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  1. WOW the devs are even worse then i thought. This system has have to be implemented to create points of interest/conflicts, but the main parts dont work, and the working stuff is overpowered. #DeleteMarketsAlltogether
  2. Its a bit offtopic, but pricing is so hard now with all that gold around. People can get >7k a day per market, litteraly doing nothing for it. So 5k might still be a fortune for some, others are despawning it bc of weight issues People that steal bc this is a pirate game can fuck off. There is not threat for a pirate in this game, so its pretty onesided view. All pirate like pirates should do that pirate life in PVP tbh.
  3. Thanks alot for this report/review This is what we got in one years work from the devs. Something noone wants to speak about, bc it will hunt you in your dreams. Let it go back to concept limbo, right next to the physical trade ships And guys this is the path to their vision of the game.
  4. In generall, server goes into stasis when its not rendered. Meaning it saves it current state and continue from there when someone is around again. Doing calculations from when it went to sleep up until current date. Everything happened while offline, will occur now when its rendered again. Tames that died in stasis will get reported to died current date too. So now you logged in again and rendered the server (part), the server will caculate the water coming into your ship from a leak, and if it would have sunk like 20 min ago, it will let it sink in the moment you render it. Thats also how the server let you jump to a decayed bed, but when you arrive your whole base is there, bc it decayed only when you rendered it. In your case there are some possibilities as to why your ship sunk. All will most likely happen while someone passed your ship and rendered the server for some time. Also when you DC, your char is still online for 3 minutes, and the server is active therefore. So maybe your char was triggering following events. - Storm ->cyclones ->leak - Sotd ->leak - normal decay ->leak - sailing over a whale -> leak This whole mechanic can be a pain for breeders, bc - meat get spoild first, babies are only allowed to eat afterwards. - tames / babies dont heal in stasis - stuff that dies in stasis dont get propperly reported (no course given) PS: Use tames for farming. A Rhino gets your flint way more easy, but i have to agree that the changes to hand farming are a pain. Eles and giraffes are actually usefull. Plus points for pink tools tho
  5. I super rarely lose my tames from my ship, but i also check the number of crew on the ship constantly. Some days ago i had servertransfere that took 5+ minutes to complete, 3 tamed did not got transfered.
  6. Thats right, i have some spots where i get 3 woods and 3 thatch in a lumberjack, most spots yield one each. Same with stone, you want to get the other stones from the metal/flint/coal nodes. I have spots were i get 3 types of fiber too. So in generall, there are a few spots were i want all kind of farms, but are limited to one. And when you are not first you are last, and the good spots gets blocked. How we have the same keep out area, but need 4 times the farms doesnt make sence to me.
  7. This, intelligence crafting had to die for that shit
  8. Haha, i dont even know were to start. I play pve so i might miss some points, but how you want to motivate people to do the epic big fleet battles? You introduced the trading system, having an idea to create points of conflicts. Then you fail or skip the physical trade ships, which was critical to it. Maybe you realised how dump of an idea it was. You now replaced them with the buff towers. I dont play PVP, but i guess you get less fights them more now, bc the attacker is in a worse position. So again, talk about motivations of fighting instead of shitty untrue stuff like this: I think the further a resource is away (or the least accessable) the more valueable it becomes , but it depends on where you live. High level players, what do you even mean by that? How your epic seabattles with multiple companies plays along the efforts to enable smaler groups?
  9. Unlocking does nothing, with warhourse getting stuff out, there is barly 1k5 of stuff in them. Warehouse on the other hand just despawns the mats after one full stack. The whole system is still in a complete buggy state, like everything else the new team did. Splitting the farmhouse in 4 differnent stuctures, plus not even farming some stuff. Plus gathering at like 20%.
  10. Just move to EU or Africa to have that one secured
  11. How does it act? It doesnt let you click the second time at all? Or does it place but gets back in to your inventory immediately?
  12. Hi, yeah we meet and discussed the tigers I can understand that not using discord can be fun, but it is also very limiting. Prices will fluctuate with gold available, at least the ones i sell. Atm i sell for 7-10k per high imprinted tame with good/best stats, they are not breedable then. Other people have different offerings and prices.
  13. You can only accept up to 5, but people can still accept your requestes for my understanding. Set up at least some trade ofers on both markets, best to match some trades.
  14. Some example tames we currently offer
  15. Twobeez is back at taming, breeding and trading in season 6. We sell high imprinted high stats tames from B3. If you are interessed please join our discord to brows our offerings. https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU We also buy things like taming songs, and some specific mats. You can allso offer maps, best in bulk.
  16. Here, tatsi is an amazing solo player https://discord.gg/bm3TvKdezr
  17. i have seen 5k for 75 this season Back then you could find 200k in a single taxbank
  18. Making seatames able to follow ships confused all other tames and NPCs I wonder what will happen when they implement the pulling part
  19. Kummba


    When you jump to all vendors in one freeport grid, you normally end up with like 2 missing that way. You can wait in that grid (the vendors change inventory after a a (long) while, or sail to another freeport grid. The seed vendor is in the freeport towns were all the other vendors are. @Dosgimp
  20. The devs made the sealife follow your ship, and brock the other npcs in the meantime Its like when they made the dolphins not die, but now we have rays swimming on land You can use "Move to" command to move them on the ship ("," on pc).
  21. This one was bad: Move on to next task (still broken market system) Weekendjob (BP and Crafting revamp) Live with it (New brocken ship system) We addressed it allready (Runs on some BPs) Stupid QoL in a survival game (for silo, really you want to give us a no spoil storrage for all food?) Hold the line (New Ship only a couple of month more, they mentioned the "new" ship system like 10 month ago, for how long shall it go on??) Promise of higher performance (still this season the lag was just from the beginning, feels like it got way worse, releases stupid brocken functions like spyglass with tradewinds) Every question the comunity asked had to be answered with, low prio job. That only shows that they dont develop their game for the current playerbase. GL everyone
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