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  1. Hey i got the solution for u, this applies if u started in on of the regions instead of the usual freeport! 1. U have to commit suicide, easy enough find a shark high cliff hit a wild bear. 2. At your respawn screen select change home region. Be prepared to loose connection to the game but dont worry, change the home region to closest freeport. 3. Click through all the connection lost messages, until u get back to main menu. If not force the game to close by windows button + d, then right click over atlas and close windows. Make sure u have atlas closed and exited b4 proceeding to 4. 4. Start Atlas again. Do not select rejoin server, instead select join server. Select correct server, and select the freeport that u previously selected in 2.!!! 5. U will now spawn in a freeport and able to play. I am not sure if u have fixed the prb at this point but u prb have, what i did from here was to get mats for a sloop and bought it from guy on pier. sailed back to my base abd when i landed at shore i got the discovery of it! and game worked. I also did something else between 1 and 2, i am not 100% sure what i did, u see it took a few days b4 i posted it here so i apoligize for that, but i think i went to freeport at respawn screen, and killed myself again there then changed home region. If it doesnt work 1st time try again as i sugested above. But the most important thing is!! do not select rejoin server at 4!! Happy tradeing and hunting. Lazsa
  2. THis game can be played anyway u like, u or me or nobody has the right to tell anyone how they play. I dont care how u play this game. U stay on pvp and me PVE discussion over.
  3. This might be in PvP play, i will never play PvP. I am a pve person and been playing almoust a year now, and how we play is prb different from what u are used too. Nevertheless u or noone else decide how we or atleast me, how i want to play. Thats up to me and oither ppl. I want to collect Blueprints i want to tame animals, i want to build nice looking ships, i want to build 1 main base and 1 or 2 resource bases, Ferry resources in my new shiny Galleon and build another mythical ship if i am able too. I never asked for Farmhouises Ware houses, i dont like them but i tolerate them coz other ppl like them. I like it as it were before the warehouse patch. I like new thigns but fix the bugs and servers 1st . thank u, these sea forts seriously lag my game and especially map. For pvp the farmhouses prb great but not for PVE players, we dont have to rebuild bases annd ships. They should have set up the servers differently so that us on the PVE servers could enjoy it more. Atleast set a maximum number of 3 pr island and 5 pr region or something like that. Warehouses should be 1 pr island. Also the range between warehouses might need a change, U dont need it when it comes to warehouses coz now it will be only 1 allowed pr Company pr island. THe larger companies on the pve servers concured all the sea forts, and we others doesnt have a way to contest it. Once conquered they are yours until end of Season(wipe). This should be changed, there should be a limit on how many u can have even if u a large company. i get it if u a large company u can have more but not all!. Just take a peek on the pve map and u see what i mean, no explenation is needed. Well thank u for posting this but i do not agree on everything u sugested, but its always nice to see what other people mean. Greetings from: Lazsa Heltanus
  4. Hey U need to use one of the metals in a forge together with one type of the gems. + some other stuyff. then u get urselves alloys. For more info on this i am surtan that u can find this on youtube. (Exactly how u do it) Have fun Lazsa
  5. Well i escaped my faulty grid that is H8. i put all my gear in a box on ship, went out and died on purpose. then instead of choosing bed to respawn i respaned freeport. made myself a ship and some basic stuff. Sailed ship to another grid and anchored. then i fast traveld from this sloop to one of my other beds in H8. and voila it works. IT will acording to other ppl that did the same, only prolong ur playing time ppl have had noi issues for hours but sometimes not that long, but atleasst it prolongs ur playing time maybe enough to get one of your bigger ships out of grid and relocate and move entirly if u dont like it. Well its upo to you i am gonna make more bases aswell, but i will only build what i need. No huge stuff. Huge stuff may break server or contribute to. Important notice, dont log in or out in faulty grid. b4 u log put all your inventory in a box, fast travel out of grid to your sloop that u buildt in freeport, then log off. And ofc do not anchor sloop in freeport over night, but most of you ppl know what happens then. Well i hope u guys try to do the same, and keep in there plz Lazsa
  6. I heard some ppl have been having this prb for a week! This needs to be addressed!. To not fix prbs on serverss is not a nice way to phase out pve server play! We alrdy know from earlier post that the eu server is the pve server for now. We have also seen that they are going to change out pve with something else! This is not the way to do it! Be more open answer forum posts, inform us what is going on. THere are many players that dont want to play pvp at all, so u will loose a lot of players if u do this, expecially if u do it this way. Lack of info is interpeted by us players as worst case scenarios is happenign! hence it is smart to inform. ANd what type of programming do u guys do ? implementing new stuff b4 fixing server issues ? Look i am alrdy asuming u do this , coz mainly u dont care to inform! I hope i am wrong and u do try to adress issues and working u ass off trying to figure out why 1 or more of your servers are failing. U need to adress battleye aswell maybe. But i think the servers one ore more are so slow that battleeye thinks u lost connection and therefore kicks u. Can u atleast change this option in battleeye so we atleast can play some ? I surtanly hope u will fix this issue now, or u loose half ur player base. Hey from: Lazsa Heltanus, soon to sign off if not corrected.
  7. There is a short fix, but it wount help u for long, it will max give u 5-10 minutes of play b4 kicked again. Instead of choosing rejoin server go down to join server and select your existing server. in this case pve server. then it will load for awhile and it will pop a error window, dont click anything in it let it just disapear again and wait for the game to load. If the game doesnt load corectly liek u cant acess anything or using the e key on anything u have to restart atlas and repeat with join server. do this until u get the E to interact in game again. This worked for me, but as i said i was only able to play like 5 minuts or so maybe a little bit more. I hope u guys will with this atleast keep ur bases from auto decayh and give u a chanse to fill up animal food trays......... and then give this time to maybe, just maybe to be fixed... Let us hope it will.
  8. Lazsa

    New World Map!

    It really boil down to this: They gave Na pve players 1 day notice, and then they removed the server. They weren't even clear on this in their post, i thought they ment Na pve servers will be taken down when new map arrives, that is how i interpreted this. The total lack of info is one thing, but the way u did it its what i put the question mark on. Are u so arrogant ? Do u not see what people on here have put into this game, time and i bet ppl was also planing to build new stuff and maybe do the Kraken for a last time. i would have tolerated u removing the server when the new map arrived, and then viped everything, if u needed server space why couldn't u have rented it for 21 days so u could test that new map of yours or a little longer, instead of stepping on/ignoring/gutting/whatever the NA pve comunity. Do u really feel that the cost on that is more worth than the players that plays/played on there ? U could have given NA pve server 1 month or aprox, but u basicaly raised the middle finger on them. With all this beeing said, u caould have done this entirly different and still gotten the community on your side. I would and many with me either quit or take a loooong break. Have a good one.
  9. Hey This happened to me too. I Didnt og that fast either . I might have hit shallow waters but to seee the ship explode like that was a big suprise for me, i couldnt do anything. I tried to og backwards but invain. I also want to report a prb With the small shipyard i have. I tried to build 2 New schooners they both sunk in dry dock, it was as if i had chose Demolish ship, but i asure you i didnt. 1st time it happend i was going into the Inventory. The second time it happened i dropped a Sea bass (Fish) on top of bottom stairs. Both time i had madse some progress., i lost a lot of materials. I have after that Toree Down the Shipyard and now i am trying for the 3rd time. I wount put on the Planks b4 i got all of them now, So lets see if that tactic will help. Well lately it has been mopre bugs thatn 1st time i started on the server, but lets hope bugs will be fixed and Peeps stays happy :) Happy Hunting Guys
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