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  1. When your game client crashes, which should be pretty obvious (crash dump message or crash to desktop), you will not be able to re-enter the game for about 5 minutes. You will get a "unable to query server for session info" error message or something similar. The reason for this is your session with the server is orphaned since your client didn't disconnect cleanly and tell the server "bye". That's not to say individual grids don't crash. Usually when that happens though you notice you can't interact with anything and the stingrays and sharks become birds and then you eventually get disconnected after a few minutes of this. They didn't fix AotD spawning inside buildings. The day after they released that patch someone spawned in enough AotD to a sister company's stone building to kill probably 30 tames or so. Some tames set to passive and some not. They kept spawning them enough times to finish off those not set to passive and finish basically the whole first floor.
  2. I agree with a lot of the feedback here but the delivery detracts from it's effectiveness. The name calling, gaslighting, and outright disrespect is probably going to make that feedback go nowhere.
  3. Clearly you don't play the game. Gold is very easy to get without warehouses or markets. Sure next wipe I will make them if I can, but not for gold. Making mythic BPs would be my main reason to trade resource types for the 6x you need for each one.
  4. Because it will take all day Thursday and Friday to actually apply the update, wipe, and then fix the reliable network overflow issues likely to occur...
  5. You could also get a crab and try to jump in and throw your tames out.
  6. McDangles


    I don't mind a wipe. Been through at least 4-5 of them. However if anyone in the game says they know when it's coming, they have no idea. The devs might not even know exactly when yet. Anyhow there were people saying there would be a wipe in Nov or Dec and it didn't happen. I would expect one within a few months though.
  7. I think you mean the golden age ruins. I personally wouldn't my speed farming ships into those grids because they are end-game content mostly. You can easily farm in all of the other grids. If you haven't noticed as well using a sextant will reveal nearby shipwrecks on the map.
  8. You're not wrong but seriously if your only goal in the game is to build a farm then you're going to be somewhat disappointed. I only have one farm and it's in a grid I rarely visit anymore. It's not impossible but not easy either. You can do the end-game content without it.
  9. There is a column of 5 buttons the left of your inventory which hides items like these that you can't delete. Don't remember which one it is but you can just click each one on and off to figure it out.
  10. Best advice I can give you is grow some thick skin and try not to piss off your neighbors. Having been in one pretty nasty feud I can tell you there are no winners. You're just going to stifle each other's growth and attention. If someone's just being annoying in chat consider changing channels to alliance and set it to auto-hide.
  11. There are plenty of areas to build. I just spent a few hours this morning making a new base in E3 and yes it's on the beach with room for a shipyard. I really dislike this notion that everyone has that you HAVE TO have a farm. You can pretty easily survive without one and make the larger ships in the game fairly quickly. If you really think it's that important then look for an island where they keep the farms unlocked. They do exist. This one I'm on has probably 60% unlocked. Also keep an eye on demolish timers. I am eyeing a couple of neighbors spots who have less than 3 days left.
  12. The hydras don't always spawn in the same area. On the island in G5 I believe there are 4 spawn locations. You do not have to get the stones in any particular order. Also you do not have to kill the hydra\drake on any particular island to get the stone there. You can get an artifact key from one island and take it to another to get the power stone there. There is however a 2 hour expiration timer on the key so keep that in mind.
  13. I don't think the vendor exists in Freeports anymore. From what I've seen he still exists on the trawler ships with the paddlewheels. Which in itself is a pain in the ass as last time I saw one of those was in the middle of SotD after I was licking my wounds from another battle. Also a gigantic pain in the ass if you are by yourself as you have nobody to have your ship follow you while you grapple hook to the merchant ship.
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