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  1. I too have many pics and vids. Showing what you are saying. Last season we seen the same thing with warehouses. This season we have had server restarts after defending and killing bears, server would restart and rollback 5 mins so the bears were alive. We have seen and have pics of people raiding in thatch building up in the air with no pillars support. The devs have no intention to balance the game against the dev supported cheating megas and them being in on it is the most logical analysis.
  2. The game itself is almost gone, and if they phase out the old ship system completely, the game itself will be gone. Completely. While I would agree even with tradewinds sloop travel is extremely slow. That said otherwise is the least of the issues keeping the game afloat.
  3. @Nacona Islands need to have an absolute no build at a height above a certain limit. I dont know about anyone else, But I dont care If I dont have the option to also build in an unraidable postion, But I dont want to spend 2 days trying to build up to to raid someone ,this is supposed to be a fleet battle game, anyone having the option for protection on a claimed island, high pillar location or freeport negates ANY further PVP in a PVP game. Larger companies will always have the advantage regardless of time or skill involved. Period. If the devs are unable at this point to make changes to resurrect the game it is because it is expected for us to move on so they can be free of their failures.
  4. Not only that, but when you spend 3 months taming and building and have a """defence""" of 300 puckles/balistas/cannons. And you are picked apart offline in a single night by a lvl 13 cannon horse. Thats a bit of an unbalance right there. There is absolutely no defence in this game other than having people online 24 hrs. That is why there is no population. If this game was American made the devs and everyone associated would be sued to hell and back or be in prison for promoting toxic division, racisism, inequality. I don't care what acceptance page you have everyone accept. WE all paid to play, everyone should have that opportunity to have an equal experience. And don't give me that shit of, pvp, single player, pve, unofficial servers bull shit. Clans have been formed since the connection of the first baud modem. The communities were not toxic. This behavior is propagated here behind the disguise of pvp and pirate themes. Even when they "try" to make decissions better for small or solo play they fail. Joining one side or the other is not acceptable. If I pay for the game, learn it play more hours than others. I should have that benefit or advantage. When your not able to play the game, spending 30 hrs at a clip online defending your base against 2-3 low lvl cannon horse/bear, there is a major balance issue. Several flaws such as building high on pillar bases and hiding stuff at the bottom of the ocean. Spamming pillars on your island or storing everything at freeport should not be allowed. Bottom line, tames need to be protected and not stored at freeport. Boats need to be protected and not stolen out of 50000 gold armored docks. This is discrimination. Period.
  5. Every sale has brought and influx to the freeports. They do however need to address many issues. Ark is a success because of megas, and they are trying to go by the same stategy. Also why they never communicate and are late with every patch to create hype. But theres no one left to hype up. lol
  6. my guess is they do play and control the megas and thats why it stays unfair and does not get fixed.
  7. Cant replace any of the new towers on sea forts.
  8. This will get you a warehouse full of generic resources. And If you have 103 ships out on a single trader, You sent them alot of stuff, their warehouse is likely gone or out of resources. So good luck getting anything back. This is likely to happen just after trading you all the generic shit you cant use. Before great praise, people need to validate.
  9. It was designed by the devs for the megas to continue to grief the small companies. I mean who cares if the game tanks. They are having fun.
  10. Fuel? How about being able to place them? After someone blowing one up, I cannot place another. Its blue. Also could not contest a second sea fort with no one around, on or in the water around it, timer would not go down.
  11. One major thing absent from this wipe was a sale to include an influx of new players. We are stuck with the same "megas" same names, same people, playing the same way. Combine it with the devs lack of being able to balance the game and deal with cheaters, it makes for a very stale game that most will tire of very quickly. We occasionally get new players that are excited to learn and experience only to find out it is not the experience they were hoping for. If that doesn't exhibit the need for big changes, I don't know what does. The devs, need to get off their high horse, stop catering with these megas. Day 3 of the wipe we were fighting level 85 guys that had 2 crabs on the island. Sound BALANCED? FIX and Balance your game and new people will stick around! Who cares if you lose the megas! Thats a few hundred people at this point! Let less toxic balanced and competitive game play be the new course for atlas!
  12. Heard of the change region>die>restart>respawn not working for me tho
  13. I put a ticket in. Can we get a little confirmation here? Or just take it offline.
  14. I have noticced alot of Farms built by single companies. They can build right up to and including touching a Farm and still have 1.0 Efficiency. I have to build quite a few foundations away or it stays at .5 to .75
  15. Same issue here. I guess they think its funny at this point. Even High School amatures could run a better network. Roll it back, Not that difficult!
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