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  1. quazythain

    Got Land, looking for company to settle here.

    Maby add it in your list
  2. quazythain

    Comodity Merchant

    18g for 60 flint nah man. Flont is lightweigt so very easy to farm. Wood weighs alot more so it takes alot longer to farm up since you need to make more trips
  3. quazythain

    Is melee even viable?

    Try yetis. Even a level 1 is a semi alpha. And an alpha yeti is super alpha
  4. quazythain


    a trillion ship of the damned, million whales all i can say is that i enjoy this game of cat and mouse while running through a maze. And when im on land those zombies as someone said in a other topic yea im enjoying those aspects of the game very very much
  5. quazythain

    Is melee even viable?

    try living on an island with yeti's lol.
  6. quazythain

    are the devs going to give me a new boat?

    The big problem is the amount of these sotd and whales. Still if i sail in my sector we see 2-5 sotd constantly. They need to be rare. If i want to sail trough a maze i would be playing a different game. If we attack a ship at sea we need to turn away most of the times due to sotd or whale. If ee get attacked then yea we can use it to our advantage but i dont see the fun or usefullness of sotd and whales.
  7. quazythain

    are the devs going to give me a new boat?

    There are whales, ship of the damned, storms and players. There are too many ways to lose your ship while sailing it and when you think you are save back home. You get raided 15m after you log out. Happened this night to us. We are a small crew and lost several ships brigs and scooners. Whales and ship of the damned do not add anything to the game. They are just really annoying. They need to be rare and not be a maze you have to go through.
  8. quazythain

    Worst PVE balance ever

    So just leave the whale and let it oneshot ships that take days to build
  9. One of the reasons. Second reason is no safe way of protecting your ship when your not in your base
  10. quazythain

    Suggestion: Environment affects your mood

    Yes lets focus on that first and make it so that our chars shit themselfs if they see all those ghost ships and ship decay in freeport. Or focus on making it more a pirate game with more sailing the world instead of ark 2.0 with a bigger map and with ships
  11. quazythain

    Water for all

    Lol just die and respawn since its so much easier then getting food and water lol
  12. I agree with everthing. They should make them rare. That when you finnaly see one you want to risk it all to kill it for great loot. So less then a few over the entire map We are in the snowy part of the map and the amount of those things is insane. We see 2-4 almost constantly and once we were surrounded by 8. And it happened a few times already that we jump server and spawn on top of one thats attacking us. Its not fun. It doesnt add anything usefull to the game. It only interrupts the pirate game.
  13. quazythain

    No Fibre Too many wolves

    Try a alpha yeti, we trapped it and killed it. Took us long enough though 7dmg per arrow.1 hit is enough in any armor haha. But we gained like 600 fur
  14. quazythain

    Ship Decay is killing the Game

    Consequences for not being able to be online 24/7 due to work/child/and more. Game will be dead in few months sinds nobody wants to farm hours and hours and keep losing it when they are offline since people want to raid safely. People defending have consequences being offline while the attacker is 100% safe. zero risk , great logic. Why raid a base with people online and take damage and maby lose ships. Raid it offline WIN WIN. We need some form of protection to keep our ships safe. Not everybody wants to build bases to have some form of protection. Now i need to return to base everytime we stop due to stupid npc ships and people. What means we cant explore far. The further away the longer the return trip