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  1. Dosgimp

    Too Close to Enemy Foundations - BUG!!!!

    Here is one better. So i Can place ceilings, pillars, ramps all in the same area, but underneath i cannot place.? I hope this is all the proof you need, something is up..
  2. Dosgimp

    Too Close to Enemy Foundations - BUG!!!!

    New Spot same problem, clear all the way around, but cannot place on tile to snap to floor. This needs to be resolved, so frustrating.. Its just not possible.. Those are my ceilings
  3. Dosgimp

    ATLAS hates us, or not?

    I think they turned off 2x gold, because they knew i was going to post more treasure hunt adventures.. But little do they know, I need the exp more then the gold. So ha! jokes on them! But seriously tho. Steering wheel skins?? Is that what they are working on. smh
  4. Dosgimp

    How Atlas died.... :(

    You add anything airship, steampunk, and its just not a good idea right now. Im all for it. But lets make that the end goal mods and keep it from official. New boats that let you sail faster lets do it. cargo boats that let you haul 30 containers but at the cost of 5knots max okay. Altas aint there yet.. in time.. be patient,...
  5. Dosgimp

    Too Close to Enemy Foundations - BUG!!!!

    It hurts Dev's it Hurts so much.. Me love you long time.. I just want to connect my pillar to the ground just 2 more times. Please.. pretty please... Tonight.... The Pillars on the left and right side are mine. so suddenly im too close.. Yet Im in between my own..
  6. Dosgimp

    Arrows vs Firearms

    The choice is yours, The one important factor to keep in mind is "Ammo" Arrows are cheap and work well early game. Fire arrow's "nerfed" dont bother imo. However they have the usage of igniting Oil Jars which are critical for Ice Cave. Blunderbuss is Point Blank Raw Powa - Shotgun style... again ammo requires gunpowder, then you have the well rounded Xbow good for underwater, above water, 6 round clip, Mid Range and decent damage - Ammo needing a good amount of metal. Next update we are expecting a 6 round clip pistol. So skill up, to your play style. However I can say for certain, once you acquire a decent Tame, odds are you wont be wielding any weapon.
  7. Dosgimp

    How Atlas died.... :(

    @boomervoncannon - I know right!
  8. Dosgimp

    How Atlas died.... :(

    Atlas isn't dead, It has issue's and the Dev's are clearly working on them the best they can. They read our posts, take our input and move forward the best they can. Tweaks are coming the game is EA - The potential is still huge, once everything gets locked down, worked out, and re-mastered. Then they can market the Re-Launch of Atlas 2.0. Till then those of us who remain loyal, will continue to provide support, our input, and the game will get better. All good things take time. Now if they could fix the darn problem with "enemy foundation" to close I'd be a happy camper.. It kills my OCD when i cannot complete a project. lol
  9. @Norsca How many can your bring?
  10. Hey Hey. So as we all know the cargo crates are AmazeBalls!!! However here is my issue, or suggestion. Could we please get the ability to snap a ship cargo holder to a ceiling tile or floor. Myself I love the ability to "Release Cargo" from my boat that went to get the resources, to another boat I have on my land. "see attached" to Scoop up that container. so that I can easily run up and down a ramp to collect my goods, without the BS of having to, move my tame onto the boat, transfer the goods to my tame, now run my tame off the boat "Like thats easy, unless you have ramps" onto land and deposit my goods into my primary Ship Resource box, since that can hold the most. I think this would be a great QOL change, and hey. Clear up some memory, so players dont use ships, like i do.. When I drive my hauler, I think as a semi truck. I pull into harbor, Drop my load, and head right back out. since after the drop, i can destroy the holders on my ship, to get my max movement speed back, Because in my opinion, i rather rebuild my cargo holder, and get full speed for 1/2 the trip, To and From. Since ts cheap to make the cargo rack SunLight
  11. Okay, so here I am setting a dock for unload / reload. and Im doing Great. Inland straight out to the deep water. 1 Pillar 3 wide. nothing more. Dont need to be greedy. Also making damn sure i don't block any path's or resources. Im doing great! loving my work till BAAAM! I can place my ceiling out, put a pillar down to give it support, about to connect my pillar with land, so im good to go to extend out. And all of sudden Im "too close to enemy" Now how the Hell can that be? If I can build out and down... why can i not touch land?? So its gotta be bug. All of a Sudden I cannot go down one more tile to snap to the floor? BUG!!!! Just to be clear, I extended out wider. to clear being "blocked" only to have the same issue. Cannot connect to the bottom
  12. I was only messing around, Sheesh.. Im sorry
  13. Who feel asleep at the wheel? Who forgot to clear the message? You know if an ad promotes a deal, and deal is false, its on the company to hold up and honor its advertisements.., Just saying...
  14. Dosgimp

    Treasure Map - Frustration & Rant

    Wife, picked up a couple of MW maps, and I got a few Fine "Boosted" maps to adventure too. Once the 2x Exp kicks in, I will post my treasure map adventures. Hopefully they have made some progress "behind the screens" To those that have posted on this tread, I ask you to do the same. Arrive at Map location and let us know if you can get to it, without the need of building a ramp, and is able to get your tame to said location. If any AoD's got stuck. etc. etc. ya'll know the drill.