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  1. I'm hoping it ties into upcoming content however still don't see the benefit. Maybe if they limited claim size to an island maybe but seems like they just made it easier for Megas to claim up and defend all the land. Still gonna give it a shot as I enjoy game just seems like a big miss with this update
  2. Was a question not a complaint however your answer was neither helpful nor useful. I'm simply looking for the logic behind this decision if their emphasis was going to be life at sea over land. Why the bigger reduction on land then at sea? So far doesn't sound like it's been a positive change
  3. Still trying to figure out the logic behind this decision? Especially if the focus is supposed to be life at sea?
  4. Sandbox MMO meams give the players the tools to build, influence and regulate the world with minimal rules/dev influence. My problem is people trying to turn this hardcore sandbox mmo into a Rpg themepark pve experience. Seems to be the trend that devs start hardcore sandbox mmo and by the end of development they wind up with a shitty pve themepark hybrid. Unfortunately they listen to the snowflakes instead of sticking to their original gameplan of making an amazing sandbox mmo.
  5. Games Broken to me til this is fixed. Tried every work around and some work sometimes but the last 3 days spent more tike trying to log in than actually playing. Shame cause the game is amazingly unique but my guild won't play til being able to log in is consistent. This is on the NA Pvp official server
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