the hard core players, this game is such a massive work load nobody wants to play it, now you make it even worse! Congrats.
  7. iohn

    Pathfinder Wiped During game play?

    can you start dealing with this ??? like how many chars will be deleted before you start focusing on this?
  8. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    Ofc i did everything possible, but they are just impossibly incompetente I was thinking, everyone who got deleted, died before that, so maybe there is a max limit of death, i was eating shit all the time, since the food system is just annoying, unbalanced, time consuming, boring ...
  9. iohn

    Character got deleted?

    so this bug is still deleting chars? oh my god how incompetente they can be, rpg with a bug deleting chars, wow!
  10. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    there is no recovery possible from their side, so who got and will get deleted has to deal with it, - great service
  11. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    Do not really need comments like this, let this "opinion" to yourself. Ofc they have to bring chars deleted by their faulty code back, nobody will be playing this game in few weeks if they do not step up right here right now.
  12. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    I had 1596 discoveries, all powerstones, most of essences, so either i get it back or i think i quit, yes you can get lvl 51 fast, but the discoveries are the problem. This can happen again and again and again and to everyone!
  13. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    So you created new character and started on level 1? Or did you got you char back on the same level but just without imprinted animals, feasts might be in the feasts wheel.
  14. iohn

    bug Character deleted itself

    Hello, my character got deleted itself and i lost ownership of my company, it happend when i went afk and let the boat drive with npc on steeringwheel and i was sitting behind podium, after i died i think thats when the deleting itself happend and removal from company. I cannot longer connect to eu pvp without creating new char. I am not first player today who has the same issue. I was level 82 capped 92 so i am really sad, mad. What should I do?
  15. iohn

    Character got deleted?

    same issue, happend to me today at the morning 7:00 +- CET