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  1. I figured it out. Thanks for the help. I was following, but I had to change a setting so it sends emails.
  2. I agree with you 120%. I also have less the zero interest in pvp ship battles. I love the game in its current form, infact I would say I like it more than ark. But with the changes they plan to make it is going to ruin the game for me. Honestly a massive shame. If they didn’t want the game to be fantasy based they shouldn’t have put dragons, hydras, etc in in the first place. Its too late to change the theme now. People already purchased the game in hopes of experiencing what the Atlas trailer showed. They should have decided the damn theme of the game at stage 1 of developement, not a damn year after release. Really grinds my gears. I love the games wildcard makes, but my god do they make some god awful decisions.
  3. My main problem is that they are going to ruin pve and transition to solely pvp. Taming is the primary purpose for playing pve. I don’t enjoy pvp. I love realistic pirate ships, sailing mechanics, etc: this is not an issue I have with the game. I don’t understand why Grapeshot can’t support both pve and pvp instead of trashing the pve community. I know my reply is late. Thought the forum would email me when replies came in, but it never did.
  4. Will taming be removed from the game in the future? I am reading alot of notes from the developers that they are planning to overhaul the game and get away from the “fantasy” aspect. Does this mean they will be removing taming or significantly cutting current portions of it from the game? I hear they want to make the game more realistic, but I didn’t buy this game to play sea of thieves. I have no interest in PVP pirate sea of thieves simulator. Do the devs not realize that PVE is the majority consumer base in this game? If this does occur I will most likely leave this game and Im sure Im not the only one. Edit: This my main concern when it comes to the future of the game. The developers (as far as I know) have not elaborated or answered this question
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