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    Remove the Extra Freeports - Replace with more islands.

    Probable not, but if they improve the game, we might. But, at the same time, whether it is lawless, or claimable is only part of the issue. Allowing people better access to freeports to manage trading, is a QOL issue, and this game needs QOL improvements to make the game sell again. Honestly, they need to completely rethink Freeports, because they sold people on this image of a lot of people in the freeports, making it a living, and breathing social center, and I think they are going to deliver that, if they want to bring people back, and get more people.
  2. Captain Jack Shadow

    When a company splits

    If he is bad mouthing you, he is not leaving amicably. So he should be thankful for whatever you give him. I would boot him immediately. Tell him to set up a small base nearby to hold tames, and storage boxes. He places down a trough, and you take his animals there, and unclaim them. You transport items for him, and place them in those unlocked boxes. If he has a ship, you will need to sail it to another island, where he sets up, and allow him to steal it. Then just stay away from it, so he can complete the steal. They really need to allow us to unclaim ships. Now, what about a base? They could code this. Use the old claim flags that would transfer property. Alter it a bit. The owner places the flag, and selects to unclaim everything in the circle. The new owner walks up to the flag, and hits E, to claim everything. This would actually simplify this, because it could be coded to work with tames and ships, also, making the divorce much less painful, and less drawn out. It should only be the owner who can do this, however, though some may want to allow their Admins to do it. Maybe it could be an individually applied permission, that doesn't come with Admin permissions. This way you can have enough admins, without letting all of them give away the whole company. You might need ten admins, but want just one or two other people to be able to do this.
  3. Captain Jack Shadow

    Collision a problem for unofficial?

    As I understand it, the major problem is people living under the mesh, or building small bases under the mesh, to hide their most important stuff. A server admin can combat this by occasionally doing an inspection...using spectator mode, which allows him to move very quickly around the world, even under the mesh, where things of this nature would stand out. As I understand, ARK solved that problem...something that detects people living/building under the mesh.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Craftable Tavern QOL changes

    As per the gold payments...yes, something needs to be done. You have to check each ship's resource box, and in a big company, that is not happening, often. So a person logs off, and doesn't show up for a week, but meanwhile, his ship is robbing the gold from neighboring boats. Before you know it, NPCs are starting to mutiny. You can put enough gold on your ship for a week, but come back to no crew a few days later, because somebody parked their Galleon beside you...forgot to check his gold level, and hasn't been back online. So his crew started drawing from your boat. Or worse, you left 1,000 gold, only come back and find that the Galleon owner went into your ship, took your gold, and the next day, you have no crew on your Brig, or Schooner. They also need to borrow an idea from 7 Days to Die. We need personal boxes. I put it down...I am the only one who can get in it. I should be very limited in how many of these I can put down. Maybe one on land, and one on a ship. They should be Vaults, brought over from ARK. They do not need to be massive. Now, what about griefing, using these? Since even Admins can't get in them, the Admin/Owner, would have one recourse, to deal with somebody using their Vault to block something. They kick you out of the company, which causes the personal vault to disappear. When this happens, you have 72 hours to put your new vault down, and place a token in it, that includes all of your stuff, which then populates the vault. This actually protects somebody when they need to leave a company. If you are kicked, you don't lose all your stuff.
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    Remove the Extra Freeports - Replace with more islands.

    Yes, that was a temporary change, to allow people to spawn all over the map. But, it has been many many days since this was changed back. Only Freeports and Lawless Islands, now. Here is a better change. Increase the number of grids with a Freeport, but have that just be one larger island, in the middle of the grid, and have that surrounded by some lawless islands. It would require some changes to their code, but would be worth the effort. With this change, they would get rid of Lawless Grids...combining Freeport and Lawless into one grid. You could cut down on the number of Lawless/Freeport Grids, by half, and yet increase the number of grids with a Freeport. This would be a positive change, with player merchants in the Freeports being a thing. It brings them closer to you. At present, the entire map breaks down like this. 225 grids in total 1 for the Maw 16 for Freeports 64 for lawless 8 Golden Age 136 Claimable That's 89 that cannot be claimed. With some changes, this is how it could look. 225 grids in total 1 for the Maw 32 for Freeport and Lawless, Combined 12 Golden Age 180 Claimable That's twice the grids for Freeports, 4 new Golden Age Ruin, and 44 new grids full of islands to be claimed. This would allow for more places for players to set up, and own an island, but also allow everyone to be closer to a Freeport, to trade at. Like I said, this would involve some coding, to combine Freeports and Lawless islands into one grid...now the level 8 restriction, would only be at the actual freeport, not the entire grid. I have seen this in some unofficial servers. EliteARK does this, if I remember correctly.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want your game to survive? Hire some mods for official

