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  1. My warehouses are not collecting wood from my farms. My farms and warehouses are all running off of coal, coal being my fuel of choice, and yes the coal is slotted in the fuel section. With 5 farms connected to the warehouse it is still not gathering the wood from them.
  2. In my opinion, you should be able to build and place refrigerators in any climate, it’s a refrigerator. As long as it is connected to a water source it should be able to produce ice and or keep food preserved in your base. Preserving bags and preserving salt should be used on ships and only ships. It just makes sense. Why in the world would you only be able to make ice in arctic areas. The outside is colder than the inside of the refrigerators, in all reality. Just a suggestion.
  3. I agree with defending your island how you see fit. My issues is, have a great map that you are unable to reach and dig up the treasure, with tames or even a small army because of puckles or structures that have been built on the dig site. That’s why I made the suggestion of moving the treasure maps them to open water. Maybe not completely eliminating them from land but adding the ability to still farm for map treasure in open water. There are still tons of threats out there, ships of the damned, rival companies, underwater creatures, being able to fight with enough Stam while holding your breath at the same time. Even with diving attachments you still need enough stam to finish the treasure fight, dig up the treasure and make it back to your boat before something else comes along.
  4. Building can be tedious, adding 2-3 times the amount of slots available for resources in the smithy, tannery, loom, and pastels can eliminate the headache of moving to and from your resource boxes, continuously gathering with tames, or using your harvest boost to build boats and defenses. I never seem to have enough room in my smithy to make everything I need I order get a task done. The crafting limit per station should be increased also, instead of only being able to craft 1000 pieces of any item you choose to create, increase the limit to 2-3 times the amount of items you can create. This makes it easier to create thousands of pieces of gunpowder, walls, ingots, so on and so forth. This also eliminates having 5-10 forges, pastels, smithys, while at the same time reducing some lag by reducing the amount of structures in and area. This being said, crafters should have a skill to increase the speed at which items can be created, only those with the skill unlocked can create items twice as fast as someone that didn’t invest their skill points into the slot.
  5. With islands being infested with puckles, my suggestion is moving digging for maps to open water, that would get more people on the water looking for treasure, it’ll make the harpoon guns useful and relevant. I made a suggestion of moving map spawns to the sunken ships off shore so that spam and defenses would not hinder the maps from spawning. Underwater SOD fights with harpoon guns, swords, and maces would be challenging while trying to fend off nearby underwater creatures and rival companies on the water, and holding your breath long enough to complete the map, at the same time eliminating the chances of getting shot by a puckle just trying to get to the treasure location on islands. Just a suggestion.
  6. Can we please add some sort of Zip Line bolt to the Cross Bow, simply so that we are able to shoot further distances for longer zip line traveling. Most islands are pretty massive, I think being able to have longer distances between anchors points would be very beneficial. Especially while our islands are being raided, or our tames are being killed or boats are being attacked and sunk. Just a suggestion.
  7. Cargo racks should have improved stats when making higher grade BPed cargo rack. For instance, fine, journeymen, masterworks, legendary, and mythical BP’s should all reduce weight carried on your ship. The higher the quality of the cargo rack, the more your weight is decreases.
  8. I have yet to see a BP for steering wheels. My suggestion is to make higher lvl BP’s for steering wheels with perks like additional increased speed, increased turning, or increased weights allowance percentages. just a suggestion
  9. Instead of having ironwood on one island, my suggestion would be to have it spawn on multiple islands OR, move it to the Golden Age Islands. I would much rather fight off hordes of monsters and creatures than have one company spam their island with pickles and making it impossible to gather the material. With that being said, every other company become slaves to the company simply by having to trade with the island that controls the iron wood.
  10. Maps have become almost nonexistent or at least near impossible to find or get to either because they can’t spawn due to walls, spam or defenses on islands. My suggestion is, move the spawn points of the maps in a bottle to the sunken ships in the oceans in each grid. Granted it’ll still be almost impossible to collect your treasures due to defenses on enemy islands but it could be an excellent bargaining chip for extra peace time during combat phases against pestering companies, exchange of resources, or exchanges of maps that are on your island or on a neighboring alleys island. ideas and suggestions.
  11. You should be able to hook up Refrigerators/ice makers to a water source regardless of the area you are in to generate ice and store food in it at your FOB. Preserving bags should be used for boats ie. long travels, ship battles, or land PVP. fruits such as limes, berries, coconut etc should be plantable just like any other available vegetable as long as you gather the seeds from other islands and regions. these are just ideas and suggestions.
  12. Is it possible to add a weight bonus to ammo crates? Higher quality ammo crates can reduce the amount of weight the ammo weighs on your boat, therefore allowing you to carry more weight and allowing you to spec into something else like damage or resistance a bit more.
  13. Will we ever be able to craft meals or kibble in Atlas so that we can tame higher level animals quicker, similar to Ark. Maybe certain meals or kibble can improve certain permanent stats on an animal once it is tamed, like improved weight, health, or attack.
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