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  1. Sigh... Troll... Take the Mega argument to another thread. Punishment needs to be handed down plain and simple. Glitchers, Exploiters, and Hacks need to be dealt with plain and simple or people will continue to leave. TPG last season banded so many Xbox tribes together and helped them form there own MEGAs to fight back against us the PC master race people. Megas are the inevitable outcome of all Survival games. Look at EVE online. Megas can be dealt with by simply fixing the Alliance system. Expanded the alliance system to form bigger alliances and the smaller clans can flourish if they now that friends can back them up. Sure you wind up with only a few factions in the game but the wars are epic at that point. Look at eve worked for them and others.
  2. I was trying to say that Megas will go away. Megas arent about glitching and exploiting, its about safety in numbers. There is nothing wrong with Megas. The problem is when you get a large group like say SDC that want to win at all costs and Glitch and Exploit there way to the top. They Destory the game and they love it. Punishment needs to target these types of players and that will even the field. I was part of TPG the most hated of all Megas in the game. We didnt glitch and exploit are way there it was hard work. Most of us choose not to play this season cause the game is to broken.
  3. Title speaks for its self. Stand up and take this game back from the Glitchers and Exploiters! Great work on trying to fix the yeti cave. Keep it up. Lord knows there is a laundry list of things to be fix. But the major thing that needs to be fixed is the punishment system. This is a great time prove yourself to the community that you are serious. The only point the last Devs made is we will Ban you for Racist speak. You wont lose the megas like previous devs thought. We will always progress faster then casual gamers because of team work. But the rate that they have progressed since the wipe is game breaking. Blackhole, CSTG, SDC, Uganda, etc. are done leveling for the most part and are going to start rampaging in the next few days. This will kill the populace. The average player level for legit players is around 35-40 at the time of this post. Highest in our company is 56 and we are a Mega. The Exploiters are well over 100 at this points... Normals and Xbox cant compete with that can they. Aftter this free warning you move to banning. Fun thing about people that get banned they love to buy new account to keep trying to play. *Cough* Felon *Cough*! There is a super easy fix for this anyone over a certain level say 60 gets reset to level one. You will make your point. Moving forward remove any XP from the yeti cave till its actually fixed in PTR. By the way Kraken has the same issue so you might wanna turn off the XP on that to. Some companies have become so brazen they even admit it in open chat. Now is your time to stand up and prove yourself. You can do it!
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