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  1. Upkeep for these docks is way too high! Especially if one cannot collect bottles! 80% of bottles just simply disappear now...how the hell are we to get gold with this crap happening? Then why can you not make a script to restart the servers at the same time every day? It is so simple to do! When more than 5 people in a grid the lag starts and gets progressively worse. Many games do this...live EVE Online! The markets: Why cant you add a delete button to the routes? Once your routes are populated then someone cancels or rejects it, you are screwed because you cannot get new ones! Gold for ships: You should look at charging for ships that you can buy in free ports...not ones that we build!! Make the freeport ships better quality and then charge these astronomical prices for them! Will you EVER start listening to players?
  2. 70% of the treasure map bottles cannot be collected - especially the high end ones! WHY? How are we to generate gold to pay the ridiculous prices to craft ships? WHEN will you BALANCE the resource spawns? Come on Guys, FIX THE GAME!
  3. I agree. FIX the WAREHOUSES please. 1 warehouse per company and per grid/island. So many of us can not place a warehouse at all...some islands can only fit 1 so the guy who placed his first gets it and no one else. THIS is simply just wrong! Also, it will take a day for you to fix spawns! iF IT LOOKS LIKE A STRAWBERRY, MAKE IT A STRAWBERRY!
  4. SPAWNS! From day 1 spawns have been a problem. With the latest wipe even more so. This could take you a day to fix :( and we have been complaining about it till the cows come home. 1. Too many snakes. 2. If you spawn a strawberry, let it BE a strawberry. 3. If you spawn fibre, let it BE fibre. 4. Ruby is not a crystal. If you spawn a ruby let it BE a ruby. In some areas where you have the same spawned plant next to each other yet you can have 3 different items from berry to fibre. Please keep it real - it makes for a more pleasant experience.
  5. EU PVE - M11 Oxville island We own this island and for more than a week now NO ONE can harvest anything on it After lodging support tickets, posting bug reports in discord for a week now, the admins simply ignore us! Not fair, Not nice, Not ethical!
  6. EU PVE - Grid M11 - Oxville Haven Island For a week now no one on XBox nor PC can harvest anything on our island, yet the gold upkeep costs gets taken. Our settlers have all left. We have submitted tickets, lodged bug reports in discord - all to no avail This is simply unfair and certainly not deserving. Having spent approx 4000 hours in this game makes me so sad to see how people are simply ignored If someone has access to speak to the Admins, please ask them to Please get this fixed
  7. When you look at games with strong player trading, it LASTS! Take LIneage II or EVE for example! The player shop is a joke - on us! This shop should be free for starters and should be able to be placed on player-created 'shopping zones' on any island. Who on earth wants to pay the same amount for a trader shop as the island cost? Not me anyway! It should be FREE! Small companies with less than say 8 players seem to have no place anywhere!
  8. Seems not! I am also not able to log in and NO servers are findable either :{ Been like this since the 8.2G update which shows Rev number "unknown"
  9. The amount of snake and bug spawns is ridiculous I agree! In L12 on EUPVE I spent 4 hours just killing snakes, lions etc before even being able to harvest anything (after losing my tames to alpha snake going through walls)! Not only that but with so many NPC spawns it puts a bigger load on the server as far as I know!
  10. Great solution! Player shops should also be able to open anywhere!
  11. The Devs seem to be trying to re-invent the proverbial wheel - it never works! Even on PVE there should be a claim system and player shops! Look at history - In Lineage II and EVE Online, these 2 games thrived for many, many years (and still do) on player trading! Player trading in PVE makes it all worthwhile and the better the economy the more interest it brings to the game. Player shops should be able to be made ANYWHERE in the game - there is no point to have them on spawn points or lawless areas only! Just won't work and will result in another wipe probably? So my suggestion is that the Devs take a few minutes and "steal" winning concepts from other games and apply them - after all it would be to their benefit! This game has the potential of being super-awesome if they just could only think 'out the box'!
  12. I just feel so sorry for all the graphic design staff in this game...job well done but the devs and management's attitude to clients will eventually ruin it for many! You would think that they would have learnt from previous mistakes and improved on them and not made them worse than before! So SAD !
  13. so agree...been looking for land for 2 weeks now and planted many flags to no avail...they really need to look into this matter soon and not say that it would probably be looked into much later as they have more important things to do! As you say, the rate at which bad reviews are coming in, will put many many potential new players off and the costs of the servers will go up dramatically compared to revenue earned as well as dev costs! I think that 3 land claims per person as mentioned above is the way to go~
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