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  1. Lotus

    0.5 quality maps

    Generally maps on the same server are going to be bad. The map quality determines the distance from the map location for further maps are better.
  2. Lotus

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Empires bombed cause the the old system was trash. What I think they should look into would be having island clusters where each little island would be claimable. G10 and E10 have some I would use as an example. The minimum of an island should be 30 points and if you take more than 1 island they should add a mythos upkeep of 10% of the gold cost daily to hold multiple islands. Some of the mid sized companies have taken multiple small islands rather than an island that they should be on. The higher cost of small islands will make them not worth it for companies that shouldn't be on them to take them. At this point I believe they will just fix point values and it will work out. They will most likely not go back to claim flags at this point because of how bad empires failed. If I was a solo player I would actually prefer to live on other people's islands. A guy in my grid has a public garden for people. It's a win/win he gets food in his tax bank and other people don't need to worry about maintaining a farm or spending points on it. ~Lotus
  3. Lotus

    NA PVE Disgrace

    It needs some tuning but I feel it's way more balanced than the previous one. I believe the gold cost should go up by about 2x daily. This will make it so people will need to put more effort into holding islands. I also think the second island should add a mythos upkeep to the flag. The little islands got soaked up super quick but I think higher upkeep will make it so they change hands more. Some of the island values are screwed but all in all I think it's good so far and promising in the future. ~Lotus
  4. Lotus

    NA PVE Disgrace

    With some of the people I've met on this game I wouldn't mind not understanding them ~Lotus
  5. Lotus

    NA PVE Disgrace

    We got 2 powerstones on PTR and explored the trenches in the sub. Tamed a crab threw each other into the ocean. For EU-PvE tried the Kraken today. Basic boats kinda screwed us. We will try again in a few days. Unless they transfer all of our stuff to NA and the tribe agrees or they do another wipe (Both of which I highly doubt) I don't see Lotus going back to NA anytime soon. As for the whole NA server thing I don't feel a need for it. The ping difference is not really noticeable it's the patch being laggy. We have a nice healthy player base right now it feels really good and I think colonies on PvE has been really successful. ~Lotus
  6. Lotus

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    I started thinking of all kinds of crazy things that would make the game be like this is a specific type of island. Things I came up with were simple some were like that's crazy but it could work. Theory 1 Island invasions. What if there was an item that we could put into something that triggered an invasion of something stupid strong. (Like the drop pods in extinction). The amount of griefing that could happen from that would be stupid. They could use the OLR protection but then we could just have one person build walls and log out so we have invulnerable walls to hide behind. So they make it so the creatures do damage to online and offline stuff well not it's the SotD grief all over again. This theory doesn't seem super possible but it could be. The amount of work it would take to make this not trash would be epic. Theory 2 Player made cities. So if a tribe puts a massive city up and this thing has all kinds of things in it then right next to it another tribe builds another massive city and the server lags like hell because of it. You would have to limit it to 1 city per island but how would you decide who gets the city? The tribe that owns the island gets to build the city. Theory 3 Island levels. What if they are going to make it so you can dump resources into the island to level it up. What would be the point of this? I thought of some things that the island level would effect maybe the grid would have higher level SotD in bigger packs. Maybe higher level cap on animals. Theory 4 Biome changing. What if they make an item that can change the biome of the island. I would be madder than hell if I made my perfect tropical paradise with a tiki bar and everything. I wake up the next day and it's polar with a penguin making that horrible penguin sound. Theory 5 Island naming. I believe the idea was confirmed somewhere that you can rename islands. I just can't remember where. Theory 6 Factions. What if they make it so taxes go towards a war effort type thing like in WoW and after a certain faction pays enough taxes something happens. Like a warfront type event on lawless which is why they didn't want people to live on lawless and why lawless is programmed the way it is. Only it becomes how it is on WoW where it's like a Battleground. (This is something I could get a real MMO feel from) It would be a PvP experience because Faction A is pushing out Faction B and you can go participate in the fighting. After the fight though it goes back to PvE on the lawless it just has a factions guys on it and this would be tied to dailies or something. I don't know though it could be all kinds of things. The point is we don't know Grapeshot's reasons. We were just focusing on what we thought would be best for the current game not the game they are building. ~Lotus
  7. Lotus

