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  1. You will have to wait 2 weeks at least for the dingy to vanish I think, will be less now you have waiting for 6 days. I personally think the timers are bugged or broken for ships, I remember reading patch notes at the time and said 14 days but I also had 2 galleons in my base near end of wipe about year ago and I waited and waited but never vanished. Took just over around 4 weeks to vanish. I believe so yes, I think this might have been part of my problem with galleons, I stepped on them occasionally not realising. I always thought you had to physically move the ship or at least interact with it like being on the wheel etc but yes I believe all you need to do is just be on it, anyone can do this. There is a sign up on server I am on, ship been there ages and someone put a sign up "do not board ship to reset timer"
  2. I don't know where you have been going for your microwaves but I suggest you go there no more.
  3. Surprised at you selling alot of elephants and giraffes, I'd be interested to see if this continues with the autocollect through warehouses. Personally I buy any bears I need, there is no way I will sit there for 4 hours hand feeding a bear berries, just not for me I'm afraid. People also get the gold just by doing wrecks, that's how I have the gold so far, not done 1 map yet, just not interested enough. Found a few high level wrecks to get me well over 1000 gold. By the time I got to a destination I had about 7000 gold. As for building on shipyards I know this is possible with the small shipyard because my friend used to put 2 small ones together and build his base on it but not sure if you can snap them to a large shipyard. Once next Tuesday comes I will be well into Microsoft Flight Sim anyway, so Atlas will see even less of my time now than it has. I think they only way I will enjoy it more is giving it a very long break until dare I say it, they add more content.
  4. People can still use the animals to get resources yes but they are not needed. If you do use animals still it won't be long until until it creeps into your head saying why am I doing this, everyone else isn't. PvE needs more content more than ever if they are going down this automation route. In PvP it is not so bad as you are hunting other players but PvE it just gives you less to do. They said they are breaking away PvE into something else, we still haven't heard what that is. It wouldn't surprise me if PvE is merged with PvP next season I've seen very little content over the years. How hard is it to put quite alot of cosmetics in the game like weapons and clothing. To me it seems like they struggle to understand coding. If they are struggling on the game engine then I would much prefer them to start on another but they won't do that will they, not when they find it convenient to transfer code from Ark. When released they wanted 40k players playing, first day was madness lots of players everywhere now lucky to see any. The game could have had more than 40k players had they done things right and not pissed everyone off but that would require good devs which this game doesn't have.
  5. What they should be doing is looking at how other games do it, quests maybe sail to location or drop off a shipment of supplies etc. More content to as a group which includes a group finder so you can always do them when others are looking to do it. Auctionhouse or market across all servers but this would require alot more content to be added. At the pace they are going I have no hope for the game. If there was a real pirate MMO game I'd happily pay a subscription every month but there isn't any. You have 0% chance of these people making the game anywhere near what we all thought it was going to be. Just have to enjoy it how it is. They've binned 2 road maps already I think, that should tell you everything, no direction.
  6. I was excited for Skull & Bones when it was first mentioned until I saw videos and read that it is a small co op game with small map, I was under the impression it was an open world game with many players but it didn't look that way to me which was disappointing. It will still be more of a pirate game that Atlas is I just wouldn't get your hopes up over this game if I was you. If only someone could come up with a real open world pirate game, done right it could be very successful but Atlas won't be long term.
  7. When the game gets to easy I wouldn't even play it at all. Now warehouses will auto collect for you what work is there to be done? If there was alot more content added then fine but right now there isn't. I like the farmhouse but feel the game will get so easy that more people will just leave. Gotta have that self achievement and work for something otherwise what is the point? That just my opinion though, many will probably love everything done for them.
  8. I noticed a reduction in players on server I am on also. The novelty wears of quickly if you've been around since the beginning. We have been through wipes many times, trouble is they are not adding enough content to draw people back. Then you have the griefers blocking and trolling to the point where people give in and just don't play it. I will be very surprised if this ever got to full release.
  9. Yes but we are talking in the context of farmhouse. Of course I used them before. The point is it is taking those tames jobs away. I have thousands of stacks of wood to keep me going and if you have several farmhouses well you have more than you know what to do with. Now it looks like auto collect into warehouse you won't need to worry about wood or most resources ever again. You will need a carry tame of course which I use giraffe for but could still use elephant to carry but its not their sole purpose.
  10. Why do you need an elephant when you have a farmhouse the auto collects for you? Post farmhouse it is not required but I'm sure some still use them.
  11. They want us to be more at sea they say and less on land, well they should bring in a build limit or some sort of build ranger like a flag or 2 to build in. I've gone past islands with big structures and dear me the lag is unreal. Yes people can build how they want but what people must remember it effects other people aslo. I have no problem if people want to build high into the sky, if so the devs must fix this and stabilise the game because it is no fun for others. I have a rtx 2080 and even I have to drop settings down to get decent fps. People like to build I get it, me to but I also think about other people and limit what I build. People paid for the game with their own money though so if it is allowed then they will do it, it's upto the devs to sort it out and it's been like this for a very long time, since release. I've noticed the lag for as long as I can remember. I wish people had more consideration though towards others.
  12. I had problems building my shipyard when I started to build after the wipe. It was orange then turned to blue sometimes so it was hard to place it even though there was nothing underneath. This bug won't be fixed anytime soon so forget it, place it where you can.
  13. Which is why many haven't come back. What they should have done was implement more content when everything went silent for 6 month. They would rather work on Ark though, they have no one to blame but themselves, Jat and Dollie at the top of the tree, they are the ones to blame.
