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  1. I found a lvl 15 shipwreck clipped into the ground. Spent like an hour trying to get that damn treasure but there was no way at all. The flotsam they should either buff the gold or get rid of them. I just run them over rather than stop. I've tried grappling them as well just as a sort of fun mini-game while sailing but its nearly impossible at speed. Hell even stopped with the waves moving them up and down.
  2. I wouldn't even mind. In my zone, E4, it doesn't even rain. Honestly when was the last time you died from a cyclone? Really the most annoying thing is the wind changing directions. In my schooner I just sail through the actual cyclones. Really the only scary part is if you run into a pack of orange\red SotD or fog that risks you running aground.
  3. This comes from an idea I had to keep sharks from attacking me while trying to make an ice box at the bottom of the ocean. I just built a 1x1 tunnel going down all the way to the sea floor. Then I put the ice chest in there. I would just swim down and collect ice and bring it back up. It worked great before they patched that method of ice collection. If you didn't make the tunnel all the way to the top of the water it wouldn't be visible unless there were big swells. Even then you make it far enough down and it won't really be visible from the surface. Yeah there's the off chance someone would find it with a sub but maybe if you didn't build it near any island less of a chance. Not fully supportable for a main base but as a cache it might work. Also along the same lines make the cache really high up in a pain in the ass place to get to. So people won't even want to go through the hassle. Probably also a pain in the ass for you though.
  4. I've watched so many videos specifically on bear taming with conflicting information. It depends who you ask on which is the easiest way. I have tried almost all of them. The one thing I haven't tried is taming without a trap of any sort. That logic sort of makes sense that maybe they are trying to bite the trap and its just coincidence and also that they spin around because of it. Since I already have a bear it seems like that would be pretty easy to try. This isn't the first bear I've tamed. I've tamed probably about 5 or so. Most of them are scrubby lvl 10 or less. I would love to get a couple higher and start breeding again but alas this island I'm on seems to have no berries to keep a bear army fed. I've been looking around these new (to me) islands and I don't see huge berry fields like I had on L7.
  5. Not a wind up account. I'm just playing devils advocate. I work with a lot of people who just come into work and do what's required and nothing more. At times when we have incentivized them I have seen those same people get off their asses and give extra. If they use it on hookers or blow that's not my problem which they choose. I've been here since launch and there has not been a huge amount of content added I agree. The game still resembles nothing like the launch trailer. That's what I want to play and if I have to pay extra to get it, I'm willing, but I want to see a real plan. Not just a blog post that says we're gonna do some things. Dates, milestones, etc.
  6. All of these things are frankly stupid shit that doesn't need to be part of the taming system. Billboards traps? Stupid. Wall and foundation traps? Stupid. Even more stupid that they clutter the area and people leave them up and locked so you can accidentally fall in them. Multiple anything sucks for the solo players. I'm not saying they shouldn't have an advantage but they already have a huge fucking advantage of being able to rotate people to feed the fucking asshole animal they are trying to tame. The rest of it is purely academic.
  7. I'd prefer if they would just finish the game more. Give me the option to pay more money once targets are defined and reached. Once reached I will pay more.
  8. I played Ark long before Atlas. No way I want to go back to 7 hour tames. Let's just go with food on a stick for feeding. Hell you don't even have to make a stick model. Just use the fishing pole and attach meat.
  9. I also lost a schooner in a freeport. This was before they added the message about ship decay on the bottom of the screen. The second schooner I lost because the shipyard was too shallow and when I released the ship it just turned into a pile of wood. Fun times.
  10. Found a lvl 24 bear this morning. I tried to tame it and the first two feedings went without a hitch. 3rd feeding the assbag bit me twice and I was done. I hit respawn and it didn't respawn me at my bed but on the other side of the island. Rageface. I just went back and killed the bear and took down my trap. I was taming off the back of another bear. Get the bear down and throw bola. I heard this was a good way to do it because the bear keeps aggro on your other bear and doesn't bite you. That is definitely not true. Also I'm guessing you can't feed without getting off the bear. Honestly I'm only after tames for resource collection at this point. I'll probably just ask around and buy an elephant and giraffe in the zone once I get enough gold from diving. Ugh. Also found a lvl 12 shipwreck that was bugged in the terrain which blocked the entrance. The only other game I have this same kind of love hate relationship with is DayZ.
  11. Get a diving attachment and go make some treasure dives. Then buy a giraffe. The only reason I would try to tame one on my own is if I decided to become a tame farmer. If you're just going to use it to farm thatch, it's not worth the frustration.
  12. I just tamed my first bear since the wipe. I dread it every time. 10 deaths. Bed hit reset timer a few times. Elephant came over and stood on the bear's head. I think it would be mostly okay if the feeding mechanic wasn't so boned. Tames sometimes just rotate on their own. They are cool feeding from a certain angle, but you use that same angle next time and they bone you. Why do we have to piss off and nearly kill the animal, then bola it, and expect it to let us feed by hand? Even by drunk pirate terms that's idiotic. Can't we just have like food on a stick or throw food at it? Maybe a feeding trough to drop down in front of it? It doesn't seem terribly hard to implement and I don't understand why they've left it the same for so long.
  13. It's not a problem. There are 3 places you need to turn it off. This will disable the running head bobbing, melee attack\farming head bobbing, and also the ground shake when big animals walk nearby. Options\Camera\Camera Shake Scale (Slide bar all the way to the left) Advanced Settings\Melee Camera Animation (Uncheck) Advanced Settings\Camera View Bob (Uncheck) Make sure you hit the save button on each page after making the changes.
  14. There is a bug with at the very least some of the food nodes. At first I though it was the just the node model not really matching what you would expect the thing you're farming to look like. For example farming cilantro from a big red flower back before the new patch. It is not. You can hold down H and it says "rice" but all you farm out of it is "chick peas" for example. Maybe that also extends to fiber but its easy enough to check with the H key. In addition to that on my island in E4 there seems to be no pure metal nodes, berries are super rare, and it hasn't rained (open barrels and no it didn't all just evaporate). I never experienced this before the patch so not sure if its a bug, I picked an unlucky island, or if this is part of a change to get people moving around more.
  15. It's not super bad in 1440p, but 2160p I struggle to maintain close to 60 fps sometimes. In a built up area, forget it. We're talking 30-40 fps depending on exactly how built up. I just set my temp to 80 degrees C in Afterburner just so the fans aren't revving their nuts off all the time. The area I set up camp in is not built up at all yet and I can usually average 60-70 fps in 2160p. If it starts to get built up at some point I may switch back down to 1440p.
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