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  1. yea pve will be a clownfiesta. no one will have a "private" place, and the foundation spam will be real
  2. MadzStriker

    Creature Designer

    true they are op asf haha, but they are useless vs any predator tho
  3. d8 has been more time offline than online since launch.
  4. i wrongly chose to respawn on home region (d8) since there i cannot join the game. a lot of servers dont even show in the list. RESTART UR SERVERS
  5. MadzStriker

    Still no EU-PVP D8 server??

    ye they dont care
  6. MadzStriker

    Insane amounts of Ships of the Damned

    they are sleeping
  7. MadzStriker

    Sloops pointless

    YEA ! ships of the damed should be a very rare spawn 1 in many hours of gameplay. it loses every sense when u see 2 3 together. this devs are losing time where is not needed. fix the bugs and think on shit later!
  8. its not only on freeport. its in any situation that all ur crew goes offline.