    Were you not able to get a trough down to keep them fed? I don't see how that would not be possible. Climbing picks, grappling hooks, wing suits, etc., should have gotten you over the barriers, and onto/into the structure with the bears. Put the trough down, and then fill it. It should have lasted long enough to keep the bears alive, while you wait for decay.
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    Add fog of war back to the game

    I would appreciate an icon, at the least, for islands I have not landed on, and thus not discovered. I would also like an option to clear a grid, if I have acquired all of the discovery points. I don't think this should be forced on people, as this is simply a matter of preference. Some people like to see exactly where they have sailed, and where they have not. I like a clean map. A suggestion might be to make the fog of war something you can toggle on and off. This way you can see where you have been, when that is what you want to see, but see a clean map, when that is what you need. I think, however, that if this causes any kind of performance problem, just having some visual indicator as to which islands you have landed on, and which you have not, would be a good thing.
  8. Need some filters. Especially for rates, and grid size. I for one, would like one that has something like 3x rates for most things, but much faster for breeding, and is at least a 5x5 grid. As it is, people are limited in how much they can tell you. You have to visit the server before you know what you are actually getting into. Why can't we have filters, for instance one that allows you to select an less than, greater than, or equal sign, and then a number. So I could select: Rates = 3x Or Rates > 1x but < 5x Maybe even have this for each rate...harvesting, taming, breeding, XP, etc... Then, allow those who create servers to see statistics on what people are searching for. This way, if thier server isn't attracting enough people, they can get an indication as to why this may be the case. For instance, they set the gather rates to 25x, and then see that most people are looking for something higher than, but much closer to vanilla rates. So they then know that their rates are making people give the server a pass. Another thing that could be searched for is how many skill points you would have at say, lvl 100, with the default vanilla number also listed. So an RP server may want to reduce the number of skill points to force more specialization, while others may want to increase the number to allow more solo play. Whether the game is modded, or not, could be something people want to filter for. Terrain collision for structures, could be something that is filtered for. I would not play on a server that does not allow for structures to collide with the terrain, as it is one of my biggest frustrations with official servers. Whether or not there is a restriction on company size, is another one that can be filtered for. I don't think most do, but again, people might actually want that, and so server owners would see that people are attempting to find servers that limit companies to something like 10 or less. Thoughts? I think my ideal server would be one that has the following rates. Gather 3x XP 1x Taming 2x Breeding, something along the lines of 10x...or something that allows babies to be born and matured in about 4 or 5 hours after the mating begins. Taming on Golden Age...which adds some difficulty and excitement to taming. Basing on Golden Age...if you can pull it off, have at it. Just don't block access to anything important on the island. Stacking mod. Building Mods Ship mods
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.

    They have a financial incentive...they get money for every unofficial server running their game. Or, so I have been informed.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Player Shops

    I would personally rethink the whole lawless thing anyway. I would put one island in each grid, as lawless. I would make sure that island has every last resource you need for vanilla building of anything...just not everything you need for BPs, obviously. But, each of those islands would have an NPC town, just like the Freeports. In those towns, there would be plenty of places to set up a shop. In fact, just do away with shops. Set up different shops in the town for different items. Each one unique. If you want to sell something, you basically place it in that shop, and it appears in all of the shops all over the map. Anyone can buy it at any shop, and when they do, the shop keeps 5%. Once you put it in the shop, you can't pull it out. If it doesn't sell after a set period of time, you are given a minimum price for the item. This price would be known to all. It would not be nearly as much as what players will pay for such items. Or would it? After all, they didn't buy it, so you should be thankful for getting something. Maybe they could make it such that you have one chance to lower the price, if it didn't sell. The buyer would not know if the price was lowered, so they simply decide if it is worth it to them at the listed price. They can't attempt to game the system, waiting for the person to lower it one time. So, the buyer would also not see any indication as to how long the item had been there. Another option is to have secret bids. You see the item in the shop, and place a bid. If you win the bid...if the owner approves your offer, you can go to a shop and withdraw the item.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    I think one of the reasons that ARK has lasted so long is that for one, it doesn't take as much effort to get built up. Second, you could actually save a lot of your stuff by uploading it. Your most important breeders, your most important blueprints...could be uploaded, and then downloaded on another server...saving you from having to completely start over. And I think most people had several bases anyway, so they could quickly set up shop with their best stuff. Granted, this did not always happen, but at the same time, very active tribes had their BPs and tames spread out in those different bases, so losing one base wasn't the end of the world. A lot harder to do that here in Atlas. I have quit playing, but only because I couldn't be competitive with a small company, and merging that small company with another company, turned out to be not so enjoyable. Most of my company quit. Only 3 remain with the new company.
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    I had thought about that. I see two options. One, you can pull it out, but just once, and only after a significant cool down timer, after putting it in. And I do mean significant. If you are putting it in to sell it, there needs to be time for customers to discover it. Maybe a week minimum, or maybe even a full month. This allows for somebody to legitimately buy it. I also believe the Devs would need to sit down and do some math...figure out some parameters for each item...such as a minimum price you can charge for items, and a maximum...to ward of exploiting. Second option is to never allow you to retrieve it, but instead, give you a minimum price in gold for the item, if it doesn't sell. If you are truly trying to sell it, you don't need, or want it, so getting some gold for it beats not being able to sell it...agree?
  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.

