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  1. I do agree with the title os the other thread, changes need to be made. Since content is limited, and its doubtfull enough will be added to make any comeback as far as the game is concerned I'd suggest the following. Limit armored to three slots for gold. 30k thats plenty. Stop water building. Boxes could be fine. Add a few things to spend gold on. Make boats acquirable decrease boat times by less than half what they are now. I know they wanted a boat game, but if you make it so bases are needed and you cant hide all your gold underwater or in a dozen armoreds, it will provide content. Bases to raid, gold to haul. I never worry about mats. Automation has provided plenty, so why steal it. These are relatively minor changes except the water building, but even if you omit these you could increase barrel damage to stone structure by another 10 percent or so.
  2. Launch your boat and ram it. Make sure you have patches.
  3. It does not seem possible for the dev team to fix anything related to balancing the game. Out of a list of a 100 items added a minor issue may be changed or resolved often going to one end of the extream or the other or so small that it doesn't matter. Such as ship speed. Why they added all these portals, because only the no life trolls that will be on the PTR for 30 hrs before a wipe will know how to get to any islands. Then a map will be released 2-3 days later when all the islands have been taken. I cannot fight a bunch of crabs. I cannot fight 5 broadsiders showing up to take out my armored docks. Love the game, but have never seen an intentional display of segregation in what should be a fair for all fun, survival pirate experience. In no reality should a game consist of having to be on for many hours to accompish something. And before anyone judges, single player, pve or just join a mega is not a solution. If the devs (grapshot) cannot see this as a problem, then any sane person would and should boycott them and anything attached to them. I can handle bugs. Game breaking bugs should be fixing before introducing more content producing more bugs. And their total disregard for thier playerbase is abysmal. You cannot have a game that is pvp (which is competitive) have all the advantages swung in certain players direction and have most of the servers offline for a week and think thats ok to just keep it going. Each year goes by with population getting cut to the point they even have to merge pvp servers just to keep it alive. What could be an epic game that would deserve a sequal just like Ark survival evolved with a playerbase for years to come. I predict this to be more of just a fad, many will buy and it will die just the same. Why because the devs will get their money, its nothing special to them. It is just another project. If the devs care so little. Why should we? Do they deserve more of our money?
  4. Ill agree to that. Someone is deff out of touch with reality, Or simply doesn't care if the working person can achieve these goals.
  5. I do agree. They are lazy and or don't have the power to make real decisions. How many people actually board a boat, kill everyone and sit there for 15-25 hrs to steal it. C'mon. The game is how they want it, they want to run the large companies and don't give a shit about any playerbase. Ark is their go to, and will be for Ark 2. Only reason we get any Atlas update at all is because they are milking a dead cow. Keep getting paid for doing as little as possible for as long as it lasts. If your going to have polls that are one day only and your not allowed to have a discussion about it, then you simply don't care about new players. You are catering to existing customers that blow you. You know its all about retention. Takes a big head to have that type of attitude. I loved Ark, loved Atlas, neither game went where it was supposed to. Both have a toxic playerbase because of toxic devs. They think wipe hype manages to bring in a large pool of players. Every patch delayed. Like the xbox excuse is something new. I actually just got kicked from the discord, for... profanity toward the devs will not be tolerated. Imagine that! LOL
  6. Atlas almost requires to be run on an ssd. You may not have had issues before, but it solved a whole lot of them for me. I would never let Atlas sit for an hour trying to load while frozen, your just asking for your hardware to be cooked.
  7. I'm on PC and the textures look washed, grainy and blurred. I'd like to say it was never like this, but I think its been back and forth.
  8. Right, so boat sank and you died.
  9. Just trying to help, it has worked for three years. If you are xbox and its not working, you likely need a pc player to go drag or kill your character.
  10. While I do not vote for any removal, the numbers def need adjusting.
  11. Start a character on any other server then quit. After that just for good measure when you try to join your normal server, DO NOT use rejoin. Pick any grid and after loading in kill your character immediately and respawn. This method typically solves a few different issues all dealing with loading loop.
  12. They really fucked the dog with the claim changes too, But they still keeping that trash.
  13. Well, I watched the vid of the mega update, I am not impressed that all that bs is what they thought the game needed.
  14. Perhaps some of that energy should be used to make the game playable by all. BALANCE! Land and sea. Fix turrets and shorten cannon range! That would be a step in the right direction!
  15. Hey George, Are you here to be a positive influence in the community, or do you hate the game and devs so much your just here to be a piece of shit? I don't really need to ask do I? Everyone knows the game is broken, everyone knows the population is low, everyone knows the devs suck, so who the fuck are you talking to? Just yourself bruh. Go take your meds and find someone to talk to. Debate that shit wanker.
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