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  1. You're right . t's just nerdy that they always put up signs for me ...
  2. I just don't want to block on purpose. Just wanted to ask here because I wasn't sure if something had changed. It is annoying now that they keep putting up signs for me
  3. Tank you . thanks for the quick answer Yes, I thought so too. it's just nerdy that they always put up signs for me ... I tried to write to the support but the support is no longer in-game support. Only for bug reports.
  4. I'm sorry other players did this to you. But unfortunately it doesn't help in this case Lg Grace
  5. Hello, I have a problem building my base. I block where I build 1 iron note. Can I get in trouble for this? 2 players want to report me for it. I would build further back that would be fine for the 2 but then I would block 2 silver notes and lots of trees ? Thank you for Help and sorry for my bad English :( https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5886/2bry2fpr_png.htm https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5886/7foidewr_png.htm
  6. Its a bear from your company :D. thx for your answer LG oh thx thats its imba now i can push him to 394% dmg Thx for the fast answer LG
  7. Good day have a question and who I have, for example, a lvl 72 (wild lvl) bear how high would his max level be. Better said how many points I could then forgive. Thank you very much
  8. Hello Systemfehler , Thank you for the many nice words. Yes, we always strive to make our buyers feel as comfortable as possible and like to come back. As a result, we teach many nice people like you and are always happy who you make nice contacts and make buyers happy. We help and suport our customers around the purchase and even after that we always have an open ear for them. It was very nice to get to know you hope we see or write to us more often. Dear greetings Grace and Anne
  9. Thank you for your review. We are happy who we can make a customer happy. Hope we see each other again. LG Grace of the TAMING & TRADING GALLERY team
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