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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, Clearly its some BS. But this company should be bann'd for some stupid shit. Blocking Shale Oil Nodes... B10 - Company name: The Order, Company ID: 1398456384 9day cool down, so they active. Get Em! And here is some more nodes they blocked.
  2. Dosgimp

    The ship is gone

    I already did. And Im about to say farewell to the forums as wel.
  3. A few days with multiple MMO Official server issues that need addressing, and tonights patch proves it to me. Tonights Patch addressed NOTHING on official. Only concern was all single player issues on a modded map, that again will never be an official server hosted. ANd now consoles. Am I wrong here? Are the MMO Players being punished for some reason? Nor was any comments on the forums addressed in regards to the ship going Poof issue. Yes Im pissed now.. I post about a ship... MY ship just randomly going "POOF" other players comment, we agree its a bug/issue and bring up many points on what the issue could be. Yet not a single response from anyone. So what then, in the next couple days here, you gonna let more players shit go "Vanish"? Already hardly online on the NA PVE server, each grid i sail all night long is 1 person me! and thats Daily from N11 to J11. I don't understand... I dont care about the poof and everything i lost with it. Just own up to it. let us know this is a problem you are aware and are addressing it. If players read the forums and come across that topic. and say to them self's. Ships can "poof" why would they want to play, or spend the time needed to build a ship. Only so it can randomly go bye bye? Its EA yep for sure. WIPE the servers again, ill come back. But dammit guys. A little communication WILL go a long way
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    Hey DEV's where you at?

    Top Gun: Talk to me goose.. give us something,, Where you at? whatcha doing? what you working on? Communication is key! And dont give us those scripted response either.. Hey Jat.. Whats going on? What are you working on?
  5. So another night on the world of Atlas. Get home from work, fire up the game, Farm at lil bit at home, lil wood, lil thatch. FT (Fast Travel) to the island with Bamboo, farm a lil more, fix the dock up. Sweet, my chores are done, now onto the good stuff! Get in my Schooner, Trench Wench, armed with crew and a sub, head to M12 the Trench, launch my sub. Sweet again, killing crabs getting kera, killings squids getting residue. having a blast. Re-Attach to boat head back home N11, To the following: Alright, No worries, Dont Panic, whistle follow get em safe, then investigate.... And I Find the following in my Company Log: Please pay special note to the entry: Ship -1328532013 was added, then same ship ID was removed: (FROM What? being fully green anchored??) (and the other boat ID's and Bed's that wer removed I have no idea what those are, Nothing else at this time appears to be missing, however 1500hrs played I have not checked everything i have before making this thread. The boat that randomly disappeared, was a Mythic Skelly Birg, and Mw Canon's. Not too expensive, but shit i dont care all i do is farm resources, while my son kills SoTD's and my wife breeds her animals. What gets me pissed is "WHY" I thought we were passed this, and the reason why I say "past this" is because the only concern as of late with grapeshot, is single player, and Non Ded, Which again Cooi with me, there has been bugs, ya'll fixed em, move on, game on.. keep on giving your MMO players new stuff, tames, content, storage containers, ice cave, etc. etc. But a SINGLE CORE Aspect of the game being "Ships" and this Flaw/Bug/Exploit comes up at this at this Stage of Atlas. Launch V1: To Current V200.0 - After all that - And this still has a chance of happening, I've been with ya'll - Through Thick N Thin... But damn this one hurts.. To my core. Please Note: the boat that went "Poof" was built about a month ago, so me and my wife could go blow shit up ourselfs, since we lost our Son's Interest. And now, a Single bear that went hungry? and died? To what? Please Note: All Bears in backround" hard to see, but yo know what to look for. You may have lost me with the ship, but at the same day, moments later, you lost my wife with the loss of her 100% imprint bear. 100% Damn she enjoyed the game, thats dedication..
  6. Its too bad, I don't think the information is accurate, as before logging off on Thusday night 8-1-2019. Got on the deck on my boat, by climbing up the side rope ladders. Proceeded to the wheel, raised anchored. turned the ship 90 degree's. Then lowered the anchor, I then proceeded to my Sub attached to same boat, Released the sub, boarded the submarine, dove down to bottom of water, hit the floor took 10-20points of damge, went back up, got out the sub, and re-attached to boat. "Clearly now everything should be good" Did this with all 4 my gally, and 3 brigs, and 2 schooners, my fleet at base atm. My other ships are at different FOB's. To be checked on over the weekend. "Anyhow" Log off Thrusday night, hit the bed, Go to work, get home, read the posting about Jat and the Facts on timers. Thank him for the response. Log in - And one of my boats is gone. No one else in the company be online in over 2 days, except my wife. Boat has not been moved per her. and no one else online. Its gone. Crew, Tames, and everything on it, and everything in it. Just "Poof" Sadly - the amount of time invested on not just the boat but everything on it, 100% imprints, upgraded weps, tools. etc. Just to "Poof" like a fart in the wind. Thats it for this kid. Moving on... Good luck Atlas.. Correction: After my 1/2 day at the office, when i get home. One last sail to say my goodbye
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    The ship is gone

    Dont bother, because the information isnt true. Another boat of mine went "poof" Sub attached. I moved it, i raised the anchor, i lowered the anchor, i released the sub, re-attached the sub. This was Thursday night before going to bed. Last night after work, after reading Jat's reply in my thread. I log in to find another member of my fleet gone. Sadly, I'm moving on from Atlas, now.
  8. Thank you Jat for letting us know the HARD FACTS.. However i would strongly urge you to increase PVE Ships from 14 days to 21 days.
  9. The brig that went "poof" for me had a sub attached to it, that was never detached for over 30days +. I was under the impression that is what caused it to go vanish, However we are still waiting for feeback from the Dev's
  10. Dosgimp

    Are weight crates a scam??

