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  1. We are in N6, D6 (breeding) and i10. Mostly selling from D6 and N6.
  2. Hello, We are "Children of Aule" former Pink Fluffy Unicorns and Nessil, we are back with our animal families! For those who don't know us and xbox players reading this ( welcome to Atlas by the way! ), we are animal tamers, breeders ( and color chasers ) and fine crafters. We will offer a wide variety of tames and breeds, suitable for everyones needs and budget. We will also hold auctions, and giveaways as well as host our famous gift channel ( which will all start later on, cause there is so much to do at the moment :3) - Scarlet. ALso join our discord, if you have questions regarding taming and breeding OR getting XP and BPs. See you on the high sea, Kumba https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  3. Kummba

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    he quitted the game, maybe not forum, but game.
  4. The wind is a simple mechanic allready, it was well described here: So you can forcast yourself, there is just no HUD/GUI element for it atm. Otherwise QoL for sailing is allways welcomed.
  5. Kummba

    Player Trading

    And in better days you would not be prohibit to spend like 80k gold for one Intelligence upgrade, RIP tannery capacity He is the reference for buying in many things (crafted). Many people (me too) guide potential customers in his direction. He also offers crafting services, which we often tell people to use, as we use them too.
  6. Kummba

    I enjoy playing atlas

    Massively Multiplayer Online I mean there are more player available, to interact with, then on a normal server (limited) based game. Atm the numbers are low tho, and numbers ot people that interact with others, via discord mostly, are even lower. But still you make new contact from time to time. Interacting with others (often helping them) is one reason to play the game for me.
  7. Kummba

    I enjoy playing atlas

    I love to place an Ostrich next to the steering wheel for a longer travel, i feel company. Also mounting it when a meermaid is bewithing me is fun. Also i was surprised when i figured out you can grap the ladder infinite to not get draged in the water from her. Its that moments that still come even after 2k hours, true discoverys! I love riding, or more the jumping part, a Ostrich in general, discovering all the color combinations of them is also great. Catching birds with a tiger, jumping and timing the swipe attack, that is hella fun for me. Discovering new color (regions) for tames allways surprises me even after 2k hours played. In general i think i like the MMO part the most (PVE). Even tho the playerbase is low, and the discord afine player base even lower, it is still the main reason to play the game for me.
  8. Hello we are looking for some specific BPs and any tame with high single stats on EU PVE. For Bps we are looking for Legendary - Sword ( >190% wd) - Bow ( >200% wd) - Metal Hatchet > 200% wd - Metal Pick > 200% wd - Crossbow >200% wd - Medium Cannons with >175% wd BPs with any kind of quality: - large handling sail with >117% acceleration - wood ceilings, walls, roofs with >130% durability For tames we look for high stats, that means stats at tame or birth (we only want none or low mustations), not after leveling them. If you think you have one, please send me a picture here (send link instead of picture bc limitations), or type the wild level / tamed level and current stats. You can also join our discord ( https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU ) and send DMs from there. We pay really good, we can offer gold, mythos, other tames stats, breeded tames and crafted items. We will pick stuff up form your location, or pay additional for delivery. See you on the ATLAS, Kumba [Pink Fluffy Unicorns]
  9. Kummba

    why i think maps disappear

    i collect on many island were the highlevel ones are fine, but the q8 bottles go poof.
  10. Kummba

