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  1. OK how are you programmers doing it? How is it no matter which destination I plan to go to, The wind knows to blow the direct opposite of where I want to go?! Is it Comms/voice recognition?! Digital voodoo?! or What?! I mean if you could transfer your algorithms to real weather prediction models, you people would be rich!
  2. Being removed from digging, does that include treasure maps? If so that's dumb. But really why remove it from those methods? Just leave it in and add trading routes.
  3. You get a PC player to paint your sails. Then the XBOX player can use a paint brush and go up to painted sails and save it to their Xbox. From then on, they can paint their own sails with the custom designs. This only works on Xbox one S and Xbox One X. The regular Xbox one will usually not display the paint jobs to reduce load on the CPU.
  4. Can you make your live maps show current season map?
  5. A pc player can paint your sails for you and then an Xbox player can go to the sail with a paint brush and save the paint job to their Xbox. As long as the Xbox player has all the paints they can continually paint their own sails.
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