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  1. I’m very upset that I wasted my time giving this game another chance when some random level 84 comes to my ship in Freeport and opens my doors and steals loot out of all my boxes with pin codes and tanks two pistol shots to the face with no armor on then claims my ship he also must have infinite weight hacks because he had over 3k of weight from my stuff. I never knew that this happened in the past to players but the fact that it’s still happening on pve & pvp servers is very upsetting. Devs need to look into this ASAP because the server just got wiped after 3 years and new players are getting screwed over with this hack as old players were. Create a new anti cheat or get rid of pin codes and make a new way of locking things because this is a bigger game killer than that wipe that happened. How about you add a option to bury our loot so no one can find it?
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