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  1. I wouldn't call it new content! More like just reskin and colours of old. quite lazy really.
  2. I have 1 server running 16 grids. trading markets implemented and working people are receiving goods. The problem is the sea fort are not generating any gold when we blow them up, 5 servers PVP 5 servers PVE and 5 servers Lawless 1 FREEPORT. 1 Sea Fort for the Freeport AND 3 Sea forts for the rest. could you please give me some advice.
  3. @Doughber I was using my PC IP address everything was working fine until this update and now it freezes after a few hours and it's unusable. the solution was to use the internet IP address and do a fresh install now everything is working as it should be. I did just use the wizard for the fresh install. and turned off territory Maps as it didn't work.
  4. Posted February 5 I've updated the download link to ASC This release contains the updated Server Grid Editor and some bug fixes, more updates to follow. Drop the contents of the Zip file directly over the top of your existing installation. For new installations, create a folder and copy the contents of the zip into it and run. After installing your update the program seems a little bit slow and sluggish and I've noticed after 6 or 7 hours it freezes and I've noticed in the Task Manager it's running at 3 gigs so it's obviously a problem, was perfectly fine before I UPDATED ASC, And the auto-update does not seem to work, very good when it's working @SparcMX
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