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  1. So the encounter was hella bugged. Basically the encounter would randomly hit your crew for damage that was intended for your boat. The damage that it did also had the decimal place in the wrong spot so it would 1 shot a brig. I think it was tied to the tentacle slam. The tentacle slam would also do a stupid knockback and if you didn't have a brig there to bail out your galleys you hated life. The tentacles were also physical entities so if you hit one when getting knocked out of the middle you sunk. The ships of the damned were labeled as players so PvE players could not kill them. The reward when this post was made was actually the CDR. It was also going to give access to the polar and the polar was going to give you an ability that dropped aggro. Here's some clips https://www.twitch.tv/lbigheadm/clip/FurryProudCrabLeeroyJenkins https://www.twitch.tv/lbigheadm/clip/PopularCrackyMagePrimeMe ~Lotus
  2. I've never posted a picture of Sasha Grey on these forums... ~Lotus
  3. More like level a boat to 300%+ resistance put an NPC on the wheel tell it go this way. AFK and watch anime, read forums, blame things on Jat. ~Lotus
  4. I'ma need to see a video of that cause I imagine they would just turn and blast the crew off your boat if you don't insta kill it ~Lotus
  5. mythic sail bps? I was told they do nothing. I think that would help but I am pretty sure they don't want to turn on the sails because a guy cruising up on somebody with +30% on all large speed sails would be insane. Just hit and run all day long. Intercept everybody everywhere! I don't know how you would balance something like that to people that don't have access to that level of BP. ~Lotus
  6. I want them to make it so if you have a lighthouse up on a friendly island NPC's will auto sail to it. Basically it will disappear and then appear near the lighthouse X time later. That way you can prepare attacks and send resources to areas you have some control under. lighthouses would have to be built in anchorable water. you would set up anchor points and be like go to this anchor spot. The lighthouse would be like a larder resource chest holding food and gold for boats and could be set to feed all your ships on the island or just the ones coming to the island. In PvP you blow up a lighthouse and it sinks the boats going to it. This would create wrecks in the area where they roughly would have been. Sailing was meant to feel kinda epic and it does give you a sense of a massive world but once you are used to it sailing does not give challenge or anything it's crap work to go here get X go here get Y sail for an hour bringing it back. ~Lotus
  7. If you can't do those you still struggle soloing the game. A group of 5 makes the PvE simple 15 people can just zerg the content. It also depends on what mega means to people now though. If you perform at 1/2 the level you say you do you will solo the game and be bored of PvE in no more than a week. ~Lotus
  8. I don't take it personal? So what I said is a mega is composed of multiple 500 man companies. This was not my PoV though I thought a mega was a big tribe I was corrected by multiple sources, multiple times, The way it was explained is why would they not just call it a large tribe and I was like oh I see. Megas are actually an alliance of multiple large tribes. So I will use CSTG as an example at one point they were rumored to have 2500-3500 people. That dwarfs a company of 500. I think you need to learn to read better because you have problems comprehending what I write. You also keep trying to point out my PoV is this and that, like you know anything about my PoV. I believe you don't even know your own PoV... I pointed that out in a post already though... now you have a post of... well I fail to see a point you are making, it's just you trying to like puff your chest out at me cause I hurt your feelings or something finished off with some ratios... I got a good laugh out of it though My goal is to see that the game is challenging for people. All content currently can be completed in a 3 day weekend as a solo player if you know what to do. That is 0-100% being the only person in your tribe. This game really only requires 3 skills to make it easy. 1) Ability to perform the tasks required. (more people in your tribe diminishes this.) 2) Ability to find information to achieve a goal. (more people diminish this because they can explain it) 3) Ability to network with other people. (more people will make it so you need less people... duh...) Those things right there make this game way too easy even as a solo. If you are missing 1 of those 3 then this game can be challenging. Time for math so 2500 to 500 is a 5:1. The servers cap around 150 though... so 1/2 of 150 should be the limit to have 2 capped tribes fight... so the limit should be 75... wait a minute.... (This is an actual PoV I have) The tribe limits have nothing to do with what people want but are based on server performance and limitations to hardware. Dude I thought we big with 100 members and I thought we were wealthy prewipe... then I saw the way Dynasty was throwing resources around like they were nothing. It was a humbling experience. Now as a group of 25 how do you feel about the difficulty of the game? ~Lotus
  9. It says it's designed for small to mid-sized groups. When that was released your tribe limit was 500 and the megas were multiple 500 man tribes. So a tribe with 75 is still small based on that. So we got what was promised delivered. The economy in this game doesn't work because there's nothing that is really hard to get. They made everything so easy for everybody. When tames could only be tamed by 1 type of food they were worth a lot more time and energy so you had something that was a precious commodity. You also could not grow everything everywhere which made them even harder to get. The game has nothing that is so hard that you need anything beyond basic weapons/armor in PvE. This makes it so you have no reason to make the crafted gear. 1 week after the wipe we had 100k ready to spend on anything good that came out. The problem is there's nothing hard to get for crafting so you can't really farm things to sell that are specialized. So basically the market in this game is nothing but supply, no demand, no economy. This post is about making it even easier to get stuff which I'm just like this game is already a pinata how much easier do people want it? ~Lotus
  10. What happens when it's like oh I'm getting raided. *rips down door puts up wall* Phew that was close. ~Lotus
  11. Unless it changed you can make walls not climbable. Believe me invulnerable buildings would not be something you would get into. ~Lotus
  12. I can wall in all my boats, tames, players and attack people but they can't attack me, everybody would then wall in and then there would be no reward to PvP which would cost a huge amount of players. ~Lotus
  13. *Walls off whole island* So I win right? ~Lotus
  14. I don't believe many want that old system back it was awful. Which island? ~Lotus
  15. Let me know how it goes cause from my understanding it's a small area on the back that is vulnerable kinda like the cyclops eye. Rest takes major reduced damage. If they are killable now though ~Lotus
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