    Keep in mind, Its not just the weight and carry amount it helps with. It also help's with the ease of transferring your goods off your boat. With correct ramp placement you can easily setup a dock that will allow you to walk up to the crate and unload it, without having to keep getting your your tame on and off the boat to unload it from the Ship Res Box.
  11. Thanks for the additional information.
  12. As an I.T, Systems administrator for the last 20 years, I strongly disagree with you, They have logs, they have tools they can use. If they had the time they could figure this out. And I sure hope they do. Vanishing ships and all its precious cargo is not going to go well with the Playerbase should it keep happening. Again I am not looking to have anything of mine restored, Just letting the boys in blue *AKA the Dev's* know what has happened so they can investigate and initiate fixes.
  13. I am not interested in having anything restored. I just would like answers.. How did this happen, why did this happen, what do i need to do to prevent this from happening again? Are we correct to assume it was the sub not being relased that cause this happen? I can rebuild the boat. No problem.. Shit happens, What is more priceless to me is Information from the Dev's And I dont want a scripted response either.... Give me the cold hard truth.
  14. okay I understand that theory and accept it @Vurmis To your knowledge, what do you think could of caused my brig to poof? as you can see some of Crew was in air as if they were standing on top the deck. While the rest i had to rescue from water. No ship wreckage, No Floating bags with the ammo and equipment on the boat. The whole thing, the boat and everything it had on it, and in it, "GONE" vanished. If it was destroyed it should have wreckage. Not in this case. And top it off. Where is the sub that was attached to it. Same question applies, if the boat sinks, shouldn't the sub unhook from it, as it can float on its own. Much like a life raft/dingy.. same concept there. Im not pissed. Well Not Extremely pissed, shit happens. Just would like to know what caused it, and how I can prevent in the future.
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    Raider of the deep?

    Crab Wheel Skin. Thats all folks - No Stat Increase, just a skin
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    What Do We Do With Gold In Singleplayer?

    Cant believe I forgot that.. 100% correct those too.
  17. Its the only conclusion i can come up with. I took the brig out just 2 days prior, killed a few SoTD's and came home and anchored. Never un docking my sub since the boats creation. Till "Poof" which caused the thread. The only way to be sure is to get some Logs looked at, but thats not something i can do, and I dont think the Dev's have the time atm. But perhaps sometime in the future, in the meantime, just take the extra min to release the sub, board it, and put it back on the boat to be safe. Until we hear otherwise from the makers.
  18. Dosgimp

    What Do We Do With Gold In Singleplayer?

    Dye's. Costumes @ the freeport, Ship Hood ornaments. Pretty much it. Dont need upkeep on Single Player. Perhaps pour them all into a silo, and swim around in it like Scrooge Mc'Duck?
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    where`s the hat?

    But they added new Steering wheel skins, C'mon have you not gotten your level 16 quality ship wreck yet? Go go Crab wheel skin. Ditto!
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    Who actually wants crossplay?

    I think Crossplay would be a good idea, once the game is ready for it. I rather see the Dev's isolate game issues, that is hindering its current playerbase, before reaching out to a new playerbase. Lets Focus and tackle getting the game stable, working, systems in place, "factions", i also think would be a great idea. I honestly dont think we need to worry about any more tames, etc. What we could do for example is fix the follow distance on the elephant so it doesn't keep getting stuck up the one its following ass. Having the follow distance low, but i dont want have to keep jumping on it to back it up off. These are the issues that active players will notice, not so much the dev's. Its up to us to bring these kind of issues to their attention. Again as you all know, the majority of my post's are about current ingame issues. Or bugs found. lets work as a team get all these things noticed and fixed as the Dev work on more MMO content. I will continue to help them as I find issues. Course a little "acknowledgement would be nice" IE - Okay thank you for this, we will look into it. Would be nice from time to time.. And yes of course I am still burned by my ship "poofing" last night. But now i know, If you dont undock your sub from your ship once every 21 days. The sub will take the ship down with it. A very hard lesson to learn.. But now its known and the Dev's can add that to the list. And Im still here. Waiting to get home from work, Ive got a new ship needs building.
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    What i want to say is. Damnit Boomer you pissed him off.. But I wont..
  22. As a precaution; since I built her boat, right after mine a few hours later, neither of us used the sub since the boat''s creation so I released, the sub, boarded it, then re-attached it to the boat. Im exhausted and heading to bed. I'll have confirmation of this incident after work tomorrow. This bug sucked.. man....
  23. So sweet. Clarification, A ship with a sub.. Though you board the ship but not the sub its attached too. The timer on the sub does not reset which then takes the ship down with it? Well damn OKAY, I accept that. I shall then act according with the rest of my boats thats have subs attached. *Sure hope this gets fixed* And about the bear, okay we will isolate that incident, however we know for sure it was in range of food. Course, I could be wrong and will accept that. Timeing just sucks
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    Ship demolished inside base 's dock .

    @boomervoncannon PREACH! I was going to comment my finding's and what I have discovered with Decay Timers, and the random Poof, because I have been a victim of the "Poofs" of many of things.
  25. Im not going anywhere any time soon. I will remain on Offical server