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    Game items that make you go WTF?

    "," is evil, if you miss. Dont have barn nearby There are many bugged map locations in the game, it is again a valid complain. And as you can take the berries out of the silo, and they stack in one stack. How imbalanced would it be to make a huge stack of meat.
  2. Kummba

    Ship can’t be moved

    Yes, you reset them when boarding.
  3. Kummba

    Island owners and island spam

    Our beds are gone. Many beds on our islands are gone, some still there, but alot are gone. Problem is, having discoveries as progression, ask to change that, and noone will set discovery beds.
  4. Kummba

    Island owners and island spam

    But how can we ask when you sleep or do groceries. Beds will be gone after 2 weeks most likely, they are for discoveries, when everyone got it, they expire. Just wait it out if you missed them. Also most bigger companies doing beds can be contacted via discord, we moved many beds when people asked.
  5. We currently have a 25% discount running to celebrate 750 member in our discord.
  6. Hello, We are "Children of Aule" former Pink Fluffy Unicorns and Nessil, we are back with our animal families! For those who don't know us , we are animal tamers, breeders ( and color chasers ) and fine crafters. We will offer a wide variety of tames and breeds, suitable for everyones needs and budget. We will also hold auctions, and giveaways as well as host our famous gift channel. Discord link For crafting, we have player with level 136+ (RIP soon) and maxed out crow available. We assume we can provide the highest crafting bonus (up to 19%) on EU PVE right now For most of the tame lines we sell the highest level on the EU PVE server We are selling (up to) Wild Levels 90+ ( also level 55+ clean pair breedable (200%dmg, 2k7 weight, 660 stam)) Wild Levels 80+ ( also level 55+ clean breedable pair, 200% dmg, 2k2 weight) Wild Levels 100 Crow ( with 30 tame levels, they reach the cap of 60% intelligence ) Wild Levels 80+ (up to 230% melee) Wild Levels 75+ (some decent breedable options) Wild Levels 95+ (also level 95 clean breedable available) Wild Levels 75+ Wild Levels 80+ WIld Levels 60+ Ostichs (also breedable) Wild Levels 85+ Parrots , , and .... No sheeps Razortooth and shildhorns, neutered and breedable. We breed mostly for colors, so visit the shop for amazing combined ones. Useable razors soon, we got some stats together, they combining. We sell Crafted Items and Max ship level capable Mythical Shipyards in playershops in N6. We also build up to mythical ships: We sell from D6 and N6. In N6 we have a trading area with many tames not in discord. There are signs with the stats, so you can shop there even tho none of us is online. And we offer additional informations in several channels for: Makeing Gold Breeding Taming Sailing Colors Building Boss, Cave and Essence locations. So join now, Kumba https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU
  7. Kummba

    Maps difficulty been increased

    The increased dmg for alcohol is gone, it might even reduce outgoing dmg (abit). The alcohol is about reducing incoming dmg. Later i lost my tiger and monkey, bc i crashed while spawning a map. I have same more tigers on my ship, so i continued. Now i have to say, the most improtant is the Monkey! The Hp reggen is so strong.
  8. New lions and some nice wolfes (also breedable) Bear with 250+ dmg now available also!
  9. Kummba

    Cargo harness on a floating bear

    On PVE you kill the tame to get rid of the box There is no other way afaik
  10. Kummba

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Hello, it was a real dev replying to a question. The comunity dummys dont even be on discord anymore. THIS. Crabs dont help with dmg. Its more about dmg now. And bc fights are longer, you need to activly avoid beeing hit yourself. Tigers mobility is great for that, also the bleed does its part. i do maps with tiger (800hp 230 dmg selfimprint), i even do double spawns. But i prepare, i wear high armor plate armor, i have alcohol buff, 250hp and never the less a high level monkey. My tiger gets dmg reduction from alcohol too. In good terrain, the hp loss is next to nothing bc the incoming dmg can be avoided. This was me after i cleard a 30.4 map (like 119 worrior) in bad terrain. Keep in mind when using a tiger, you will most likely die befor him!
  11. Some more hours for our weekend gold giveaway.
  12. they did not even implemented the colors yet, did they?
  13. Kummba

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    So we have one developer working on atlas, gone are: li(v)e producer a doll the whole QA (team^^). Did phase 1 started yet? What was done in this patch (PVE view): - maxlevel was reduced by tweaking one number, which lead to needing ~4000 DP for level 120. That was an increse by (99/69) ~43%. 5 hours later they have a workaround. Were was QA here? - Some tames dmg vs play was buffed: Aotd gets more resistance, and deals more dmg. 6 hours after patch (5 hours after it got reported here) the dev did not know about. - Items are removed from loottable: - but you get slightly less BPs now (my evil guess is: they still produced but deleted before moved to container ) - Intstead of being able to move with a ship while offline (or fixing any of spawn related bugs) they make sleepers visible to offload the problem to the captain? - 10% attackrange, at least for tiger it is still not enough to facedmg an elephant. plus: rename ship, and at a high price! But, where is the vision, where are we heading? look at this, a razor self imprinted razor, normal hits 105, the level 22 warrior is hitting for up to 60! https://gyazo.com/6c42dc81469eed84c99167078888e6b0
  14. This was sold withhin seconds More of its kind to come
  15. Kummba

    how to unlock the submarine

    kill the kraken v1
  16. we have some breedable in discord but more unuploaded, a pair would be at about 10k. And, new 3 times 5000 gold giveaway.
  17. Kummba

    Building on Golden Age Ruins.

    People grieft cave entrances, no more building allowed. Tame from a tame.
  18. Kummba


    Ok current. And i am PVE, but if there is a eye of a needle you can not avoid, it will be a hotspot of saltyness. Still people are willing to have an additional system on top, which requires third party tools? Maybe start understanding the simple wind system in this game first?
  19. Kummba

    Problem with Razortooth-Taming

    Some other company tried to tame them, they failed, the razor is locked to them. If you dont see tames info box, just kill it, or ask if the someone still tries to tame it.
  20. Kummba


    I dont know about dimentions, but i dont see what you see. And as a pirate you just wait at hotspots where people have to go through to get into a fight. Also i see alot of areas where the wind will confuse the sailer alot. Also a full map of low wind
  21. Kummba

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    breed chicken, problem fixed
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  23. Kummba


    Nice illustration and good observing, but also completly wrong. The strongest wind is north or south wind, east and west is slow. The better route would be trough polar also And bc of your otherwise valid observations, it make no sence to go that slow. you should try to make this trip in one strong wind cycle, which means about 1h30m, so dont load that heavy
  24. Kummba

    Let´s talk about imprinting again!

    Why people complaining about imprinting thinking you need to imprint to 100%? With doing two imprints per day (which is easy doable) you get to about 66%. We as seller do this for teh tames we only breed for selling. Imprint in the morning and afternoon evening. Yes you boot the pc before going to work or whatever, but it should only take 5 minutes anyway. Then argumenting with razor, i think even now with the greater meat stacks, the imprinting is still one of the easyer things for razors. How is going away from exact 8 hours helping, it screws everything. With lower or longer then 8 hours you cant keep a rythem, you will need to wake up during the night at some point etc. A possible solution would be that only 2 of 3 imprints are needed to get to 100%.
  25. Kummba

    Help with shieldhorn breeding

    Mating is very buggy with laggy server atm. Sometime i need to move the male, for a razor breeding the male needed to be move further away. One time the mating process was on and off. So mating timer got interrupted and resettet. You just get no indicator at all, as you said. Mount the male and move it to another position, pray. I had problems with razors, and bears. In equatorial and temperate.