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    I was talking to somebody about the land claims situation. Person is familiar with Atlas but a much bigger Ark player. The conversation was basically this. I was playing 16 hours a day every day for like 2 months. I had 1k hours when the wipe was announced. So I am talking to this person about the claims. I was explaining how at this point claims worked that people would basically need to quit for a month to get land and would only have to log in then out to keep it for another month. The upkeep they had was not working to make getting>keeping>losing land cycles in check for PvE. So they needed a harsher upkeep applied to owning land. So they were going to make the islands all lawless and put this repair machine in to keep your buildings from decaying to death. The problem I saw with this was they would have people blocking resources to kick other players off the island cause they can't repair if they can't get resources. They decided to change it though which I was thankful for was putting 1 tribe as owner of an island then they have to basically feed the flag based on island size. Which I think is great. Just take freebuild off and make it so the owner has to allow tribes to build. Then the people that don't want to or don't have the ability to feed a flag every 3-5 or whatever days can just build on somebody else's land and they pay taxes to help the land owner. Win/Win I then started talking about how some people want it to be 1-3 claims per person which would be fair if they added an upkeep cost like owning the island. The only problem is if 1-2 people wanted to they could screw all the tribes on an island by using their claims to block resources. If somebody wants to build on top of the only metal mountain on an island you can't really have a dev say no you need to play how it benefits the other players. So it would lead to problems. So I think the devs see it was the whole island for a tribe is better for the players regardless of big or small tribes. This person goes and explains to me well Atlas is supposed to be an MMORPG with few real MMORPG features at this point what if they are making the changes in preparation for features that haven't been announced yet? And at that point my jaw just kinda dropped and I was like damn it might not have anything to do with what people want but what they are designing. So I just kinda sat there humbled. ~Lotus
  8. Lotus


    I already pointed this out. To me the thread shows incredible bias. The OP put negatives attached to the first positives attached to the other 2. The other thing you have to realize is that this poll does not control who votes. I could put 1k votes on whatever I wanted to win and be like that is clearly what the game wants. PvP only players could come vote. There's a lot of reasons this isn't clear or accurate. What is wanted is the ability to get land in a fair manner. The problem is what I see is fair and what you see if fair can be different. ~Lotus
  9. Lotus


    How would that work for a bigger company though?
  10. Lotus

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    You can set tribes up to be like that the only people that would be able to get in is admins. I believe tames can be set that way too. I had the boats in a similar way until a captain died on the kraken and the guy that we repairing could not move the ship I was like whelp crap need to not have that happen again. ~Lotus
  11. Lotus

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    To me PvE is a place I can work on endgame content without having to fight other players. If a group goes for progression on PvP they run the risk of somebody attacking them when they are looking for the ghost ship or trying to pull the kraken. I don't want to have to worry about dying to somebody while I am doing a treasure map. I don't want to worry about people destroying my stuff while I am offline. That is why I play PvE. I am pretty sure the new tribe claiming an island thing is going to be amazing. ~Lotus
  12. Lotus

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I'd like to see where you got that statistic. ~Lotus
  13. Lotus

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    That poll is worded poorly and shows an incredible amount of bias. The other thing about the polls on here is you don't actually know who is voting. ~Lotus
  14. Lotus

    Lotus's Recommendations

    Day 1 we were only able to spawn in freeports and we hit a huge choke point. They then allowed people to spawn on lawless zones to help remove the bottle necks but it was still so many people. Lawless also had the freeport max level 8 cap. ~Lotus
  15. Lotus

    Lotus's Recommendations

    Lawless as a system was designed for people to use as a place to stay before they get land. All the land got taken and so people never left. You used to not be able to use beds on lawless ground but they patched that because people were stuck there. Lawless allows you to build anywhere which makes it so people on PvE can grief easier. The other problem with lawless is that the resources respawn with no influence of what is built around them. This makes it so you don't have to plan if your new building will stop a precious resource from spawning. The game even in it's description say you search out a claim and fight to maintain it. Lawless in a way is a claim but at the same time keeps the game in Ark's shadow which I feel they want to really break away from. ~Lotus