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  1. I don't think the vendor exists in Freeports anymore. From what I've seen he still exists on the trawler ships with the paddlewheels. Which in itself is a pain in the ass as last time I saw one of those was in the middle of SotD after I was licking my wounds from another battle. Also a gigantic pain in the ass if you are by yourself as you have nobody to have your ship follow you while you grapple hook to the merchant ship.
  2. I just moved all my tames since E4 is back to being a lagfest. Didn't lose any and I have a lot of small and large critters. This time around moved 6 bears, elephant, 12 cats, 4 chicken, monkey, two pigs, and a cow. I know its anecdotal but I wonder if there is something I'm doing differently that makes it not happen.
  3. Found bear "Crumpet" (company Chaos Rising) in E4...
  4. If your claim went unclaimed there wouldn't be anything in there about a death. I think it's like 7 days and then it would say it was removed from the company. Something similar happened when my company member and myself were at a freeport taming cats. I got on the ship and took off. I tamed like 10 cats and was giving her shit for only taming 2 in the same span of time. She said she tamed 3 and I didn't believe her for the longest time. She swore up and down that she tamed 3 and I started to believe and just chalked it up to her forgetting to get it on the ship. Many many many weeks later we finally got a message that it died. I actually did go back to the freeport and look for it in that timeframe. I wonder if she just left it on follow and it slowly kept paw paddling back to us as the crow flies until it finally died in the water.
  5. Yes some companies claim islands, sometimes all of the islands in a zone. You should check and see if they're taking settlers. Usually they will have a message when you get near the island with that info. I have seen some unclaimed islands but you're probably not going to be able to take one with a small group. Lawless just build where you can find room. It may seem all taken up but I can always at least find somewhere to build a decent sized base. You're not going to find anything to reproduce the pyramids of Giza and have two farmhouses, warehouse, and market unless you're super lucky. You would have to find someone who quit playing and the demolish timers just happened to be up at the time you're looking. Most likely all of his neighbors would be watching those timers like hawks. It may seem like there's nothing but just keep sailing around islands and you will find something.
  6. Trust me playing on the PC hasn't been a picnic either. We had to completely evacuate our home grid, E4, and make a second home elsewhere. It was completely unplayable. Even when I checked and there was only me and one other person in the grid it was completely unresponsive for the most part. If you were very very patient you could fast travel long enough to feed your tames. Seems like something was screwed up on that grid server. Maybe a memory leak or runaway process. Maybe even a database optimization issue since it seemed to persist through reboots. We'll probably never know but I have the suspicion it had to do with the christmas items since the tree still isn't producing anything.
  7. So parrots lay two kinds of eggs. I wasn't aware of this but my friend told me her parrot laid an egg and I was like "wat". Those seem to be just normal eggs you would use for cooking and will not hatch offspring as far as I can tell. Now I DID get my parrot to lay an egg that contained offspring but I was stupid. I put it on my hotbar and pressed the key so I could place it like you would with building materials but instead my character ate it. Maybe some of you also did this without realizing it.
  8. I haven't lost any tames in over a year. Maybe I'm just lucky but I don't sail with them on the ship all the time. They usually lag and follow the ship in the air. I usually set them in the front of the set and put them on "stay". I do see quite a bit of animals in the water and try to contact the owners or claim them. There's a pretty good chance you can retrace your path if you remember it and find it. Seems like they fall off the most while transitioning between grids. I usually look around and account for the animals after every transition and just periodically.
  9. I think it applies to the crew members you personally claimed. So in theory maybe you could just have one company member learn them and unclaim the crew and let him claim them.
  10. This is the reason I don't play Atlas PvP. I am interested in ship combat though. In almost all serious PvP games they have spawning areas that are off limits to the enemy team. The PvP objectives should be away from the spawn area. This all goes back to the fact that there is no real PvP system in place in the first place. It feels like an experiment, not like they really sat down and thought about it. They should have server factions to join and objectives. If the objectives need to feature land based-warfare then fine, make some islands with objectives on them but also have safe zones for players to stash their valuables. There needs to be a reward to the PvP other than all the other guy's stuff. Add PvP tokens and a vendor with aesthetic rewards.
  11. Grapeshot? What is going on? The Christmas tree was a bust. A lot of the time when the server restart messages arrived at the game clients there was never an actual restart. I've waited an hour after and never got disconnected. Most of the grids are completely unplayable due to extreme lag. I mean like waiting a minute to interact with objects for 20 seconds. Can we please get an official update on what's going on in this forum?
  12. It was happening before the holiday event. It was happening actually even before the last wipe on E4. The wipe fixed it for a while and they do occasionally fix it, but it always comes back like the clap. I did spend a lot of time exploring this zone as it's been my home for the past couple of wipes. I haven't seen any super egregious foundation spamming. I've actually seen it worse on zones without lag. Fields and fields of floors with chairs on them. I know people aren't going to want to hear it but I think it has to do with the trading still. I remember when it was completely turned off it seemed great. Maybe coincidence?
  13. Still a dumpster fire. I would encourage you all to open support tickets. Maybe we won't get a response but at least it will show up in their reports that this is a continual problem.
  14. From what I have observed you need to have the crew unassigned to sails, guns, or anything. You must be anchored. Also they will only repair the planks. They will not repair decks, ceilings, guns, etc. Only planks. They do not need to have repair hammers. You just need to have the right materials in the ship resource box. Also don't neglect your sail sheets, which you cannot repair with a repair hammer. You need to have fibers in your personal inventory and walk up to the sails and use the E option to repair those. You can repair the wood structure of the sails with a repair hammer though. Also always keep spare planks, steering wheel, ceilings, a sail, etc. for an emergency. I usually have a large storage box labeled as "emergency" with these things just in case. If you're going into golden age ruins I would at least have five spare planks. I lost a ship last week from a ghost ship firing a few shots at my schooner. Lost three panels but would have survived if I had five.
  15. I ended up letting myself die of dehydration as I couldn't punch anything or get any animals to attack me. That fixed me so I could again interact with things. The lag is back to being horrendous though. I just packed up my cargo bear and headed for my "E4 is boned" base.
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