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  1. So a submarine can roll into a bay where defenses are built and ships are anchored, is able to draw fire from NPC fortifications and other NPCs on anchored ships in such a way as to not take damage or be susceptible to damage while the fortified canons and ships kill their own ships. This is just stupid. How about change the setting for NPCs to exclude or include firing at submarines so someone in a sub can't grief with impunity.
  2. I know there are ongoing issues being fixed and the game is be worked on by the devs. I appreciate the updates and enjoy the game even with the bugs and issues. But, if the login issues could be fixed so I could actually get in the game and play it that would be nice. It seems as though fixing the login problems should be a priority since you need players to actually play the game. Thanks.
  3. Why is it the players of the game understand the necessity of vision and direction and point of Atlas more than the developers??????? Listen to what people are saying! Listen, and stop making this ARK with ships. It's pretty much everything I read on here from people. We don't want ARK with ships, it's not why people started playing the game, it's not what people thought the game would be. The reason? Because you guys called it a game about pirates and ships and war at sea. I just don't get the disconnect. Seriously, I just don't understand it. I imagine developer meetings and any other meetings in this company to be like a landfill of ideas. There's some really good stuff in there, but it's a pile of steaming trash and that is why the developer updates don't make any damn sense.
  4. Would make sense to allow placement of containers on an elevator for vertical transport of goods.
  5. Please provide a sort option that allows one to sort by type, so all resource groups are sorted together. When you have 3 to 5 different types of keratinoid or stone or thatch, it would be nice to sort it together instead of trying to eyeball what you are looking for among all the other items.
  6. Torch

    Well this game is dying.

    Take some lessons from EVE or other MMOs that have been around for a long time. The offline raiding is retarded. I'm blue in the face on this, but there has to vulnerability timers that players can control to end offline raiding. Limit the company size and alliances, fix the claim system, end offline raiding and you might have the beginning of a comeback. Until then. . .sayonara.
  7. Spent the last month with about 10 guys building a solid fort, setting up defenses, stock piling supplies, taming animals, and building ships. While we are all off line, after a month, we are completely wiped out. All resources taken, all tames taken, all ships destroyed. Now I'm leaving the game because I really don't want to do this each month and my only other choice is to go to a custom server which is no fun because there are not enough people to make it remotely interesting or fun. What's the point of building a company when you can't ever defend it? If we are all NA players then we never have an opportunity to defend what we've built. We just build it so someone else can take it while we sleep during another time zone. I don't mind losing battles, and losing resources and having to take 2 or 3 steps back after losing a fight. I just want a chance to defend it. Or, if I want to try and overrun someone else, to have to fight for it and risk losing than just wait for them to go to sleep. Devs are retarded on this issue so I'm moving on. Hopefully someone will develop a great pirate/sailing game that has some damn sense.
  8. Is there a way to end this annoying problem of foliage growth respawning through building foundations. If you put down a foundation the growth under the foundation should cease. Any growth touched by the foundation should cease so structures can be built in growth areas and then be usable without bamboo or trees having to be cut down every time you want to leave or come in your structure.
  9. Ok. Fair enough. Thanks for the reply. Maybe there is a temporary anchor option, so if you are on a voyage, maybe more than 2 regions away from your designated home, and need to log off you can anchor for a short period of time with impunity. Beyond that time and you can get your teeth kicked in.
  10. If someone can put a ship in the water then they could make a "dock". The ship yard can function as a dock I suppose. You want to build another ship then you have to expand. If you are a solo player, how many ships should we expect someone to manage and have access to without risk anyway? If they don't have a base to put a ship in the water then the point is moot as they have yet to establish an entry point into the game. So what does it matter? Sinking ships offline is the current content of the game, and the predominant content. Atlas is not currently a game of warfare at sea, but of stationary ship sinking along coast lines while people are offline. A game, whatever its medium or format, is only as good as the rules designed to force strategy and game play, not passive exchanges where nothing takes place. That's currently the majority of the content. I guess I don't get why that's so exciting and how the draws players to the game. Come, join a company, build ships, go blow up stationary ships, log off, get your stationary ships blown up, log on, build ships and blow up stationary ships, log off, repeat. We don't want large companies to obliterate each other passively. It doesn't make for a good game that will last. We want large companies engaged in battles at sea and having to fight for what they have while implementing strategies to keep their "empire". Battles at sea, and large battles allow for others to join in, maybe third party, etc. There are all sorts of possibilities that would give entry points for smaller groups to engage in warfare and to do so knowing that they have some protection to continue. Currently my moderate group doesn't engage at sea, or is hesitant to engage while at sea, out of fear of retaliation when we cannot defend ourselves while offline, so we don't engage. We would be far more likely to engage at sea and battle at sea knowing there are balance mechanisms in place that at least give us a fighting chance when retaliation comes and we can be there to engage in it. I think this could be a really great game, with some really great content given these changes.
  11. These are some suggestions to make game play and strategy work in such a way to make the game balanced, great, and fun. 1. Allow docks with vulnerability timers that players set. Create docks that have timers attached to them. You may dock any ship to the dock but while in dock it is only vulnerable for the 4 hours set by the company. Outside of those 4 hours the ship cannot be sunk and the contents on the ship cannot be destroyed. This will do two things: 1a. It will balance the game to provide a company time to defend their ships. And since Atlas is a game of pirate ships and not land based building (though that is part of it) creating timers makes sense. 1b. It will force battles and more battles at sea will take place as companies have to anticipate the timer and also leave dock to defend their ships. 1c. It will provide risk as to what you store on the ship to take advantage of the invulnerability timer (see #2 below). 2. While ships may be invulnerable when docked (outside the vulnerability timer) all land based fortresses are destructible and lootable at any time providing for offline raiding. If you choose to store valuable items on your ship to protect them while invulnerable, you also risk losing that ship and goods when the timer makes the ship vulnerable or if the ship is undocked to fight. Companies will have to decide how they store, build, and defend their bases. This will also allow a minimal crew, even one person with a well fortified base, to put up a decent fight or to be a decent threat. This way if an online raid occurs on a land structure, you don't need a large number of people online to put up a fight bringing balance to the offline advantage to the aggressor. I believe these things would change the game dramatically for the better and create fights at sea. We want to encourage battles at sea, not boring destruction of ships while the ships are just sitting around on shore. What's the fun in that?
  12. I love the game. Having fun with my friends, but there are some things you need to do to balance the game as it is a game that runs 24/7 with companies on at all different time zones. My first suggestion is to limit the size of companies and the number of alliances they have or some combination of that idea. Second, create ship docks that will not allow ships to be destroyed while in them, maybe for only schooners and above or Brigs and above, but while in dock they can be boarded and looted though not fully destroyed. Maybe vulnerability timers that allow ships in dock to be destroyed on at a certain time you set according to your time zone? Something to balance the game out and make it more competitive and fun. Offline raiding takes knocks the wind out of the game and is so frustrating when you cannot in anyway defend your company. I know offline raiding will not go away, but you have to do something so that a whole company can't be wiped out while no one is there to defend it. Players will just quit or join ever growing companies until there are such massive monopolies small groups will not even be able to operate. Thanks!
  13. By including organic paste into the formula for making stone the Devs have just made it a lot more difficult for small groups to get started and keep their stuff protected. You've made already large groups even stronger while widening the gap and making smaller groups weaker because it will be harder to produce stone. Since all groups will now be contesting for "sap" more aggressively the scarcity just weakens smaller groups who are attempting to make some foot hold. Why do this?