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  1. Rizzit

    ChemB using Duped items on EU PVP!

    nah devs love seeing player numbers fall they enjoy it a lot so with next patch more dupes coming
  2. Rizzit

    Reduce Plank Cost

    Sorry to break it to you: Your shit ass common brigs and galleys are swimming toilet paper. You guys need to understand 1 Legendary/Mythic brig easily defeats 1v6 common brigs at the same time. You can farm 100 brigs a day you wont have the manpower to drive them and they will be 1 shotted by a volley of 5.5k large cannons while tickling double layered 8k walls and 10k planks, exactly thats 26k you have to go through to make 1 plank go away and dont forget the 20% x3 max velocity sails. The problem is not getting materials in this game or the costs of the planks the problem is to get all types of one single materials together plus mythos. And then the problem is protecting it, so all players not affiliated with the top 10 alliances right now, you will never make a ship like this because you will never be able to protect it. So yeah 95% of the ppl here have no clue how fucked up this game really is.
  3. Rizzit

    Lost my ship on Release ( thx devs)

    Happened to me on first week, was pissed as well. Obviously you think the game only allows you to build where its ok how should you know the depth requirements if you never build one #logic
  4. Rizzit

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    Next Patch: - Players now need level 80 to be able to move.
  5. Rizzit


    After changing homeserver: The amount of rage this generates....
  6. Rizzit

    Big Cannons?

    Anyone uses them on ships and actually likes them?
  7. Rizzit

    Poll: How do you lose your ships?

    We only lost one kamikaze sloop in proper ship battle, for the rest every single ship was destroyed while offline even in fp by abusing the drag weight body bug. I dont build anything larger then a scooner until they fixed the game.
  8. Hi how do i re-balance items like ship wood planks (modify hp/costs/weight etc)?
  9. Rizzit

    remove fire arrows

    Fire arrows are out of control compare 1 fire arrow dmg to a pistol or sword hit. it destroys all other mechanics. git gud trolls are the ones using it most
  10. Rizzit

    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    The game needs a total rebalance look at two handed maces and melee in general, the stupid reload minigame needs to be gone max 2 pistols d'on d'offing needs way large cooldowns instead of just stacking 10 on hotbar for instant reload. Fire arrows still broken as fuck. hide armor is useless for pvp. then fuze shots, canister, grapeshot, useless, gattling gun useless, grenades useless... npc's fucking useless cant even mount mortars, catapult useless, balista useless except for fishing, the entire music system is useless because the stat system is useless because making food and balancing stats is completely fucked up because salt is required for explosives so everyone just respawns by killing himself. No big cannons on big gunports >.<, the effort vs benefit of building all ships except sloop is ridiculous, the entire skill tree is useless and makes no sense at all. and after that we need to talk about ship design of decks, sails (lmfao schooners with 1 large sail ridonkulous) , level up options, and general control of the different positions, right now npc crews -> players. i think thats about... nope: resource distribution needs to be fixed, tundra and polar entirely needs fix, the weather conditions are stupid because fortitude is useless, the attribute stats are unbalanced some points outweight others by ridiculous amounts... man release the SDK gives for your own sake
  11. Rizzit

    Chineses using cheating

    ech fannen daat egal waat dass hei mat friemsprochen geschriwwen gëtt. Wann daat esou am Trend ass dann kann ech io och meng Mammesprooch huelen vir hei irgendeen brach ze posten. chinese passen sech net un, wisou soll den recht sech unpassen. region lock ftw
  12. Rizzit

    Offline protection

    That's absolute bullcrap we sunk 4 galleons of LV90Zhou the same day even with 24h coverage at 4 AM in china 90% of their alliance was off which means we could take them out easely. If you want your ships to be safe, then don't build them. Travel with sloops and destroy other people's ships while they are offline so that enough people rage and refund until we get a parking zone
  13. Rizzit

    Ein Stück Land gesucht!

    Hallo melde dich mal bei mir Rizzit#7059 wir haben Land und eine Allianz von kleinen bis mittleren Gilden.
  14. Rizzit

    Skill tree calculator ?

    Only thing i saw is this: https://gameplay.tips/guides/3650-atlas.html
  15. Rizzit

    Leave x2.5 resource modifier permanently.

    +1 as long as you make ships magically kickflip in th emiddle of the ocean after server restart, leave rates at 2.5x