    I had some friends join an unofficial server, but I could not get into it, no matter what I tried. Even using direct connect, or joining a friend, did not work.
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    The solution is to allow only so much stuff in the market at one time. You would need to make it enough to make it worth taking it there, and once there, they could also make it such that you can't withdraw it from the market. Thus you can't hide your stuff there. You would only deposit what you actually want to sell.
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    I think it was 1400 gold per day. Not good at all. I am not even sure why they think it needs a rent cost. Once again, these things need to be thought out. Ask yourself one simple question...why will anyone use a player shop? The answer has to be simple...because there is a benefit to it, and that has to be on both sides. I said this before...you have to think in terms of in game meta. For somebody to use a Giraffe to gather thatch, it has to gather thatch faster than a person with a pick can. Otherwise, nobody will use them. And that doesn't mean more thatch per hit, that means more thatch per minute. Like with weapons, when balancing, you have to think DPS...damage per second, as that is what matters most, though you also have to add in how hard it is to hit a moving target with it, so we might want to add a P to that...PDPS...Practical Damage Per Second. With the player shops, you have to look at both sides. Why would I pay gold for a raw material, like Cobalt? Easy...it has to make sense in terms of getting things done. Can I get enough cobalt, that I save time? In other words, can I go get enough gold to pay for it, in a short enough time, for it to make sense. I can sail to the location that cobalt nodes exist, and mine it, or I can go t a shop, and pay gold to buy it. Which is easier, and faster. Time is the most important aspect here. Can I farm the gold faster than I can sail to the location with the cobalt, and get back with it. This is also why all player shops need to be tied together. If I have to sail to a location near the cobalt, then the player shop just became all but useless, because now I have to farm the gold, which equals time, and then I have to sail to a location near the cobalt, which equals time, and then sail back, which equals time. In other words, it takes more time and effort to farm the gold and buy the cobalt, than it would have taken to just sail to a location and mine it myself. If shops are to work, there has to be an obvious benefit to using them. Tying them together, such that if you look into one, you look into them all, would allow them to be useful. You now have a reason to use them. You save time.
  16. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.

    Right...mods can be fun, if they enhance the game. I like a stacking mod. I like building mods. I like mods that would add ships, creatures, weapons, armor, etc...that don't unbalance the game, etc... But not all mods are good mods. I did see a mod that adds a lot of visual storage options, and crafting stations, that look really good.
  17. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.

    You don't need every last parameter listed, and you allow the server owner to select certain things. Like he simply puts in that he has 5x gather rates. Or, in the set up process, and management process, it automatically sets that. Another option would be to give a pop up box, that when you mouse over the server, it shows a paragraph where the owner gives you needed info. But some things should be filtered for. Grid size, gather rates, XP rates, taming rates, breeding rates, how many skill points at lvl 100, with the default shown so people understand whether it is lower or higher than vanilla. Some mods would be good to have as filter options, as they tend to be highly sought after, but this is where the pop up could come into play, once you have narrowed down the field. Like it or not, this does affect how many people play the game. Somewhere out there is a server that is right for them, but they can't find it because there are just too many servers, and you can't see the info about them, to know if it is the one you want. Hence my title...it's too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.
  18. Captain Jack Shadow

    Devs not considering knock on effects

    I have to agree with EVIR. Early Access is not for this kind of testing. An idea is supposed to be largely tested before being put in game. You aren't supposed to be using your player base to test the new aspects of the game. But, at the same time, a little common sense goes a long way. We don't have silenced, semiauto, sniper rifles with a 4x scope, right? Why not? Because that would be dumb in a game like this. But we have torpedoes going in, with no idea how they will affect gameplay. And, will they require mythos? If so, kiss small companies goodbye. Not that many are left at this point anyway. Yeah, just what we need. Something that strips planks off below the waterline in one hit...yeah...that's just what this game needed. Facepalm.
  19. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too hard to find what you are looking for in an unofficial server.