    Treasure Maps

    Bear selfimprint leveled to 300% MD takes like 10 seconds to kill level ~98 aotd maps. The bear does ~102 dmg with leftclick on normal animals, for comparison.
  11. This is not a discussion or anything this is a fight some people are doing here. What has realist done to all of you? I can live with eighter, a wipe would just fit my pereference more. So i sit back and relax, and go back to ignore the threads with all of you snappy guys (and lady). Peace out
  12. Economy in terms of tame progress? Tame stats exchange, getting nice things. The hunt for it. Gold is gained elsewhere, and as you can only buy that many things in this game atm, it is worthless anyway for non casual players. This game is still a sandbox game, people that dont like / play sandbox quitted allready. I did start over allready, like 3 month ago, it changes nothing (hint MMO, not single player). We play the game, that reason enough to go for the high quality stuff. You can enjoy your belonging for month, what ever you choose to own. And you must mistake me for someone else, i am not bored. I still enjoy the sandbox. But it does kinda, with each new gear level! Gold gets devalued etc. It is just not that superficial. Rendering old stuff invalid is easy created content. Are you bored btw? How is the mail going?
  13. Idk, you even yelled it. But me using "complain" is insulting TO THE COMMUITY? I high lighted what can be done to reduce the impact, that was for the community btw, not only for you!
  14. It is an MMO, wiping yourself does nothing when the economy stays. I go 8 grids for a stat upgrade, let it be food, i sail.
  15. See you fail to understand that i play the game (pure PVE). I still tame animals, even tho there will only be an upgrade in like every 300th level 28+ wild animal. I still tame! We breed for the moment of a good combine, may it be stats or color. The trading is there to let others profit from our work too, and mostly to keep in touch with the comunity, it is an MMO that we want to play. We as one of most (discord) active breeding/trading (tames) company dont breed for selling but for ourself. We breed for colors and stats. We kicked our high mutation lines for (nearly as good) unmutated lines. There is no progress in the high mutated line after a certain point. You breed dirty in the beginning to get started faster, then you reach a ceiling. Other dirty breeder all quit the game at that point. We changed to restart the unmuatated lines, we keep mutataions and breed them in later. I started with Bears like 7 weeks ago, from 90 unmutated, this is what i have now, and we have stats for a level 120 bear. We dont have the best tames, we dont say that (did once to counter another silly claim). We sell alot breedable tho, even best stats, we like to buy stats (upgrades), so we also share them back. For leveling: You need ~3m xp for level 100. Celio (RIP) did like 10m in the 4x weekend, i can do 3m on a 2x weekend, that is solo and without songs. It need map farming (15 hours?) and maybe buying in advance, it also might require to despawn gold on the way. Getting the DP for level 100 requires more work in my eyes (for a new char, the old ones got DP for 100 with ease). You are right, you dont need to buy when you tame for yourself. But some people are not able to tame an elephant, or tame a 120% melee, they are better of buying a good one. For bears, a tamee, unimprinted bear will not be able to kill a high level map. So you need a good breed or a self imprinted one. Or a groupe of players. I saw groupes of player ripping on higher maps for hours, including ripping their tames. You need to understand PVE, If you buy a good tame here, it will stay with you forever, so aim high. ALL HAIL to a WIPE, progression is love, give a fresh start. if you are interessted, here is a link to our discord:
  16. You are a firemen so you might not understand, but creative people dont like to idle and watch their creation go to shit.
  17. So how long do you load in? Dont you think you can do something else to avoid losing a ship then complain here? There are 3 good suggestions allready. BUT i also hate going into a storm or out of a storm at servercrossing. I would also like to have Server crossing addressed, with low prio atm tho.
  18. Kummba

    Follow distance lowest

    2 tips: Have a spyglass all the time. Enable wandering. The worst are ostrichs babies btw, they stop right on top of you even with low.
  19. Thanks for reply, but why say farm when building a ship takes up to 3 times the time in the first place? I can farm >50k metal in 10 min. Guess how long it takes to move it where i want to have it!
  20. I am PVE you are arguing PVP, nowere did i meantioned Character level. It was about Tames, which are a big part of PVE, you dont need to tame any if you get the (almost) best possible breedable. And Guy i have 2 chars >level 100, XP is no problem, DP is IN PVE. Actually it seems knowlage and dedication is the real problem with leveling. First you combine as high as it gets unmutated then you start adding mutations (pref in a line per stat). That way you end up way higher, know your tames way better. As zottle mentioned, tames speed up farm, transport, (land) travel and gold generation (XP) atm. If you dont need to tame them because u can buy the best possible, one big reason to play PVE is gone. What is left is the achivements, but what for? Also many PVE people like to trade, there will be very limited sell opertunities for new player. Taming and combining stats takes time. So yes everyone will play slower without a wipe!
  21. For PVE if there is no wipe, we will just sell level 80+ (unmutated) breedable tames to everyone, making them quit faster that way. With no wipe many new player will shortcut alot in this MMO. There is no progression if you go 0 to 100 in one week time.
  22. How long did it took to craft and build that thing? AND you are established.
  23. Kummba

    Treasure Maps

    I did maps with mace exclusive before wipe. I tried a map in an enclosed area with a mace after wipe (and changes to AotD). it was only level 25+ AotD, so only like 14 people. They hit me out of nowhere, the lag was real, i struggled hard. You need to avoid getting hit, otherwise you dead in stunlock it seems. It would be interessting to test if the damage (mace) is enough to kill a level 100 Worrior.
  24. Kummba

    Patch notes

    We get some stuff, the meat stack size and hopefully better BP system.
  25. All you turtle speed hauler create this problem, they dont (all) spawn at the boarder, mostly they get kited there by slow moving ships. Faster ships loose aggro way earlier. SotD at boarder are bad, polar whale at boarder are worse. We sail with spare planks ,deck and wheel for a reason. 15 seconds peace periode will not be enough for some PCs. But you can avoid this problem by spending RL money. I only need like 5 seconds transfer time normaly.