  14. DannyUK


    I've never really played around much with handcuffs, at least not in the game. Be good in PvE though if we could capture NPC and put them in handcuffs or cages. Never even tried if you can put handcuffs on NPC I just always thought it was a PvP thing but I like the idea of it.
  15. Oh you should have seen it when we could all build in the freeport, you were lucky to get out of your own shipyard, I will never get that sight out of my head, mayhem. I agree though, people do block with boats had it happen to me a few times but just had to wait it out. Some just want to grief for fun, that's why many left a year or so ago nothing changed.
  16. I don't mind them gathering resources but it is taking the need for tames away, at least that is the way it seems to be heading, whether they take them out completely in the future remains to be seen. Yes I'm sick of the sight of seeing them everywhere also and I wouldn't be against having a limit to building. They want us more at sea, I'm all for being at sea but they seem to be working backwards giving us land based things and not more sea things. I hope we see these new ships and things at sea in this season but I get the feeling we won't going from experience.
  17. So with the news of warehouses coming next week what do people think about them now they know abit more information on them? They will connect to farmhouses so automatically gathering resources. At the moment I just use the resource box but now they will automatically go into the warehouse it's another nail in the coffin for tames I guess. They look quite big on the picture, it will be a nightmare seeing them all over the place. People have already spammed the farmhouse now we will have to see warehouses everywhere. Many probably won't be able to connect them if it works the same way as farmhouse where it says "can't place here to close" I think it is taking things away from tames, not sure if this is their intended purpose to cut down on tames but I have never used the elephant, all resources I need goes into the resource box near farmhouse. Only tames I use is bear and giraffe only to carry huge amounts of weight. People who breed and sell won't be to happy, I'm sure they will have a reduction in people coming to buy elephants and giraffes. I would have preferred them to focus more on things to do at sea first, sailing is to boring, at least to me. We need more things to do at sea and new ships, maybe NPC ships to board at sea etc. I just wish they focus on these first rather than buildings to gather resources. I know these things are in the pipeline but I get the feeling we won't see them for a very long time, maybe even next season.
  18. Knew there would be regular wipes, said it over a year ago. I remember after the second wipe people were saying it will be the last one, there will be no more wipes and I said back then that there would be. You could see it coming because things are a mess and things need to change, for big changes comes big wipes unfortunately. I don't mind them, I like them because it gives me something to build again and start a fresh but I will admit at this moment in time I am nowhere near engaged in the game like I was a year ago. Done most of the things, nothing much to do at sea other than kill SOTD so I spend very little time playing right now.
  19. There is someone on the server I'm on that has placed gates in the shore area blocking someone else. He decided to build in the shore area where someones shipyard is so now they can't get their ships out. They now argue over that area, one saying "I was here before you, remove your structures" then other say "no you weren't, I placed foundation here before you" so now it goes back and forth like that. 2 people have put tickets in against the blocking and that was 2 weeks ago also, nothing has been done, I go over and check every morning to see if it has vanished, nope still there. I think they just randomly pick tickets to look at and maybe discard quite alot of them. This is why I didn't bother after II submitted tickets last time, I had thought they changed their ways of looking at tickets but I guess not. Glad you got things sorted though, it's always best to try and compromise because as you notice most of the time you won't get help from a dev. Personally I'd like to see Mods given powers to at least look at tickets and access it with maybe options to remove if necessary.
  20. Mine gets quite abit of resources, wood, thatch, metal, rocks and loads of berries. What I have done is place the farmhouse down and right in front I placed a resource box. So everytime I see the farmhouse stop I go over to it and just take it out of the farmhouse straight into the resource box to fill it up and let the farmhouse go again. When I run short of materials all I have to do is take my giraffe which has lots of points in weight and just bring it back. Maybe they will increase the storage of the farmhouses liike resource boxes in time, who knows.
  21. Did he reach his build limit and that's why centre is unfinished? Be funny if true.
  22. Yes I think the exploit is still active, only until your ships anchors and turns green though. if it is white people can still overload it I think, not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure you can. Used to be a nightmare before they changed it, people would just pick loads of metal up and hang on the ladder then bye bye ship. There was an exploit of picking up unlimited weight which still remains I think, never tried it though.
  23. Usually the tickets take quite a few days, depends how many they have to get through. There won't be many looking at tickets, might only be 1 person from the team. I've done tickets before in the past and they have never been looked into but I hear they are starting to look now so hope it's resolved for you. This is also the result of reducing server, reducing islands and NA and EU sharing, trouble is many don't want to share and causes problems like we see. The System needs to change back to flag each or maybe 2 each or they could have just made huge islands in some of the grids. If they crack down on it though it will reduce people doing it.
  24. Trouble is the way it comes across to me is Ark is their main game and I wouldn't be surprised to find out alot of the money raised from Atlas also goes to Ark, I bet much of Ark money doesn't come Atlas's way. Got a sense of this when it went silent for months to work on Ark DLC, Jat and Dollie pulled from Atlas to go back to Ark. What they should have done is kept regular streams going on Twitch which costs nothing. Now they have added farmhouses it has taken tames away from the game apart from bear maybe but alot of it is collected automatic. I just hope they add alot more content in PvE. I'd like to see ship battles and jumping onto NPC ships and they fight you, wishful thinking though.
  25. I didn't say people wanted pincoded smithies but if you played on day 1 you would know that's how it used to be What I am saying is they haven't learned from the mistake of past experience where everyone used to steal all your stuff from the smithy, same thing with farmhouse.
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