    The problem with that is that you have to check each individual server, right? But I agree, ARK never had this, even though it needed it badly. People would play more, if they can find what they are looking for. As it is, you can visit a dozen servers, and still not find what you are looking for. You could start your own, but that is very expensive, and so you would need a community, but they need to be able to find you. And, you need to know what they are looking for. This is where tending the garden, could benefit the community, and thus the Devs.
  20. Captain Jack Shadow

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    Or Lazarus Chowder.
  21. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want your game to survive? Hire some mods for official

    Once again, I said that PvE needed to have the Claim flags brought back, but modified. Give each company one, maybe two of these flags to put down, to create a circle that you must build in. Nothing can be permanently placed outside of that claim. They could give one for a base, and one for a port. Make them the size of the sea claims, or maybe slightly larger. That way, you can choose a plot of land, but not spam the island with structures. They could then give you smaller claim flags, for placing down a temporary structure. This would allow you to make temporary structures, but they could give it a 24 hour timer, at which point, the structure becomes demolishable. A cool down timer could be put in, to keep you from putting down more structures right away. Or, they could allow you to put down structures, outside of your claim circle, but they are immediately demolishable. This way, if somebody spams like this, other people can just demolish the structures.
  22. Captain Jack Shadow


    Are you on an unofficial server? There is a mod that brought the ARK creatures to Atlas...but only an unofficial server that actually has that mod. Check the server's mod page. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1723362540&amp;searchtext=
  23. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want your game to survive? Hire some mods for official

    Just put a trough down as close as possible. They have a pretty decent range. You can also whistle the tames to follow you, which should get them close to the wall, then whistle them to stop. You will know when you have it right, because there will be the trough symbol over their names.
  24. Captain Jack Shadow

    Ship of the damned camping on the edge of grids ?

    That's a symptom, not the cause. They need to code in some way of dealing with this. One such way would be to make you invisible to SotD, when you first travel into a grid. Testing should give them some feedback on how long that invisibility would need to last. This way, when you do travel into a new zone, and end up spawning right in the middle of a SotD fleet, you can just keep sailing, and be OK...so long as you do just that. However, they need to make that timer relevant to the speed you are going when you hit the new server. I for one, often drop my speed to almost nothing as I cross, if I am carrying tames, or a lot of people on my ship, as this seems to allow for a better spawn in of all tames and real people. Less people and tames spawning into thin air, and dropping into the sea...less tames disappearing. So, I would need to be able to lower the sails and get moving.
  25. Captain Jack Shadow

    Make PVP fun

    I both agree, and disagree with you. I agree that the sprinting speed is way too much, but I do not think that reducing it to the walk speed is right. It just needs to be more realistic. Of course, this would make riding creatures even more important. A horse would be more valuable, or even a pig, as it would run faster than you can. We might see more of these animals in fights, as people use them to move around the islands much faster, in defenses, and offenses. This would also give the defenders a bit more of an advantage in defending, since they would have more tames to use. Cargo Galleons/Brigs would be more important for PvP, as you would need them to transport more tames. Second, it's quite realistic for the Bow and Arrow to do the same damage as a Flintlock. Flintlocks weren't actually that powerful. Oh sure, sometimes they killed people with one shot, but so too did arrows. Plus, a boy and arrow should be much more accurate at medium to long range. A Flintlock should be close range only. They were notoriously inaccurate. Pistols today are far far more accurate, but even they are not very accurate at longer ranges. Bows also need different tips. The arrow you use, should determine its effectiveness against each target. Against bears, and other tough creatures, you would want the appropriate arrow head. Against those in armor, you would want armor piercing arrowheads...and yes, those were a thing, back during the time of men in armor. And then need to stop nerfing the range of the bow. It's ridiculously short. While a flat trajectory is not realistic, neither is the trajectory of these bows. Too much drop, or so it seems from my real life experience shooting bows. Maybe give us different bows to upgrade to...like longbows, etc... Agree that swords, and other Melee weapons need to be revamped. The two handed weapons should do the most damage, and have the longer ranges, but also be the slowest. The brass knuckles should be the fastest to use, and do the least amount of damage. The sword should fall in the middle. Don't like the damage numbers, but is there an anti-cheat function there? If somebody one shots people, wouldn't it be nice to see if his carbine, or flintlock, or arrow, is doing an absurd amount of damage? If the damage numbers aren't visible, they should be in a death log, showing each time you were hit, and how much damage was done each time. This would be used to report cheaters, which would be used by the Devs to investigate the culprit.