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    Wait, are all seeds not available at all seed vendors? Just went to one that only had chili, wheat, rice, and coffee. Where was this vendor located?
  2. Like everyone else you come back in 6 months.
  3. 5k isnt that much to acquire, its approx 15-16 gray 250-300gold maps, easily doable solo with a bear. You starting island establish a foot hold, build your sloop, acquire a bear, grab some maps, and head out, First thing, Grappling hook a few flotsoms for 20-30gold head to a freeport grab 2 crew for sails and sweeper. Spend the next day or so doing a few maps, The sloop will have no issues holding 5k gold weight. Its not like your going to be putting any cannons on a sloop so I would assume you are putting all levels into addition weight. Im guessing the thought process behind the gold for boat decision was - Get a good understanding of sailing in a sloop for the new players before upgrading to a schooner. etc. etc. baby steps.
  4. Lets be honest, Farmhouses were implemented for players who cannot spend the bulk of online time used for gathering, but rather you can build a farmhouse so it will do the work for you, and it gathers at about a 3 person hand rate of each resource in its area. This is great! I love it! All anyone should ever need is 1 per island. I don't care if you are a massive company, if that's the case then take your large player team and go harvest the old fashion way.. Limit players, 1 farmhouse, 1 market, 1 warehouse per island. per person/company All of which cannot be built outside a smaller area allowing others to place the same The spacing between each building is also to large, make it smaller, thus allowing more people the ability to establish a foot hold and move onto other aspects of the game.
  5. What is the deal? I know for a fact this has to be happening to others, and I think it should be on the top 5 list of things to be addressed and quickly. Now with the ships costing gold to produce, a change I very much agree with and applaud, as it makes your ship have more value. As all us players know, the best way to make gold is from treasure bottles, and to complete the treasure map inside. Now back in the day at launch the treasure map system had its issue's with 90% of the time the location to dig up the treasure was always at some unreachable location at the top of a mountain etc. etc. This has been addressed and for myself and the 100's upon 100's of treasure maps completed, i can say it still has issues but its nothing at all like before *Applaud* HOWEVER - The issue at hand is - many many many of times, i will run up to a bottle go to collect it, and it will just vanish "poof" like a fart in the wind. I have done alot of testing and spent many of hours trying to understand the bottle spawn system and rates. As you all know bottles will spawn from 22:00 - 3:00 every in game day. The amount is random and each island has it own bottle spawn system, much like the mob spawner. I have cleared the island each day and each night I will run laps for maps. Next time i will video record for proof for the dev's. During the night, I watch as the bottles appear from up top a cliff, I run down to nearly spawned bottles, go to collect them and each one after pushing "E" just disappears, for no reason. And its frustrating to see a few 18.0+ just go poof. We need the gold to get our ship, we get gold by doing treasure maps, players cant do treasure maps, if we cannot collect them. I know others are having this issue, please voice your concern and your stories and lets hope for the best.
  6. https://antihax.github.io/ says its located in only one grid, K11 - I get there, the person whom owns the island, his flag pole has the iron wood, So I know its gotta be here. Somewhere, After carefully searching the entire island its no where to found, However the owner of the island, left a wonderful message, "No settlers" all structures will be destroyed. The entire island is filled with "perfectly spaced foundations x3 and chest" perfectly spaced as in, Forget trying to place anything. However I think this person has unknowingly blocked resources from respawning. Has anyone seen any Ironwood anywhere else? I've got a mythic ship yard I need to build.
  7. Good thing I dont live here perm, However I fast traveled over to check my elephant pin give em food etc. And now Im stuck here, 255 ping, Cant open boxes, cannot pick up anything, cannot fast travel out. (So in a sense im stuck here) Imprint was suppose to 8 hours ago (yes its timed perfecty) now Im still waiting and it is almost 6 hours past due. In any event. Not cool devs.. Do something. shit.. I came back with high hopes.. and now its not looking to good.
  8. The bad Lag and 255 ping is coming from the Market buildings and the trade routes created within, Something is buggy with the code. If you can, have everyone in your grid remove the market for now unitl its fixed and your lag issues will be gone. Its going to be a few patches before its going to be solid and working. Hope that helps, and I hope you can get your other grid members to do the same...
  9. I get the lag issue, Ive come to find out - Remove any Market you can in the grid. Like you, Ive been playing Atlas since it launched. I have had my ups and downs with the game. The Claim system is still a bad design template for what they are trying to accomplish. But the Devs wont listen to the player community. Hopefully with the recent additions to the GS Dev team, maybe they will urge the team to listen to the valueable input of its players (Atleast we can hope) I like what they are trying to accomplish with the Trade Runs and I hope they get it impleneted. I am hopeful as the game continue's to improve. But why they removed the NA PVE Server the mystery will remain. If they want to remove a pure PVE server. then Set specific grids as PVE much like the freeport. Or Dare I say - a faction system...
  10. Did I miss the memo from GS in regards to why no NA - PVE Server?
  11. Its the Markets. Destroy them, @ 3x they are not worth it, just setup your farmhouse and Warehouse. Save the Market till they fix it. Tested and Confirmed C6 @ 255ping. Removed Market Insta 75 ping. I am returning player with 2k hours. I like the changes thus far. However still upset Treasure maps still take you to the top of the mountain peak. To have AoD fall off, preventing you from killing them etc. etc. Same issue since launch...
  12. PVE server, Built a large crop farm, my intent was to make it public and FFA for everyone to enjoy. However the Crop Plots have been unlocked. Yet no one outside the company can use, I set a Pin Code and asked a random player to access it using the Pin "1234" and yet still unable to access the crop plot. The same applies to the Grill, Smithy, and frankly everything else. Am I missing something? or is this yet another bug to be looked at by the dev's?
  13. Anyone else on PVE having fun, taming creatures to only have some rando player drive by and kill your active taming? 3x times now I find a high level 28+ get to about 97% tame and Bam! "Drive By" its killed. On PVP I can totally understand this, but on PVE really? Did that feel good? GrapeShot should be able to prevent any damage from another source. Dare i say it, Like in WoW, Tagging the mob by having the first hit only you get the exp. Am i right? Frustrating when it happens...
  14. I can confirm the bug of the random ceiling tiles just disappearing, even tho they are supported by a pillar down to the earth. I have a structure about 10x10 and I come back from sailing for a treasure map to return to base to see about 6 tiles in the ceiling just go "Poof" Frustrating this still exist's.. However I dealt with it before, I will do so again. Still no good treasure maps yet, Ill be darn if I could find one at 16.0+ sheesh.
  15. So last week I get the information about an upcoming server wipe, and the Whole new map, So I said to myself Sweet! I've been very much looking forward coming back to Atlas. Played now a little over 30hr over the weekend, to add to my previous 1800 hr's and it seems like GS really made alot of improvements and I must say I am impressed!! Well done! Far gone all the days when sailing into a new grid to suddenly having your ship disappear are gone, the claiming system, the decay system, lawless area's and the days of pillar spamming. However: I am very cautious - Those that have been playing these past 6 months, I have a question: The Treasure Map system back then is what caused to me Rage Quit the game. Has the issue been addressed where the treasure map would always lead you to the top of a pillar? or to some location that was completely un-reachable? I have noticed over the weekend, the higher quality treasure bottles do seem to be much more rare to find, so either that was suppose to happen or I was suffering from the RNG gods. However my question still stands, Game on Everyone!
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