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  1. I have done fresh install and get that. But I can log into pvp no problem it's the devs trying to kill the game on pve. I have had a ticket in for weeks no reply. And no reinstalling stean had the same issue so don't kill 100g of data in that lie
  2. I have done fresh install and get that. But I can log into pvp no problem it's the devs trying to kill the game on pve. I have had a ticket in for weeks no reply
  3. So I have had a support ticket in for 2 weeks now no word. I log into pvp no problem but fatal err ever time I try logging into pve. Devs won't fix the issue so looks like I'm done with atlas. 1500 on this game and can't log in or get a response from devs
  4. Made a ticket again about log in issue how many can guess I heard nothing at all.
  5. So u think ppl logging in just to move gold and logging out every week and a half on pve makes ppl who play daily 4 hours a day or more really want to keep playing. I really want to know how this is your train of thought. U have what 100 claims now. When old system had 2000. So how does making it hard to own a small spot on pve harder then when they switched systems cause so many complained about no spot helps. Its not that it prevents ppl from playing but im not going to play 60 hours a week again to be put in the worst build locations by pll who half dont even play the game but 2 hours a week.
  6. I play pve not pvp and I can play but its retarded how its set up were u don't have to do a thing but log in once ever week and a half move gold from warehouse and log out. So u really think ppl who don't play holding islands makes ppl want to ay pve
  7. Could u fix this anyone can turn your farms off. Its causing alot of problems on pve. If that was addressed it was not fixed. I have fuel i have nothing in it. And ppl walk up trolling turning it off. Also not the only person having the issue
  8. Any idea on how long before u go back to flags instead of island claim so ppl wi play again.
  9. no one wants pvp and pve together its they are working the whole game around pvp. they set the rules for pve. um those should not be joined in this game and how hard is it to copy program and work on pve like it should be. im not a developer and know how to do that.
  10. Fist yes its early access and we understand this. I cant speak for pvp. But you are killing pve with not listening to players. Its a pirate game. And everything we try and play it as such u make it impossible. Before first wipe its was unbalance and glitchy but ppl liked the fame then. Now its a few of us hoping u will stop ruining the game. Your patches are untested or tested very poorly. U want ppl to pirate but u make this claim a whole island thing were only the lucky first ppl get a spot to build. Now pay gold for a ship oh ok but 5k for a schooner thats months on a sloop if u are not lucky. And if u are still weeks .
  11. Good luck with that sent in 200 tickets since game open not one was ever answered.
  12. ok pvp is fun. But yall can't play pve and say this is good. Claim system. There is something like 154 islands. So u are saying one person own the whole island and prevent building. So how many happy players do u expect with that. 200 may be. I played day one was the best game ever even with the glitches. Now u do ok farm 5k gold for a schooner. That takes a month or better on a schooner. And no place to build a land base. Do u really think that is a good approach to this game. Now servers with 4 ppl on it are lag to the point u can't even sail in a sailing game. So please tell me how these are in any way a good idea. And we know u won't cause. A man that can't read could tell u that there is no way u are listening to your player base. When I started there were 20 to 40 ppl on ever seever now u lucky ro see 5. Yeah yeah u got a few more in pvp cause thats all yall design for now. Thank u and I will not hold my breath on a reply cause I been playing for 2years or so and wait never once got one from u in ticket or forum. But u say u want our feedback. Not sure how that works when u don't reply or hear a word your players are saying.
  13. Because they don't care about pve. If u have not notice there slowly trying to kill it altogether. Same when it came put was my favorite game now dont even feel like it's worth my time. Claim system is retarded. 154 islands if they claim the whole island u have 200 players happy. Now 5k gold for a schooner bad. Lag i tried two days now cant even sail lag will run u onto a sold after paying 5000 gold.
  14. I been playing since day one. I. Can tell u for definite what has happened. Before first wipe game had glitches but every one had fun the claim system made ppl ban together and be active. But a few wined. So they changed it losing most there player base. Paragon had over 600 active daily players. Well all but 10 left over new claim system. There is nothing to do any more now u can't build at all in most spot. Well alot went to pop so a number rise a big one there. Every since that. This is just a opinion but pve is going to be a tax right off or something. Cause a blind man can see they are trying to make pve tank and fail. It has gotten worse every since. Where in the first claim system u sailed and servers had no less the 40 ppl now most have 2 to 10 ppl. Math dont lie so u can't tell me they don't see the steady decline.
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